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Welcome to St. Bees and District Bridge Club

St. Bees is a small EBU-affiliated club with a very friendly atmosphere . We actually meet not at St Bees but nearby at Bigrigg , in the Village Hall ; our members mainly come from Whitehaven , St Bees and the smaller villages to the south.
Despite our rural Cumbrian location , we're still in touch with the modern world : we use Duplimate-dealt boards and the BridgeMates II wireless scoring system .
If  you're visiting the area and would like a game , we should be happy to welcome you ; if you don't have a partner , you need to contact the secretary in advance , and he'll do his best to find you one .
You can find out more details about us by clicking on 'Information' in the menu on the left .

Carousing in Kendal
Carousing in Kendal

Congratulations to (anti-clockwise above) Harriet Dinwoodie and partner Phil Young, and Paul Davies and partner Rod Light, who took part this weekend in the Cumbria and Westmorland green-pointed Swiss Teams event (2018), and were happy to win five of their seven matches, finishing fourteenth overall.

Update : at the Cumbria Congress in March Harriet and Phil won the Mixed Pairs event. Update update : At this year's C & W Swiss Pairs , Harriet and Phil finished 7th= in a field of 64 pairs.

There's life in the old dog yet!

What about using the Message Board ?

Just a reminder to members about using the Message Board, especially if you are looking for a partner ; at the moment, only two or three people use it (or even look at it regularly, I suspect), which obviously limits its effectiveness, but I think it would be very helpful if everyone tried to get into the habit of using it (or at least keeping an eye on it). It's very simple - no log-in required; just click on 'Messsage Board' (towards top right corner of screen)  , and write your message and/or read the messages others have left.

Have you tried 'Play It Again' ?

Whilst I'm issuing reminders , a few members have told me that they hadn't noticed the brilliant 'Play It Again' feature , so maybe others haven't either. Just click on the 'Play it again' button, which you'll find between the deal display and the results display on the 'Scorecards' screen. It brings up a display of the full deal, makeable contracts, etc, and enables you to play through the whole hand again - a particularly helpful feature is that when play starts each playable card has a number on it (adjusted after each trick if necessary) which indicates how many tricks your side can make if you play that card, so that if you simply couldn't see how anyone could make more tricks in a contract than you did, you can trace the sequence(s) producing that result. It's pretty intuitive to use, but there's a Help button if needed to explain any of the features, so why not give it a go, if you haven't already?

An excellent feature (maybe a bit more complex) recently introduced in 'Play it again' is the Results Analysis - which amongst other things compares your performance on any deal, or overall, to the optimum predicted by double dummy analysis. NB From 1st March, 2018 this feature can be directly accessed by clicking on the graph icon at the top of every Results page.

NB The first time you use 'Play It Again', you will have to follow a simple procedure to download the free software (it is actually John Goacher's Bridge Solver Online, which itself utilises Bo Haglund's double dummy solver) ; subsequently, as soon as you click on 'Play it again' you're into the program and ready to go.




If you click on the Vu-Bridge link to the menu on the left you can choose to play a practice hand from the Vu-Bridge site under the heading of either 'Beginner's Corner' or 'Hand of the Week' - entertaining and informative.

Message Board

I hope that this may be useful for anyone looking for a partner for a particular date , since the majority of our members now have internet access ; but you can also use it to make comments or engage in discussion on any club-related matters . It's very simple to use - no need to log in, so handier than the Members Only section ; just remember that whatever you write can be read by anyone ...

About the 'Members Only' section

This is a password-protected area ; you gain access in the first place by using the club's default password (ask the Secretary) which you then change to a password of your own choice .


Temporary suspension

After considering the views of active members, we have decided that it is sensible, in the light of the coronavirus outbreak, to suspend our sessions for the moment; we shall, of course, keep the situation under review, and the club will resume activities as soon as is possible and acceptable to members.

This notice has immediate effect, so there will be no bridge on Tuesday March 17th, and until further notice.

Tuesday Pairs
Tuesday Pairs
Tuesday Pairs
Tuesday Pairs