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Beginning Bridge (4 classes free)

Tuesday Sept 19, 1:00 PM

Beginning Bridge (4 classes free)

Thursday October 19, 6;30 PM

Beginning Bridge Defense and More!

Tuesday Sept 12, 10 AM

Intermediate / Advanced Defense

Monday, September 18, 10 AM


In Club Open South Bay
+EIE+ 8 Is Enough Swiss
In Club Open South Bay
10:30 AM
South Bay Bridge Club
South Bay Bridge Club


South Bay Bridge Club

24100 Narbonne Ave., #105

Lomita, CA  90717


Play Duplicate, Take Bridge Classes, Make new friends

For Partnership help call or text Janice Scholler 424-832-0238

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South Bay Bridge Club

SBBC Events Coming Up in August and Septembe

There is still time in August to play in our extra points games.  This coming week is STAC week, during which all games award silver points.  The dates are Monday, August 21 to Saturday, August 26, and the card fees are $14.

To close out the month, the 1:00 open game on Monday August 28 is a “Last Chance” NAP game.  NAP games offer generous points, which are 50% red and 50% black.  Card fees are $13.

Starting in September, the ACBL has decided to award 150% black points for all 8 Is Enough team games.  If you haven’t played in our 6:00 Monday evening 8 Is Enough game, now is the time to start.  Janice Scholler sends out a weekly email, and she will work to find a teammate or team for you.

We will have TWO club championship weeks in September, the first from the 11th to the 16th, and the second from the 25th to the 30th.  And to finish out September, at the 1:00 open game on Saturday 30th there will be a special event sponsored by Gerri Soffa and Jim Jensen.  They will provide Chinese chicken salad for lunch with a variety of sandwiches, lemonade punch and cookies.  It is going to be a lovely treat, so please come for the lunch and the game.  Card fees will be $20.  Because we are limited to 12 tables, we will be taking reservations in advance in September.

See you at the club for all the extra points opportunities coming up!

Here is our game schedule:

Monday open game, 1:00

Monday Evening Eight is Enough Swiss, 6:00

Wednesday Evening Swiss 6:30

Thursday 750 game, 10:30 for the lesson, 10:45 for the game

Friday Newcomer Game, 1:00 

Saturday open game, 1:00



Zero Tolerance at SBBC



The ultimate purpose of the ACBL and the South Bay Bridge Club Zero-Tolerance policy is to create a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. The ACBL is attempting to eradicate unacceptable behavior in order to make the game of bridge more enjoyable for all. Below are some examples of commendable behavior, which will significantly contribute to an improved atmosphere: 

 a good 'host' and 'guest' at the table.

Greeting others in a friendly manner.

Praising the bidding and/or play of the opponent and partner.

The following list are some examples of behavior which will NOT be tolerated:

Badgering, rudeness, insinuations, intimidation, profanity, threats, touching another player or violence.

Negative comments concerning opponents' or partner's play or bidding.

Constant and gratuitous lessons and analyses at the table.

Loud and disruptive behavior.

Arguing with the ruling of the Director.  Arguing with the director or other players is a very serious zero tolerance violation and may result in suspension.

If a player at the table behaves in an unacceptable manner, THE DIRECTOR SHOULD BE CALLED IMMEDIATELY.  Annoying behavior, embarrassing remarks, or any other conduct which might interfere with the enjoyment of the game is specifically prohibited by Law 74A. Law 91A gives the director the authority to assess disciplinary penalties.

It is requested that the director be called whenever behavior is not consistent with the guidelines outlined above.

The director, when called, shall make an assessment of the situation. If it is established that there was unacceptable behavior, an immediate ¼ board disciplinary penalty (3 IMP in team games) SHALL be assigned to all offenders. This may involve any one or all four players at the table irrespective of who initiated the unacceptable behavior. If both members of a partnership are guilty, the penalties are additive (¼ board EACH = ½ board!). 

Warnings are strongly discouraged and will be given only when there is no clear violation or in cases where the facts cannot be determined. Offenders are to receive immediate penalties. Regardless of who may have initiated unacceptable behavior, ALL offenses are punishable. Retaliatory behavior is a punishable offense. Frivolous accusations will also be considered as offenses under this policy.

In accordance with the Laws of Duplicate Bridge, a director's decision to impose a disciplinary penalty is final.