Release 2.19n

BBO New Version

Version 5.6.0 of BBO mobile app has just been released! Go to your app store and search for “Bridge Base” to grab the app!

What’s new in this version:

In order to help expand the site and accommodate more players, all playing options available in the Casual menu have been moved to a second BBO server.

What does this mean?

  • Every time you tap on Casual you will be smoothly moved to another server. You will notice a “connecting…” pop-up on your screen every time you switch between Casual and the rest of the app. 
  • When this happens, you won’t have to login again. You will be able to continue to use the app as you would normally do. 
  • You might notice some unusual things, as detailed below. Consider the CASUAL button an entry point allowing you to switch between BBO servers. If something’s strange, click CASUAL and see if that fixes. 

This is a work in progress, that required deep architectural changes to the app. You might notice unusual behaviours, such as:

  • When you are playing in the Casual area, you will not see players connected to the main BBO server, and vice versa. This means someone playing an ACBL tournament for example will not see in the list of online players his friend who is playing in the Main Bridge Club. 
  • When you are playing in the Casual area you will not be automatically taken to your tournament, if you are registered for an upcoming game. So if you register for a Speedball and want to play a few hands in Main Club until it starts, you might miss your game. Remember to switch back to the Competitive area with a few minutes before your tournament is scheduled to start. 
  • If you are trying to start a set game with your friends, ask them to click the Casual button before sending them invitations to join your table. If you are in Casual and they are on the main BBO server, they will not receive your invitations.

BBO’s technical team worked hard to provide an immediate solution to the massive influx of new bridge players who needed a new home. We are aware there are improvements to be made, and we continue to focus on providing a seamless experience to our users.

Meanwhile we thank you for your understanding and we’ll do our best to complete the two BBO servers integration as fast as possible. 

Mike Lawrence June 6 - 7 Canceled

With great regret, we are cancelling Mike Lawrence’s 2-day teaching event.  For those of you who have already paid, we have the checks at the bridge club.  They will not be deposited.  As soon as we can retrieve them, the checks will be returned.

2/1 Class Thursday 5:30 TBD

The date for Mark Raggio’s 2 over 1 class will be announced when we have more information about when we can re-open.

South Bay Bridge Club
South Bay Bridge Club


South Bay Bridge Club
24100 Narbonne Ave., #105
Lomita, CA  90717
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Virtual South Bay Bridge Club

Virtual Club Games on BBO This Week, May 25- May 30

It’s here, triple silver points week!  All our games will offer triple silver points, so come and play with us this week.  The cost of these special games will be 6.50 BB$.  NEW THIS WEEK is a Saturday 499er game at 10:10.  If you need silver points, we are offering you 3 chances to get them; there are 499er games on Wednesday, Thursday and now Saturday.  We are continuing the Saturday morning open game at 10:35 that we started last week.  On Memorial Day Monday, we will have our regular 2 games, 10:35 open and 6:30 PM open.  Here is the schedule for this week with the times that registration closes:

Morning open games at 10:35, Monday through Saturday

            BBO title is Open SOUTH BAY BRIDGE CLUB 10:35

            Registration closes at 10:30

Evening open game Monday at 6:30

            BBO title is Open SOUTH BAY BRIDGE CLUB 18:30

            Registration closes between 6:20-6:25, depending on table count

Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday 499er games at 10:10

            BBO title is 499er SOUTH BAY BRIDGE CLUB 10:10

            Registration closes at 10:00

If there is a half table when registration closes, one pair will be able to register.  If there are even tables, no new pairs will be able to register.

This is a reminder that players must not chat to the table for alerts or announcements.  One of the good things about BBO is that unauthorized information is limited by the self-alert system.  Please use the bidding box to make alerts and announcements (for example, transfers or a forcing 1NT).  If you have a question about a bid by an opponent, click on the bid and type your question in the box.  The response should also be typed in the box.  Do not type a question or response and send it to the table, please.

If you are playing for the first time, please register AT LEAST 30 minutes ahead of time.  You will need to check to make sure you have BB$ in your account, you cannot register without money.  Also, please be online and waiting for the game to start AT LEAST 5 minutes before game time, and 10 minutes is better.  If you wait too long and have trouble logging in, you will miss the game.  The 2 most common reasons for registration difficulties are waiting too close to game time when you are a first-time player, and not having BBO dollars in your account when you try to register. 

Sometimes you may see “Reserved (player name)” on a seat at the table during a game.  This is because the player has lost the BBO connection.  It may take a minute or two for the player to sign back on.  Once the players logs back in to BBO, he will be immediately returned to his seat and can resume play.  On rare occasions, it will take more than a minute or two for a player to log back in to BBO.  If this happens, the director will put a substitute in place to play a board until the original player returns.  When the original player returns, he will be put back in his seat when the board ends. 

I have some more information about the limited points evening game that District 23 would like to try.  The first game will be Thursday evening at 6:45.  The director for the game is Dave White, he is a director in a club in the Valley.  His email is  You can find the game under Virtual Clubs, then ACBL-North America, then District 23 499er Pairs (although it may be a 299er or 399er game).  He has asked that players register at least 30 minutes ahead of time.  I would suggest emailing him the day before with your BBO name in case you decide to play.  It will make the registration process so much easier if he has your name on the player list in advance.  He is saying the cost will be $4, but he may have forgotten that it is silver points week with a much higher ACBL table fee.  See what the cost is when he posts the game.  Also for 499ers, we just learned that every Sunday District 23 runs a 499er game at 3:15.  Registration will opens 2 hours ahead of the game. 

See you soon on BBO for triple silver points week!

10:35 AM
10:10 AM
10:35 AM
10:10 AM
Sat May 30, 2020
Pairs Open South Bay Bridge CLub
10:35 AM
Sat May 30, 2020
10:10 AM
Mon Jun 1, 2020
10:35 AM
Mon Jun 1, 2020
6:30 PM