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St Albans Bridge Club
Bridgebase Tips

Please check out the following videos if you have any issues about using Bridgebase Online in St. Albans club games:

Self Alerting: Click here.                                        Chatting & claiming: Click here.

Undos: Click here.                                                Robots: Click here.

There are masses of videos on Youtube explaining every aspect of BBO so if you are indoubt, just go to Youtube and search.

Open for business on BBO !

St. Albans BC continues to operate during the lockdown with weekly Teams, Inter-Club Teams and Duplicate Pairs events being run on Bridgebase Online.  Events are open to all members, we have over 120 playing online so far.  Please contact if you have not yet joined us.

Inter-club matches against like-minded clubs are very welcome so let me know if your club fancies joining our schedule.


Club Online results

Club Teams 14th September

          IMPs VPs
SABC1 Tony As'ad Michael Grounds Hilary Nesbitt Paul Nesbitt 32 8
  Tiger 4 Mgrounds Hilly52 X618034    
    Lost to      
  John Pelley Claire Hartman Keith Ashman Mo Ashman 37 12
  Spurs 6061 Claire1225 45524 whichloopy    
SABC2 Sara Barnett Ian Kemp Hazel Miles Bob Turnham 28 8
  sara114 samulti Hazel888 EBU406376    
    Lost to      
  Stef Weedon Janet Elliott Clare Garretty Joyce Taylor 34 12
  Stefspen janetell Clarretty joycietayl    
SABC3 James Rogers Bob Veal Denis King Mike Fawcett 38 15
  Scurvy Dog Bobgv Find Boris mfaw    
  John Mathews Jane Scaysbrook Gill Fisher Susan Dow 20 5
  JohnMathew Thelma 09 Gillf20 Kath1946    
SABC4 Simon Cook John Hattersley Bob Howard John Graham 52 16
  simoncook johnhatter grumpybob Johnygra54    
  Michael Aslett Walter Russell Gary Kendall Lynn Prentice 29 4
  mjaslett Russ946 Emanresu Ralfy10    
SABC5 Rod Adams John Stobo Shangara Singh Mick Wood 48 15
  RodAdams JohnStobo Shangara mickwood    
  Nigel Lewis Glenys Parry Penny Mauger Anna Blanchard 27 5
  njldell Bengeo wom Penny Mau annabla    
SABC6 Jack Williams Shirley Pinner Lawrence Wybraniec Martin Sidders 48 7
  jackw14 spinner13 Lawwyb Msidd    
    Lost to      
  Alan McMullen Michael Sint Peter Cridland Roger Cook 58 13
  leemetford sintm Peter Crid roger546    
SABC7 Ann Allan David Allan Paul Wilson Harry Sack 21 7
  AnnEAllan5 Blobdave WiliWilson aitchs13    
    Lost to      
  Jane Farndon Susie Bond Angie Spittal Barbara McKinnon 30 13
  Snoopy214 augsusie Ameliasp Ladybab    
SABC8 Mike Hann John Hedges Mike Parikh Claus Crede 27 8
  mikejhann abbeymill parikhmike clauscrede    
    Lost to      
  John Duthie Jane Edrupt Vicci Johnson Robin Johnson 35 12
  Shirtee1 Edrupt PinkGecko Red Gecko    
SABC9 Martin Evans Dave Fensome Judith Burns Tricia Taylor 34 14
  marteev BshopTenor Judith1951 TriciaT80    
  Alla Connor Peter Connor Janet Thornhill Linda Spiri 18 6
  allaconnor petcon Janett76 qwerty52    

Inter-Club Teams Wednesday 9th Sept vrs New Hertford

John Mathews, Susan Dow, Joan Walton & Janet Elliott won 17-3

Clare Garrett, Stef Weedon, Tony Hazel & Joan May won 10-10

Mike Hann, Jim Fry, Bob Veal & John Hanson lost 4-16

Lynn Prentice, Roy Seaman, Judith Burns & Tricia Taylor won 19-1

Overall St. Albans 50 - 30 New Hertford


Club Teams Monday Sept 7th

Simon Cook/John Hattersley/Bob Howard/John Graham Bt Glenys Parry/Nigel Lewis/Penny Mauger/Anna Blanchard 96 15 20 0
Steve Lambert/Gill Lambert/Alan McMullen/Michael Sint Bt Jack Williams/Louise Peck/Martin Sidders/Lawrence Wybraniec 53 49 11 9
Tony As'ad/Michael Grounds/Paul Nesbitt/Hilary Nesbitt Bt Sara Barnett/Harry Silverman/Bob Turnham/Hazel Miles 24 23 10 10
Peter Connor/Alla Connor/Alex Kent/Martin Melhuish Bt Janet Elliott/Stef Weedon/Joyce Taylor/Joan Walton 43 32 13 7
Clare Garretty/Bob Veal/Paul Wilson/Harry Sack Bt Pam Green/Jo Mason/Alison Minns/Joan May 56 41 14 6
Gary Kendall/Lynn Prentice/Michael Aslett/Walter Russell Bt Susie Bond/Jane Farndon/Christine Leek/Donald Reid 49 6 18 2
Mike Hann/John Hedges/John Duthie/Jane Edrupt Bt Martin Evans/Dave Fensome/Tony Shields/Roger Cook 30 5 16 4
Ann Allan/David Allan/Ann Brooks/Steve Brooks Bt Judith Burns/Tricia Taylor/Phil Minor/Linda Spiri 36 24 13 7


