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Week of November 18 – November 23

The November STAC is over, but not to worry.   If you are still looking for silver points, there will be another STAC from December 9 to 14.  

The games this week will run on the normal schedule.  The Friday evening game is the mentoring game, please sign up.

The annual Holiday Party held by the Southbay Unit 568 is going to be on Saturday, December 7 at the South Bay Bridge Club.  Lunch will be provided by the Unit at 11:30, and the pairs game will start at 12:30.  The game is a Unit Championship with extra points.  Reservations are required because space is limited.  Sign-up sheets are at the club on the table with all the other sign-up sheets.

Here’s a reminder about club closures for the week of Thanksgiving.  On Wednesday, November 27, the morning game will be played as usual.  The club will be closed, however, for the evening game;  this is the evening before Thanksgiving.  On Friday, November 29, the club will be closed all day.  The Saturday game will be held as usual.

See you at the club!


Thursday 5:30 Supervised Play

Coming up in December:  Thursday, December 5 will be the kickoff game of Mark Raggio’s supervised play sessions.  He will start at 5:30, and play will last about 2 hours.  The cost is $5.  This is a fantastic opportunity to play hands with someone right there to help correct bidding, play and defense problems.  If you want to improve your game, be sure to come.

South Bay Bridge Club
South Bay Bridge Club


South Bay Bridge Club
24100 Narbonne Ave., #105
Lomita, CA  90717
Play Duplicate, Take Bridge Classes, Make new friends
South Bay Bridge Club Schedule
   Monday Morning Pairs   11:30 AM   Mike Savage
   Monday Evening Pairs   6:30 PM   Mike Savage
   Tuesday Morning Pairs   11:30 AM   Mike Savage
   Tuesday Evening Swiss   7:00 PM   Mike Savage
   Wednesday Morning Pairs   11:30 AM   Sheryl Kohlhoff
   Wednesday Evening Pairs   6:30 PM   Mark Raggio
   Thursday NLM Game   10:30 AM   Marybelle Hoenig or Setsuko Miyasaka
   Friday Morning Pairs   11:30 AM   Mike Ullman
   Friday Evening Pairs Week 1 6:30 PM   Mark Raggio
   Friday Evening Pairs featuring Mentoring Week 2 6:30 PM   Ernie Frank
   Friday Evening Pairs Week 3 6:30 PM   Mark Raggio
   Friday Evening Pairs featuring Mentoring Week 4 6:30 PM   Ernie Frank
   99er Game   10:00 AM   Mark Raggio
   Saturday Afternoon Pairs   2:00 PM   Mike Savage
STaC Results

Here are some STAC results from last week with lots of winners from South Bay:

 Monday AM, 27 Tables:  Jeff Strutzel and Shirley Change were 7th  in A with 58.13%. 

Monday PM, 8 1/2 Tables:  Gerri Carlson and Steve Mager were 1st  with 61.51%.  Terry Hane and Ramani Ravikandan were 3rd  in A and 1st  in B and C with 60.92%.  Jim Alstad and James Heltsley were 4th  in A and 2nd  in B and C with 56.79%.  Stan Greengard and Mark Raggio were 5th  in A with 56.35%.

Tuesday AM, 26 1/2 Tables:  Jeanette Betts and Ernie Frank were 4th  in A and 4th  in B with 61.56%.  Chein-San Han and Kim Wang were 6th  in A with 60.42%.  Stan Greengard and Shirley Chang were 6th  in A with 57.04%. 

Tuesday PM Swiss, 5 tables:  Barad/Mason/Otsuki/McCully were 1st,  and Mack/Wong/Ryan/Ryan were 2nd.

Wednesday AM, 50 ½ Tables:  Carol McCully and Ed Barad were 1st  in A with 70.54%, big game!  Wayne Otsuki and Lucy Gellner were 9th  in A with 61.31%.  Jack Stewart and Mike McGory were 5th  in C with 55.29%.

Wednesday PM, 21 Tables:  Peter Wong and David Scholler were 2nd  in A, 2nd  in B and 1st  in C with 65.97%. 

Thursday AM 999er Game, 7 ½ Tables:  The winners were all South Bay Players, in order:

Marilyn Morton/Anne Andres; Harold Avent/George Wakabayashi; Madge Weinstein/Deborah Downs; Greg Gallagher/Betsy Miller; Jeanette Betts/Ellen Davidson; Jim DeFlon/Bruce Walker; Henry MacMorran/Robin MacMorran; and Carol Decordova/Linda MacKenzie.

Friday AM, 47 1/2 Tables:  Ed Barad and Carol McCully were 2nd  in A with 65.56%.  Fran Israel and Lucy Gellner were 7th  in A with 62.84%.

Friday PM, 18 Tables:  Mark Raggio and Ramani Ravikandan were 5th  in A and 3rd  in B with 61%.  Ernie Frank and Terry Hane were 4th  in B ith 58%.

Saturday AFT, 76 1/2 Tables:  Patti Taylor and Mark Raggio were 1st  in A and 1st  in B with 69.58%.  Lise Cote and Pat Schenasi were 11th  in A with 60.42%. 

Congratulations to all the winners!


Thursday NLM Pairs
Wednesday Morning Pairs
11:30 AM
Wednesday Evening Pairs
6:30 PM
Tuesday Morning Pairs
11:30 AM
Thu Nov 21, 2019
Thursday NLM Game
10:30 AM
Fri Nov 22, 2019
Friday Morning Pairs
11:30 AM
Fri Nov 22, 2019
Friday Evening Pairs featuring Mentoring
6:30 PM
Sat Nov 23, 2019
99er Game
10:00 AM