Release 2.19n

Coming up are 2 consecutive weeks of extra points games.  From November 4 to 9, we are having Club Championship Week.  All games extra points.  From November 11-16, we are having STAC Week.  All games silver points.  There will be an extra $2 card fee for the STAC games.


Rank Changes

We have some rank changes to report for October. 

David Scholler is a new Sectional Master. 

Joanna Jones-Reed is a new Regional Master. 

Kathy Shinkle is a new Life Master, well done! 

Finally, Harold Koletsky is a new Silver Life Master. 

Congratulations to everyone on your achievements.



Defense Class September 19

We have a new session of classes with Mark Raggio starting September 19 at 5:30.  This 8-session course is all about Defence . If you are working to improve your game, this course will benefit you even if you have taken it before.  Often when players are learning, so much effort goes  into learning bidding that learning the skills needed to play a hand are pushed back to “later”  Well, “later” is now, so plan to come and improve your playing skills this Thursday. 

$90 including Book
$70 if you already have the book
$50 if you already took class and this is a refresher course

   Monday Morning Pairs 11:30 AM Mike Savage
   Monday Evening Pairs 6:30 PM Mike Savage
   Tuesday Morning Pairs 11:30 AM Mike Savage
   Tuesday Evening Swiss 7:00 PM Mike Savage
   Wednesday Morning Pairs 11:30 AM Sheryl Kohlhoff
   Wednesday Evening Pairs 6:30 PM Mark Raggio
   Thursday NLM Game 10:30 AM Marybelle Hoenig or Setsuko Miyasaka
   Friday Morning Pairs 11:30 AM Mike Ullman
   Friday Evening Pairs Week 1 6:30 PM Mark Raggio
   Friday Evening Pairs featuring Mentoring Week 2 6:30 PM Ernie Frank
   Friday Evening Pairs Week 3 6:30 PM Mark Raggio
   Friday Evening Pairs featuring Mentoring Week 4 6:30 PM Ernie Frank
   99er Game 10:00 AM Mark Raggio
   Saturday Afternoon Pairs 2:00 PM Mike Savage