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Week of February 17 – 22

The club will be running its normal schedule this week.  The Friday evening game will be the open game.  Coming up next week on Monday at 11:30 is an upgraded club championship.  This game offers more extra points than a standard club championship.  Also coming up the first week in March is our first STAC week of 2020.  Dates are Monday, March 2 through Saturday, March 7.  Need silver points?  Come to our STAC games.

See you at the club!

2/1 Class Thursday 5:30

2/1 Class by Mark Raggio

Thursday March 19, 2020 at 5:30 PM

$100 for 8 week course and book

Please sign up in advance 

Call 310-325-7222

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Bridgemate Changes

Special Announcement about Bridgemate Displays

Our club has struggled with the decision of how much information the Bridgemates should display after each hand.  We began by showing scores and percentages.  We decided to remove percentages because they were inaccurate until the end of the game and provoked too much discussion when combined with the scores.  We decided to keep the scores so long as players didn’t discuss the scores.  We asked players not to have score discussions to keep the game moving and to avoid telling other tables what the scores were.  We have once again reviewed the decision about Bridgemate information at our most recent board meeting.  It was the vote of the board to remove the scores and show only the percentages for the open games.  Please note that this does not affect our Thursday NLM game.  This only affects the open games.  The change will begin March 2.

This was not a decision we took lightly, since players want to see scores.  We know that.  But we as directors and players are hearing too much discussion of results during every game.  Our tables are often close enough that scores are easily heard.  In short, there is just too much unauthorized information being heard during every game.  Hearing a percentage is not as likely to spread unauthorized information assuming players do not discuss their results at the same time.  It is true that percentages are inaccurate, but we would like to give players some information after playing a hand.  The alternative is to take away scores and percentages, which we don’t want to do so long as we can keep down the discussions about results.  And please remember this:  it is not kind to announce at the table “100% for us” or “it was a top for us.”  Please do not ever say this.  Just look at the percentage and hand the Bridgemate around the table. Announcing 100% is perceived as gloating, which is not what we want during our games.  

Even if you disagree with the board’s decision, please give it an honest try and keep an open mind.


South Bay Bridge Club Schedule
   Monday Morning Pairs   11:30 AM   Mike Savage
   Monday Evening Pairs   6:30 PM   Mike Savage
   Tuesday Morning Pairs   11:30 AM   Mike Savage
   Tuesday Evening Swiss   7:00 PM   Mike Savage
   Wednesday Morning Pairs   11:30 AM   Sheryl Kohlhoff
   Wednesday Evening Pairs   6:30 PM   Mark Raggio
   Thursday NLM Game   10:30 AM   Marybelle Hoenig or Setsuko Miyasaka
   Friday Morning Pairs   11:30 AM   Mike Ullman
   Friday Evening Pairs Week 1 6:30 PM   Mark Raggio
   Friday Evening Pairs featuring Mentoring Week 2 6:30 PM   Ernie Frank
   Friday Evening Pairs Week 3 6:30 PM   Mark Raggio
   Friday Evening Pairs featuring Mentoring Week 4 6:30 PM   Ernie Frank
   99er Game   10:00 AM   Mark Raggio
   Saturday Afternoon Pairs   2:00 PM   Mike Savage
Friday Morning Pairs
11:30 AM
Thursday NLM Pairs
Wednesday Morning Pairs
11:30 AM
Wednesday Evening Pairs
6:30 PM
Fri Feb 21, 2020
Friday Evening Pairs
6:30 PM
Sat Feb 22, 2020
99er Game
10:00 AM
Sat Feb 22, 2020
Saturday Afternoon Pairs
2:00 PM
Mon Feb 24, 2020
Monday Morning Pairs
11:30 AM