Release 2.19n

There will be two Club Appreciation Weeks this month.

The week of October 7 thru 12 is the 1st Club Appreciation Week

The week of October 21 thru 26 is the 2nd Club Appreciation Week


Defense Class September 19

We have a new session of classes with Mark Raggio starting September 19 at 5:30.  This 8-session course is all about Defence . If you are working to improve your game, this course will benefit you even if you have taken it before.  Often when players are learning, so much effort goes  into learning bidding that learning the skills needed to play a hand are pushed back to “later”  Well, “later” is now, so plan to come and improve your playing skills this Thursday. 

$90 including Book
$70 if you already have the book
$50 if you already took class and this is a refresher course

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