Release 2.19n

Here is the schedule for this week with the times that registration closes:

Morning open games at 10:35, Monday through Saturday
BBO title is Open SOUTH BAY BRIDGE CLUB 10:35
 Registration closes at 10:30

Evening open game Monday at 6:30
BBO title is Open SOUTH BAY BRIDGE CLUB 18:3

Registration closes between 6:20-6:25, depending on table count

Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday 499er games at 10:10

 BBO title is 499er SOUTH BAY BRIDGE CLUB 10:10
 Registration closes at 10:00

If there is a half table when registration closes, one pair will be able to register.  If there are even tables, no new pairs will be able to register.


2/1 Class Thursday 5:30 TBD

Planned for October start.

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