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The Acol Daylong Tournament on BBO. It's an 8-board game with robots that don't use the GIB 2/1 system, but instead play a simple and friendly version of Acol. So, if you've been putting off playing against the robots because you're not comfortable with the 2/1 system, then this is for you.

You can play whenever's convenient, at your own pace and you don’t need a partner as you're playing with and against advanced robots. Everything is alerted and explained. Click the bids to see what they mean before making a move.

With Daylongs you can take your time and have a break if needed, as long as you finish your boards by midnight GMT.

Further details

Relaxed Games on BBO

Every Wednesday at 2pm Hosted by the English Bridge School on BBO (Bridgebase-online).
The entry fee is just $3.50 per game and it is ideal for players still learning, or those who have completed Beginning Bridge Book One.

For each game:

  • Help finding a partner
  • Relaxed pace – help available throughout
  • An ideal introduction to duplicate pairs and online bridge

After play:

  • 12 Pre-dealt hands with commentary, suggesting recommended bidding
  • Follow up - review the hands with an instructor-led Zoom discussion (free)

You can register, find out more and see previous game results and get the Zoom link for free follow up advice at
English Bridge School Relaxed duplicate web page.


Next County Event

Sunday, 21st April

Mixed Pairs and
Nine High Pairs

Woolavington, 1pm, with reduced entry fee

Last updated : 25th Mar 2024 09:06 GMT
Somerset Online Goes Offline

Somerset Online is coming to an end. This is the arrangement of regular weekly games played online on BBO. It began in lockdown with several games per week, but for the past year it has been one game on a Monday lunchtime. Numbers of players have gradually fallen, and we have reached the point (agreed when first set up) at which this is no longer viable. The final game will be at the usual 1pm on Monday 22nd April 2024. Thank you to all those who have played, and we look forward to seeing you at our face-to-face events at Woolavington.

Last updated : 20th Apr 2024 15:01 BST
Championship Teams: new format

The 2024 Green Pointed Championship Teams of Four, our Premier teams event, will be held on Realbridge on Sunday 5th May. This year the event will be a round robin in two sessions. The top two teams will play off at a later date and the winners will represent Somerset in the Pachabo Cup. At least one pair in each team must both be registered as Somerset players. Full details and entry here.

Last updated : 3rd Apr 2024 10:21 BST
AGM and Bridge

The Annual General Meeting of SCBA will be held at Woolavington Village Hall, Higher Rd, Woolavington, Bridgwater TA7 8DY on Sunday 12 May, starting at 1.00pm, and will be followed by a game of bridge. It would help us to plan numbers etc if those intending to attend the AGM would please enter their names on this AGM form.

Last updated : 15th Apr 2024 07:22 BST
Michael Coda Cup 2024: Donation and Thanks

The total sum raised by participating Somerset clubs in this year's Michael Coda Cup is £1598, which has been donated to the charity Young Somerset. They have responded as follows:

Thank you for your donation of £1,600.00 in support of Donate to Young Somerset.

We are hugely grateful that you have chosen to support Young Somerset in this way, enabling us to continue putting young people first.

Young Somerset works to support the personal, social, economic and educational development of young people – using youth work as our core methodology. We take time to build relationships that are open, honest, trusting, respectful and led by the young people we serve. We want young people to thrive in their communities, build resilience and character, develop leadership and agency, and raise both their aspirations and horizons.

Your kind donation will contribute to our work and enable us to strive in our efforts to deliver exceptional work in Somerset’s communities – where we know that Putting Young People First will improve Somerset.

Nik Harwood
Chief Executive

The winning pairs were:
Monday: Derek & Maria Essen
Tuesday: Martin Longhurst & Malcolm Percival
Wednesday: Susie Lovell & Steve Tomlinson
Thursday: Val Rosser & Jean Parsons
Friday: Barbara Biggin & Gillian Toogood

The highest percentage was gained by Barbara and Gillian (Winscombe).

Congratulations to the winners, and many thanks to all Somerset players who participated in the event and contributed to our charitable donation.

Last updated : 16th Mar 2024 15:44 GMT
County League

When playing County League matches using RealBridge please inform all your team members that they are required to use audio and vision for the whole match.

However, please appreciate that a few players using desktop computers may not have cameras.

Problems can arise due to loss of connectivity, vision or sound so your match may not run as smoothly as you would wish.

Last updated : 8th Dec 2023 09:26 GMT
Announcing and Alerting

The latest versions of the Blue Book and the White Book apply from 7th August 2023. These books, and a summary of changes to announcing and alerting, are available from the EBU via this link.

Last updated : 11th Dec 2023 09:10 GMT
Notifcation of Somerset Events by Email

Please complete this form to include your email address in future county email communications. If you are currently receiving emails from the county there is no need to fill out this form.

Last updated : 8th Dec 2023 09:27 GMT
Newsletter is Here







Summer Special












Last updated : 1st Feb 2024 09:24 GMT

 Congratulations to the following Somerset players on their Master Point promotions in March! 

3 Star Regional Master
Raymond Nicholson
3 Star Master
Don Tuff
Advanced Master
Christine Arnold, Patricia Ewing, Frank Thomas
David Clayton
County Master
James Macdonald, Jon Stean
District Master
Jeremy Budd, Philippa Collings, Francis Floyd
Area Master
Derek Sutton
Club Master
Judith Hutton
Local Master
Peter Edwards, John F B Hole, Richard Pryce, Georgina Robinson, Carole Shuff

21st Apr 2024
Mixed Pairs
Woolavington 1:00 pm
21st Apr 2024
9 High Pairs
Woolavington 1pm
22nd Apr 2024
Somerset Online
5th May 2024
Championship Teams
Realbridge 11am
12th May 2024
AGM and Bridge
11th Oct 2024
West of England Congress, 11–13 October
Winter Gardens, Weston-super-Mare
Somerset Online
Scorer: Mike Dobson
Somerset Online
Scorer: Mike Dobson
Somerset Online
Scorer: Frank Coltman
County League 9
Somerset Online
Scorer: Frank Coltman
Inter Club Teams of 8
Director: Andrew Ridgers
Scorer: Andrew Ridgers