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If you are not on BBO and

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we will be delighted to give you a helping hand.


General Information


On occasions you may find yourself without a partner and as an aid to help you find one, a 'WhatsApp' messaging group has been set up for SABC members only

If you have access to a Smartphone/iPhone and use the WhatsApp application, it is great news for you


Róna has agreed to act as the administrator for this group and will welcome a standard Text or a WhatsApp message from you
If you are interested in availing of this useful service send your message to: 0868423491, stating your intention to join and don't forget to include your full name, Róna will take it from there.


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For details of club opening times, location, etc, check menu panel above, under 'Information'

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CAVBC V Tournament
Director: BBO
CAVBC Novice & Inter Bs
Director: BBO
CAVBC V. Tournament
Director: BBO
CAVBC - Novice & Inter Bs
Director: BBO
CAVBC V. Tournament
Director: BBO
CAVBC V. Tournament
Director: BBO
Welcome to St Anthony's Bridge Club
Dear Reader
Dear Reader

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For all BBO matters eg CBAI Online Schedule/Results 

please visit 

Clontarf Area Virtual Bridge Club Bridgewebs

Please note:  Going forward registration for Thursday night's CAVBC BBO Tournament will close at 19:15.  This helps the TDs do last minute changes before the tournament starts.

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We will continue to update this website with club matters only 



CBAI - Cheating at Online Bridge

CBAI have published a document regarding cheating at Online Bridge.  You will have received from Gladys by email.  They ask that every member confirms they have received and read this document so please respond to Gladys' email.  Thank you!

CBAI - Cheating at Online Bridge.pdf


Email from Paul Porteous re Online Cheating and new CBAI game on Funbridge

Dear All,

I have recently been corresponding with the Managers of the Online Virtual Clubs about various issues including cheating in the online game – and it is happening, but with a tiny minority of players.  The vast majority of players are playing away happily, without even thinking about cheating, continuing the honour tradition that has hall marked bridge for so long. Lets try and keep it that way, please!  Some very prominent players around the world have been tempted to cheat in the online game and HAVE BEEN CAUGHT and sanctioned! Its just not worth it!  We have approximately 200 Virtual clubs playing on BBO (BridgeBaseOnline) in CBAI territory and another 20 or so in NIBU – so the competitive and social games are being catered for.

Additionally, Funbridge has just started an individual daily CBAI game that you can enjoy on your own at any time of the day – over breakfast or lunch or when you are hiding from the rain under a tree!  This new game is free to your members for a month – during the week – from 15th February; you will need to pay a small fee if you play at the weekend, and all the time once the month’s trial is finished.  We will award CBAI Master Points to our players on their results, based on the numbers playing each day. will give you some starting information on Funbridge

In the meantime, the CBAI is keeping going – the office is open, with at least two people here every day, so if any of your members need books or supplies, they can give us a call.  An updated book list can be found on – with a very comprehensive stock usually on board.

Unfortunately, many of our clubs have made the decision not affiliate at all this season, which means that our affiliation income is down by 50%; if you can contribute to keeping things going, even if not playing online – do give some consideration to financially maintaining the connection between your club and the CBAI !  We will still be here to pick up where we left off in pre-Covid days!

It’s not looking very promising for a return to live bridge in the short even to the medium term, but we might get back to see one another in the flesh in the autumn – when the vast majority of the vaccinations have taken place – please!

Stay safe and stay well!

Kind regards


Paul Porteous

Chief Executive

Contract Bridge Association of Ireland

Templeogue House

Templeogue Road

Dublin D6W F822


Need to know

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AGM was held on Saturday 03-Oct-20 2pm online by Zoom

We had a very successful meeting with 34 attendees. The new committee was elected. 

The minutes of this meeting will be circulated in due course.

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Next Committee meeting TBC

All meetings are held online for the present

You are welcome to put your Comments/Proposals/Submissions/Nominations, for discussion at next meeting, to the Secretary in writing or by e-mail to:

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Don't forget to check the 'Archives' for past events, it helps to jog the memory

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CBAI registration card

This card should be kept safe, as it contains vital information such as your CBAI Membership number and a new 5-digit National Bridge Identifier number (NBID)

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Scroll down through the 'HOME PAGE' to see details of the 'FIND-A-PARTNER' group 

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Face-to-Face bridge

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The committee has decided that in the interest of the health and welfare of our members

during this CoronaVirus (Covid 19) pandemic outbreak

Playing of Bridge at St. Anthony's Bridge Club (SABC) is suspended

until further notice

Please take care of yourself and others

It is advisable to follow the advice of the HSE, a link to the Website is available below and is only a click away

 H S E 

 Remember - wash your hands - keep your distance  

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Welcome to the web pages of:

St. Anthony's Bridge Club (SABC)

SABC was established in April 1968 and has been prestigious in promoting the game of Bridge in Clontarf and surrounding areas ever since

The club's Golden Jubilee was celebrated on Saturday 1st September 2018

The playing season for 2019/20 commenced on Tuesday 3rd September 2019 and will continue until Friday 29th May 2020

Visitors are very welcome on
(partner required)

The club is open three nights per week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays and is based in St. Anthony's House, Clontarf, Dublin 3

Members are welcome to bring a guest on no more than three occasions in the year

The club attracts a membership of approximately 170 members per annum

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A letter received recently from Mr. Rodney O'Hara President of DNR

In his message he wishes us all well during these challenging times

Letter from President DNR


Rodney refers to two Bridge related platforms, links to which I have provided below:

BBO (Bridge Base Online)


♠      ♥      ♦      ♣ 

No Fear Bridge


These sites will provide you with challenging games, during these never before experienced times

They are packed with online learning activites for Beginners, Improvers and Advancers

We thank Rodney for his very kind words to his committee and to us

Wishing you the very best for the future Rodney and remember to wash your hands 

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Do you know?

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Disregard for the present

This is a game primarily for N1 & N2 graded players

However there is no prohibition on other graded players playing in the Novice section but there will be no financial rewards or Master Points (MPs) awarded to a non-novice player/partnership

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Are you aware that there are new updates to the current laws, governing the game of Bridge?
These have been implemented by the World Bridge Federation (WBF) since 1st September 2017

The link below details the updates - just give it a click

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General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

GDPR and how does it affect me at SABC

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new EU regulation which came into effect on 25 May 2018.

GDPR updates existing data protection laws and places greater accountability and transparency obligations on organisations, when using a member's personal information. 

It gives the individual greater control over their personal information.

Important Notice

The CBAI have circulated a renewal Membership Form for each Bridge Player in Ireland to complete and these will be distributed to all Members.
This form will give both the CBAI & SABC permission to use your data (i.e. the personal details you put into the form) to contact you, should the need arise and to manage your Master Points and Grade.

Without the completion of this form, your membership cannot be recognised

For further information, please contact the Club Secretary, at:


Remembering our deceased members

♠      ♥      ♦     

Fondly thought of and remembering our longtime and loyal members who passed away in recent times

May we extend our condolences to their families, friends and fellow club members


Mary O'Donoghue - 21st October 2019

Tim (John) Healy - 20th April 2019

Nora Downey - 9th September 2018

Pauline Gannon - 9th September 2017

Austin Moran - 20th August 2017

May they rest in peace

♠      ♥      ♦      ♣