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Welcome to the website of South Mansfield & Blidworth Bridge Club!  


We would ask players to try to take their places 10-15mins before 7.00pm to allow time for the organisers to set out the correct table movement. If you are aware that you are going to be delayed please contact the club to let them know you are on your way. 

Mon 2nd August 2021
Duplicate Pairs
Tue 3rd August 2021
Duplicate Pairs
Fri 6th August 2021
Duplicate Pairs
Welcome to South Mansfield & Blidworth Bridge Club
F2F Bridge is Back

Bridge at

the Community Centre

is back from Monday 19 July!!

Recognising that there are hazards in all human activity, having canvassed the views of the entire membership, the SM&BBC Committee have put together a plan to minimise the risk of Covid-19 as we resume F2F playing of bridge with effect from Monday, 19 July.   Initially sessions will only run on Monday and Friday evenings.

You can be assured that all steps have, and will continue to be taken, to ensure that the Community Centre will be a safe and secure environment in which to play. 

A 'Guide for Members' document has been circulated to ensure that all attendees are aware of what is expected of them to ensure their own personal safety and comfort, but equally important, that of their fellow players. Please ensure you have read this before attending.

These measures will remain in place to ensure that the Community Centre and playing conditions are such that all members are confident that we have a safe and secure environment in which to play.  We make no apology for these at this time, but will constantly review and remove measures as and when it is clearly right to do so.

NB – like you, we all hope that won’t be too long. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please let Mike Gyles or any other committee member know. 

(A copy of the Covid-19 Risk Assessment and the 'Guide for Members' can be found on the menu on the left hand side of this page)

In the meantime, can you:- 

  1. Let me know which, if any sessions, you’ll be attending each week.  This will allow us to prepare properly.
  2. If intending to attend, please ensure that you follow the guidance notes in full  (see guidance for members)
  3. Should you need sustenance during a session, please bring your own food and drink (this may be a temporary measure) 
  4. Bring table money of £2.50.  Cash on the night will be fine as we have a safe process in place for collection and administration. 
  5. Let any committee member know if you’re looking for someone to play with as a result of your regular partner deciding to wait a little longer before returning.  
South Mansfield & Blidworth Bridge Club

We are a bridge club run by the members for the members.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly club where everyone is made welcome.

New and returning bridge players are invited to come and join us and while we don't have the infrastructure to offer formal training, we do have dedicated members who provide one to one guidance, mentoring and practice sessions to help you develop your bridge skills and knowledge.

We are fortunate to have two EBU qualified Tournament Directors to help club nights run smoothly.

Teams of 4 on Bridge Club Live

Thank you to everyone who has played in our Teams of 4 on Bridge Club Live. Congratulations to those who have mastered the technology.

With the return to F2F bridge, sessions on Monday and Friday evenings at 7pm in the Teams of 4 room will cease

On Wednesday mornings at 9.00am we are also running a session, currently for 8 players.

Sessions last for approximately 2 hours.

If you are interested in joining in any of the sessions then please contact Mike Gyles or Sue Wright for more information.

It is important that you contact Mike or Sue if you are unable to play for any reason, as the numbers are critical to the sessions.

Welcome to Bridge Club Live (BCL) on-line bridge.

Please click on the link to access

Please contact Sue Wright on 07970198312 or Mike Gyles on 07947845305 for more details on how to join.

But don't wait for an invite - we are now registered with BCL . As EBU members you can get a 50 day free trial. Please contact Sue so that she can contact BCL to get your free trial added.

AGM 2020 postponed

The  AGM to be held at the South Mansfield Community Centre on Monday 14th September 2020 has been postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions. We will let you know when we can rearrange the AGM.

Masterpoints and Promotions

The English Bridge Union operates a Master Points Scheme. Any player can obtain points from success in duplicate bridge competition, on a scale which varies according to the success itself, the size of the competition and its status. About the top one-third of players in a competition will be entitled to Master Points.  Only members of the EBU may register their points and have their records maintained. A lapsed member may have valid Master Points registered on renewal of membership of the EBU.

Members may see their record via myEBU, using their membership number and password.

The following members have been promoted during the last 12 months

Congratulations to:


National Grading System (NGS)

A very brief introduction

The NGS provides a fair and trustworthy measure of an individual’s current performance when playing duplicate bridge, which is easy to understand and reflects changes (both up and down) in an individual’s current standard of play. The NGS indicates an individual’s current playing ability based on the last 80 or so playing sessions at whatever level they play.

The NGS is complementary to the Master Point Scheme, whose existing arrangement is unaltered. The two schemes are independent.

NGS Grades

The NGS calculates a current grade and a grade band for each EBU member, which is updated whenever new results for that player are received.

The value of your current grade is the scheme’s estimate of the percentage score that you would achieve on average if partnering another player with the same current grade at Match Pointed Pairs in a field of nationally average strength.

EBU grades have been divided into 13 playing card bands, ranging from ‘Ace’ at the top to ‘Two’ at the beginners’ end. Each band covers a 2% range of grade values,with ‘Eight’ having a range of 49‐51%.

Further information is available on the EBU website. A full listing of NGS for England and individual counties can be accessed on the EBU website/NGS.

Nottinghamshire CBA Update

Notts CBA now has a FaceBook page as an additional resource to the website to keep you in touch and updated on current initiatives.  All are welcome to join

if anyone wants further information on NCBA events contact Sue Wright (County contact)

Duplicate Pairs
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Bob Laughton
Scorer: Mike Gyles
Director: Bob Laughton
Scorer: Mike Gyles