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General Information


To ensure that you receive the Clubs information emails please add to your list of safe senders. If you wish to contact the club please email



Who require Partners should login to Reservations/Find a Partner link in the Menu above to register a request for a partner.


Wishing to play and needing a partner should contact the Secretary Su Gomez.

Norman Roach RIP

All bridge partners have their strengths and weaknesses but I think it is safe to say Norman Roach was one of the finest card players I have ever had the privilege to play with. He was also lacking in the bidding department, prone to making wild bids or failing to show a four card major in order to play in his beloved 3NT. He used to make opponents raise their eyebrows by proclaiming that he played the “Points System”!

Under the old Bromley Bridge Club we had some absolute moments of pure entertainment, usually at the expense of the late Harry Millward and his long suffering partner Peter Crofts. It was better than David Bird’s pieces in the EBU Magazine, though Harry could easily have taken on the role of the Headmaster! Peter had to admonish Harry for making some ridiculous claims and his dry sense of humour, calling Harry a “chump” often had us in stitches with tears running down our faces.

I also got him to join me at Beckenham BC where he had to be “played in” and his three scores spanned between 56% and 72%! Several moves of venue and ownership of Bromley BC saw us playing at Bickley Parva and times when Norman’s temper let him get the better of him and he walked out only to return when he realised I was his “conveyance” to get back home!

I first met Norman in the Home Office Immigration Department on my return in 1987 from working as News Editor for the Angler’s Mail. We had regular lunchtime games played in a room on 19th floor that was just large enough to hold two tables and a cupboard for the toys. We had 8 board teams of four as the players were variable. One of the Post Room staff, Pat Donally mentioned Norman but he was extremely shy but he was eventually persuaded to join in and make his mark on the rest of us.

It was an extraordinary period as our best four included the late John Frosztega, Valerie Moore, Paul Baker and Rick Stevens who could take on and beat the best of the London players but Norman could always hold his own being quite fearless.

When Bromley North BC came into being, the early years saw Norman at his very best until about three years ago when he became very frail. His contribution provided three of my top five wins for a score over 70% including the best in the final round of the ladder in November 2014 when I deliberately spurned a likely slam as our card was huge and one had to feel for Steve Burton and Tony Price who had 66.67% and found that they were beaten by nearly 12%!

Latterly much of my time was spent teaching Norman how to use Bridge Club Live and whilst never mastering quite how to use his computer he certainly made an impression on the virtual bridge playing world.  He was genuinely scared of being electrocuted and wouldn’t even change a lightbulb following a massive shock whilst riding as a Fireman aboard a locomotive, the quick thinking driver stopping him from falling off the footplate.

In many ways he was like a modern day Alf Garnett due to his frankly racist opinions and bemoaning his luck in life. Stubborn, cantankerous and times insufferable he will always be remembered as one of the true characters at the bridge table and yes I learned lots from him. RIP old friend.

Dave Harper

Welcome to South Croydon Bridge Club

We are based in a dedicated bridge room in our own premises in South Croydon. Before lockdown we ran four duplicate sessions a week and some tuition.

We are currently running one face-to-face and three online duplicates per week and are experimenting with some shorter format sessions.

New players are always welcome and should email the Club email address. Those who were members on 15 May will have priority on face-to-face bridge until Covid restrictions are lifted.

Last updated : 31st May 2021 10:27 BST

Bridge Sessions

We will be progressively re-introducing face-to-face bridge at the clubhouse. We will run the following sessions:

  • Wednesday 11:00 Clubhouse
  • Thursday    19:30 Clubhouse
  • Friday        19:30 Online (RealBridge)
  • Saturday    14:00 Online (RealBridge)

Clubhouse Bridge

The sessions will be played under the following Covid restrictions:

  • limited of 6 tables, consequently pre-booking is necessary, click here for link. All requests received by 09:00 three days before the date of play (Monday for the sessions on Thursday) will be deemed to have been received simultaneously and a random draw made if there are too many tables booked by this point. Requests after this time will be treated on a first-come, first served basis
  • existing club members have priority over non-members until the day before play
  • masks to be worn except when seated at the table behind the screens
  • kitchen access will be restricted to two nominated people per session who will serve the drinks before the session and once during it
  • as with the online bridge, table fees will be invoiced at month end for payment by bank transfer, we will not be collecting fees on the day
  • the windows will be open to provide ventilation, so please dress 'Hale and Hearty' rather than 'Fine and Fancy', pleas to close the windows will not be entertained
  • hand sanitiser will be provided, please sanitise between rounds
  • bar service is not guaranteed

Online Bridge

We are tunning our online sessions on RealBridge which allows players to see and talk to those at their table. The links for the sessions in the current week will be added to the calendar on the right of the screen early in the week and the room will be opened about 30 minutes before play is due to start.

Members are welcome to log in and play. Non-members are welcome but should contact the club in advance of the first session that they are looking to play.

All sessions will be operated as standard club sessions.

If you need assistance getting you started on RealBridge please contact either Dave or Tony.

Table Money

Table money for members for both clubhouse and online sessions will be collected monthly in arrears, payment from non-members may be collected in advance.


Last updated : 18th Jul 2021 13:17 BST

Short Sessions

We are experimenting with some shorter sessions. Currently we are playing 12 boards and are aimed at those wanting or needing a shorter session. The format of these sessions will evolve over time to meet the needs of those playing and is not scored. There are usually one or two tables. Anyone is welcome just to drop in. There is a host available at these sessions. Non-members are welcome. The sessions will run on Monday at 11:00.

More sessions will be added if there is a demand.

Last updated : 31st May 2021 10:30 BST

We welcome new members and visitors to all our sessions of play, though as we re-open following Covid-19 with limited table existing members have priority. Please contact the Secretary prior to completing the request to play form at the top of this page.

All sessions have real time computer scoring and pre-dealt hands. We have a licensed bar which also serves hot and cold food. On site car parking is available.

See Committee Contacts on the left should you wish to speak to a Committee member.

Last updated : 24th Jul 2020 18:04 BST


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See CALENDAR for confirmed dates of all CLUB competitions and other events

Last updated : 19th Mar 2020 11:10 GMT
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Director: Tony Hilton
Director: Tony Hilton
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Online Duplicate
Director: Tony Hilton
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