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Who require Partners should login to Reservations/Find a Partner link in the Menu above to indicate that they are looking for a partner.


Wishing to play and needing a partner should email

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John Flower RIP
John Flower RIP

John Flower sadly passed away in the week soccer saw John Motson also leave us. He was a good bridge player who last regularly partnered Sam Shen up until a year ago. He found success playing a strong club system but is probably best known for running the Croydon Bridge Congress with his wife Eileen. Although it was not a green-point event, it was hugely popular with at least four Directors being kept busy!

Sam Shen said: "John had a long history with Bridge, so the earlier days before I partnered him, (although that’s a decade ago) I don’t know much about. But he was a fountain of bridge knowledge, in and around the game, and always had plenty of anecdotes of incidences that had happened and had a wide knowledge of many systems. He played in a no nonsense manner, sometimes tinged with a dry sarcasm, even if it upset others."

Savita Shah RIP
Savita Shah RIP

We are sorry to learn that Savita Shah who played bridge at South Croydon and at South London Oshwal has passed away recently after a lengthy battle with cancer. Our condolences to her family and friends.

Welcome to South Croydon Bridge Club

We are based in a dedicated bridge room in our own premises in South Croydon, we run four duplicate sessions a week and some tuition. All duplicate sessions have returned to face-to-face.

New players are always welcome and should email the Club email address.

Last updated : 11th Feb 2022 14:53 GMT

We welcome new members and visitors to all our sessions of play. Please contact the Committee on or call Tony on 07900 823752.

All sessions have real time computer scoring and pre-dealt hands. We have a licensed bar which serves hot and cold food. On site car parking is available.

See Committee Contacts on the left should you wish to speak to a Committee member.

Last updated : 17th Mar 2023 10:12 GMT

Bridge Sessions

We run the following face-to-face sessions:


  • Wednesday   11:00 (lunch available at the bar)
  • Thursday      19:30
  • Friday          19:30
  • Saturday      14:15

Supervised Play

  • Wednesday   19:30

The sessions will be played under the following Covid restrictions:

  • you must have received both the main Covid vaccinations to play, the booster is not yet required; exemptions for those who have been medically advised against receiving it 

Until the number of tables is consistently high enough to guarantee that a session will go ahead, to avoid wasted journeys pre-booking by 20:00 the day before play is essential. Please email  Tony ( for the Thursday, Friday and Saturday sessions. Wednesday is attracting enough players and is turn up and play.

Table money for members will be invoiced monthly in arrears, payment from non-members may be collected in advance or at the table.


Last updated : 17th Mar 2023 11:20 GMT
Swiss Teams

We are running Swiss Teams events on

  • 21 May - Lock Watson Cup
  • 17 September
  • 10 December

The events will start at 14:00 and finish about 21:00, with a meal break in the middle. The fee for May 2023 is £17 per head. This is collected on the day (card or cash), members may add it to their monthly statement.

The aim is to have 6 8-board matches. If there are insufficent entries then we will run a multiple teams event. If it is a Swiss event, the Lock Watson Cup will be awarded to the highest placed team which consists of only South Croydon BC memners. There will be cash prizes, these are not resricted to member only teams.

Meal options:

  • main
    • salad - checken or ham
    • jacket potato - with chesse, tuna, beans or cheese
    • sandwiches - ham, tuna or cheese
  • desert
    • cheesecake
    • gateau
    • cheese and biscuits

Click here for entry form.

For more information or if you want to play but don't have a partner or team mates  contact Tony or Su

Last updated : 14th Mar 2023 12:17 GMT
Chairman's Prize - including wine for the winners!

Saturday 4 June - Saturday 2 July - Saturday 6 August

♠   ♣ 

The winning pair will each get a bottle of wine from a choice of Merlot, Malbac and NZ Sauvignon Blanc - standard table money. Guests welcome!

Last updated : 19th May 2022 16:27 BST
Strong Club or not???
Strong Club or not???

The new rules that applied over what constitute a strong opening reared its ugly head again on this deal. After South passed, West opted to open a Benji 2♣ that was described as being either 8PT or 21-22 balanced. East, holding 19 HCP immediately bid 7NT knowing full well it was probably a long-suited hand. rather than 21 HCP. North, knowing he had little to lose doubled and East re-doubled. Unsurprisingly, this gained a top score. BUT the initial bid was illegal. Why is that you may ask? For a strong 1♣ (or strong 1 ) the requirement is 13 or more HCP. For other strong bids (for example 2♣ or 2) the requirement is 16 or more HCP, except if there are two suits with 13 HCP concentrated in the two suits.

In this particular hand, the opener only held 12 HCP (admittedly 5 losers) but the Director should have been called and almost certainly awarded an average minus.

We referred the hand to the EBU to adjudicate and the Deputy Chief Director Robin Barker said: 

Calling the agreement “8 playing tricks” does not make it legal.  Calling 2C “Benji” does not make it legal.


If the agreement about 2C is that it shows a strong balanced or a hand with a long suit and playing tricks, there are a number of options

  1. The hands with a long suit and playing tricks meet the new EBU Blue Book definition of strong
  2. The hands with a long suit and playing tricks are restricted to suits which are not the suit opened
  3. The hands with a long suit and playing tricks are only in th8e suit opened

If the agreement were 21/22 balanced or 8 playing tricks in clubs then this opening 2C would be legal – but this was not their agreement.

Last updated : 26th Oct 2022 08:57 BST
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