South Gippsland Bridge Club
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 Neville Chapman

Email: belgrano@bigpond.com

03 5678 3323


Wendy Edwards.
Email: sgbridgeclub@hotmail.com
Mary Brewis.
Email: marybrewis@dcsi.net.au
Postal Address:
PO Box 2.
Need A Partner?
Need A Partner?

If you are looking for a partner, please contact Richard Moss on 0403 554 634.


Beginners Bridge Lessons are an ongoing activity within our club.

If you are interested in learning to play this wonderful game then please ring Neville Chapman on 0427 392 979 and discuss with him your interest. 

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Important Announcement.

Due to COVID 19 and its impact on our Bridge Club it's very important that we keep you up to date via our Web Site.

As information becomes available  I will undertake this task.

For your information there are two sites that I would recommend you visit for detailed bridge - virus information.

1:  ABF [ Australian Bridge Federation ]

2:  VBA [ Victorian Bridge Association ]

For those that wish to continue playing bridge there are a number of sites available.

Here are two: -  Bridgebase.com and Funbridge.com



South Gippsland Bridge Club.
South Gippsland Bridge Club.
Welcome to the South Gippsland Bridge Club. Our club operates at three venues around the Region with regular play and competitions throughout the year.
Feel free to contact any of the committee members for more information.
Session Times.

Vistors are most welcome at any one of the following venues.

Meeniyan:   7pm Mondays at Meeniyan Bowls Club.

Tarwin Lower:  
1pm Tuesdays excluding the 1st Tuesday of each
                             month at Tarwin Lower Community Health Centre.
Inverloch:    1pm Fridays at the Anderson's Inlet Angling Club.

Please arrive and be seated at least 15 minutes before start time.

Bridge Lessons

Bridge Lessons for new player or beginners are about to commence

For Details contact Alan Johnston on 56741838

Traraglon GNOT Results

Sunday 15th our Club had 4 Teams out of 10 in the ERBA GNOT.

1st with 4 wins 1 loss was Jack Kuiper, Dina Drury, Richard Moss and Deborah Anglim.

2nd with 5 wins was Jean Barbour, Greg Nicholson, Matti Shub and John Quayle.

8th with 1 win and 1 draw was Fay Rowlands, Pat West, Neville Chapman and Dirk Jacobs.

10th with 1 draw was Penny Loughran, Ruth Stevenson, Hannah Martin and Maureen Stiles.

South Gippsland Bridge Club Committee


                     Neville Chapman.

   Vice President:  

                     Dirk Jacobs.


                     Wendy Edwards & Chris Hall.


                        Mary Brewis.


                     Jack Kuiper.

   Committee Members: 

                     Penny Loughran. Clive Hope. Liz Jacobs.

   ERBA Rep:  

                     Carol Sowden.

   Masterpoint Secretary:  

                        Dirk Jacobs.


                        Dirk Jacobs.

Inverloch Monthly Winners


1st  Arendina DFruryt & Richard Moss. [ 62.58% ]

2nd Kay Douglas. [ 59.11% ]

3rd Ruth Stevenson & Kathy Geyer.  [ 57.32% ]

Tarwin Lower Monthly Winners


1st   Richard Moss & Arendina Drury. [66.18% ]

2nd  Deborah Anglim. [57.41% ]

3rd  Julie & Ian MacPhee. [54.91% ]

Meeniyan Monthly Winners


1st   Susan Ruffin & Clive Hope. [ 60.81% ]

2nd  John French & Richard Moss. [ 58.48% ]

3rd   Fay Rowlands & Frank Arndt. [57.89% ]

30th March 2020
Meeniyan Pairs
Meeniyan Bowling Club 7.00 pm
Director: Clive Hope
31st March 2020
Tarwin Lower Pairs
Tarwin Lower Community Centre 1.00 pm
3rd April 2020
Inverloch Pairs
Anderson Inlet Angling Club 1.00 pm
6th April 2020
Meeniyan Pairs
Meeniyan Bowling Club 7.00 pm
Director: Clive Hope
Inverloch Championship Week 1 Section B
Director: Jack Kuiper
Scorer: Dirk Jacobs
Inverloch Championship Week 1 Section A
Director: Jack Kuiper
Scorer: Dirk Jacobs
Tarwin Lower Pairs
Director: Neville Chapman
Scorer: Dirk Jacobs
Meeniyan Pairs
Director: Neville Chapman
Scorer: Clive Hope