Online Teams Ladder - Individual VP's
Top 50 Total Sep-07
Simon Cook 20 20
John Hattersley 20 20
Bob Howard 20 20
John Graham 20 20
Gary Kendall 18 18
Lynn Prentice 18 18
Michael Aslett 18 18
Walter Russell 18 18
Mike Hann 16 16
John Hedges 16 16
John Duthie 16 16
Jane Edrupt 16 16
Clare Garretty 14 14
Bob Veal 14 14
Paul Wilson 14 14
Harry Sack 14 14
Peter Connor 13 13
Ann Allan 13 13
Alla Connor 13 13
David Allan 13 13
Alex Kent 13 13
Ann Brooks 13 13
Martin Melhuish 13 13
Steve Brooks 13 13
Steve Lambert 11 11
Gill Lambert 11 11
Alan McMullen 11 11
Michael Sint 11 11
Tony As'ad 10 10
Sara Barnett 10 10
Michael Grounds 10 10
Harry Silverman 10 10
Paul Nesbitt 10 10
Bob Turnham 10 10
Hilary Nesbitt 10 10
Hazel Miles 10 10
Jack Williams 9 9
Louise Peck 9 9
Martin Sidders 9 9
Lawrence Wybraniec 9 9
Janet Elliott 7 7
Judith Burns 7 7
Stef Weedon 7 7
Tricia Taylor 7 7
Joyce Taylor 7 7
Phil Minor 7 7
Joan Walton 7 7
Linda Spiri 7 7
Pam Green 6 6
Jo Mason 6 6
Alison Minns 6 6
Joan May 6 6
Online Pairs Ladder - Top Scores


Pair EBU Ref & Date Result
Denis King (Find Boris) & Mike Fawcett (Mfaw) 30/Jul 75.9%
Roy Seaman (RoyS1) & Stephen Cooper (SteveC1112) NHS 30/Apr 72.2 %
Denis King (Find Boris) & Mike Fawcett (Mfaw) 6/Aug 71.1 %
Jill Mumford (Arthouse) & Sara Barnett (Sara114) NHS 7/May 69.8 %
Jill Mumford (Arthouse) & Sara Barnett (Sara114) #1377 18/Apr 68.2 %
Bob Veal (Bobgv) & John Hanlon (Waterglade) NHS 14/May 68.1 %
Steve Lambert (SteveLam) & Gary Kendall (Emanresu) NHS 14/May 67.7 %
Peter Hill (PeterHill) & Walter Russell (Russ946) NHS 21/May 66.7 %
Oliver Tiemann (Otiemann1) & Alan Woof (AlanWo) 30th July 66.7 %
Steve Lambert (SteveLam) & Paul Wilson (WiliWilson) 20th Aug 66.3 %


It had to happen one day !

Monday saw the conclusion of our Teams Ladder for 2019/20.  It's been a great year, our first full one with the very successful Swiss format, and we have been delighted by the number of members regularly taking part.  In the end the Ladder produced a clear win for Team Nesbitt: Hilary and Paul Nesbitt, Tony As'ad and Michael Grounds who have been fantastically consistent.  A word though for our runners up led by Bob Turnham.  Bob first won our Teams ladder in 2009/10 and has been a member of the winning team every year since then, a remarkable 10 years on the run.  All good things come to an end though and we look forward to battle being resumed for the 2020/21 Ladder which starts in April.

If you have not been a regular player in our, second Monday of the month Swiss Teams, then it would be great to have you.  It really is a good evening. Please contact either myself, or Jim Fry, if you would like help creating a team.

Happy 90th Birthday Stan
Happy 90th Birthday Stan
St Albans retain Desmond Flockhart Trophy

The SADBC team of Bob Turnham, Sara Barnett, Jane Scaysbrook, John Mathews, Denis King, James Rogers, Mike Aslett and Sorin Butiu retained the Desmond Flockhart Trophy on December 8th. Our thanks to them, especially to two of the team who were "under the weather" and two had stepped in at the last moment, despite never having played together before!

John M.

Welcome - no partner needed

Welcome to the website of The St Albans Duplicate Bridge Club where we play competitive bridge to a good standard in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

You can come along either as a pair or without a partner as we operate a highly successful duty officer scheme. This scheme runs every week except for the regular teams competition which is held on the second Monday of every month - but please do bring your own team for these events if you wish.

There is ample parking and free tea, coffee and biscuits.

We look forward to meeting you and you don't need to contact us first - just turn up, (Before 7.20 pm please!)


Venue and Times
Venue and Times

The club meets at The Jersey Farm Community Centre, Sandringham Crescent, St Albans, Herts, AL4 9RG. (please see map and travelling directions under the information button on the left of this page).

We are open every Monday including public holidays (except 24, 25 & 26 December).

Doors open at 7.15pm for a prompt start please be seated by 7.20pm.

HBA Events

We would like to encourage members to support the forthcoming HBA Events details of which can be found on the HBA website, link below:


HBA Website

21st September 2020
Club Teams
BBO 20:00
Director: Steve Lambert
22nd September 2020
International Teams vrs South Midland VBC Ireland
BBO 1930
Director: John Stobo
24th September 2020
Duplicate Pairs
BBO 19:20
Director: Gary Conrad
28th September 2020
Club Teams
BBO 20:00
Director: Steve Lambert
29th September 2020
International Teams vrs South Midland VBC Ireland
BBO 1930
Director: John Stobo
1st October 2020
Duplicate Pairs
BBO 19:20
Director: Gary Conrad
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Gary Conrad
Scorer: Gary Conrad
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Gary Conrad
Scorer: Gary Conrad
Duplicate Pairs & Marjorie Lukyn Heat
Director: Gary Conrad
Scorer: Gary Conrad
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Gary Conrad
Scorer: Gary Conrad
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Gary Conrad
Scorer: Gary Conrad
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Gary Conrad
Scorer: Gary Conrad