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Realbridge Link
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BCL Now Offer F2F Virtual Club Sessions

BridgeClubLive now provide F2F Virtual Sessions for online clubs. Using a dedicated server for each club, BCL offer a choice of start time and the number of boards for each clubs’ session. BCL can cater for small clubs from as little as 3 tables and for larger clubs up to 400 tables. 

For further information visit the Online Bridge page or email:



You can play in EBU competitions on Funbridge. 

In these competitions you will partner one of Funbridge's 'robots', and play against two other robots. You therefore don't need a 'human partner' to take part, and you can play whenever you wish as you don't need human opponents online at the same time. The competitions consist of 20 boards, and you can play them at any time during the competition period, stopping and restarting as often as you wish. Games take place every day and run until midnight (24 hours). Monday and Friday are scored by IMPs. Other days are scored by matchpoints.

Acol is one of the bidding systems available for you to choose (which isn't always the case with some online platforms), and you can set which conventions and carding methods you and your robotic partner play.

The games cost €2 (by charging you in Euros we can charge less than £2), and Master Points can be won. There is also a month-long and year-long competition with cash prizes. 

The games are open to everyone.


Remaining Events for 2021 Moved Online

Many of our members are showing caution with regard to attending live events and so we have decided to move the remaining SCBA events in 2021 online using the Realbridge platform. The events to which this refers are the Swiss Teams (Blue Pointed) on November 28th and the Men's and Ladies' Pairs on December 12th. In another change the Championship Teams of Four will again be played on line using either Realbridge or BBO but captains may choose to play f2f if they so agree.

Last updated : 21st Sep 2021 14:45 BST

In a change to previously published information our Championship Teams event will be played online using the Realbridge platform although matches may be played f2f or on BBO by agreement between the captains.

Entry costs £16 per team and it is still planned to make the first round draw on the first day of the congress, October 8th.

Please click here to enter a team.

Last updated : 21st Sep 2021 14:46 BST

Winscombe bridge club are offering new courses  starting October 2021

Year 1 Beginning bridge 10 - 12.30 pm Wednesday 6th October  

year 2 Continuing bridge 10 - 12.30 pm Monday 4th October

Cost £60 per 10 lesson blocks

Improver lessons 10 - 12pm Tuesday 5th October 

Cost £5 per session - no need to book

CONTACT  Janet O'Brien 01934 253889 or 

Last updated : 10th Sep 2021 10:41 BST

The Mixed Teams event planned for September 25th will be played on Realbridge. Entry costs £8 per team and you may enter here.

Last updated : 27th Aug 2021 16:16 BST
EBU Club Management Focus

Click here for the EBU's Club Management Focus, Summer 2021

Last updated : 3rd Aug 2021 16:18 BST


Last updated : 9th Sep 2021 16:12 BST

July 19th changes to rules and restrictions
Covid-19 and Club Insurance - July 2021 update

Latest news about clubs'  re-opening plans:

Langport                    October 4th New venue. See website for details.
Minehead               October 7th
Castle Cary            September 9th
Wilton                    Started on August 3rd- read about it here
Winscombe            September 2nd  7 tables
Kingston Seymour September 7th
Crewkerne             September 6th
Taunton Deane      Started on July 26th- read about it here    

Ilminster                Started on August 10th - read about it here
Clevedon & Portishead  September 1st
Coxley                    September 27th
Street                      September 2nd (afternoon). Already playing on Wednesday afternoons.
Fivehead                  August 12th - notes are here
Nailsea                      September 2nd

Taunton                      September 10th online changing to Wednesdays
Pawlett                     August 16th
Weston Super Mare  August 20th

Please advise additions and alterations to

Please contact the club for specific information.

Last updated : 10th Sep 2021 11:48 BST

You may remember that we had arranged a Club Teacher Training Course at Nailsea during 2020 - this was obviously cancelled but I am very happy to say that we have arranged with EBed to hold such a course in Yeovil on October 26th and 27th this year. Concessions and free places are available to affiliated clubs and you can read about these and how to register for the course by clicking here.
This course will be open to all but  Somerset clubs have an early opportunity to book a place for anyone interested in starting or supporting some teaching at the club. 
Last updated : 6th Jul 2021 17:12 BST
Convention cards for online games

Convention cards for online games

The EBU has announced that will be their repository for convention cards. Please email your convention cards to to receive an online link that you can provide to your opponents at the table. Please make sure your email contains in the subject which event you would like this card to be used for.

Last updated : 7th Dec 2020 12:41 GMT

What's on offer:

RELAXED 9 HIGH TOURNAMENTS on BBO at 11am and 7.30 pm dailty. To register for the games, log on to Bridge Base Online -> Competitive -> All Tournaments and put “EBU” in the search box. You will be able to select the appropriate game from the list from about two hours before it starts.

RELAXED DUPLICATE SESSIONS within a supported environment.

Last updated : 12th Nov 2020 18:42 GMT


New! In order to provide a regular game for less-experienced players who work or are otherwise busy during the day-time, starting on Monday 14th September we will offer a new “Relaxed 9-high Tournament” daily on BBO at 7.30pm. It will have the same format as our popular 11am game: $1.50 for 12 boards, 8 minutes per board, no robots, aimed at novice-intermediate players with an NGS of 9 or less.

To register for the games, log on to Bridge Base Online -> Competitive -> All Tournaments and put “EBU” in the search box. You will be able to select the appropriate game from the list from about two hours before it starts.

Last updated : 13th Jun 2021 16:29 BST

There is a series of videos here giving the full low down on how to enjoy Bridge Base Online. Thanks to Paul Gipson for these.

Last updated : 19th May 2020 22:03 BST

If you need help using EBU score then our county scorer, Andy Ridgers, is available to help. He may be contacted at

Last updated : 11th Mar 2020 16:39 GMT
Notifcation of Somerset events by Email

Please complete this form to include your email address in future county email communications. If you are currently receiving emails from the county there is no need to fill out this form.

Last updated : 14th Jan 2020 11:52 GMT
West of England Congress with a Mini break

Click here to visit the EBU blog post about our congress .

"This lovely part of England is a terrific excuse for a short break and some quality Bridge."

West of England Congress
West of England Congress

It is now full steam ahead for the West of England Congress in Weston Super Mare from October 8th-10th. We plan to run the full congress as advertised and look forward to seeing as many of you at Weston as possible. We are sure that you too will be keen to see old friends and ensure the continuity of what has been a very popular event.

We have already received quite a few  entries  and we know that many people have been waiting for this confirmation before making their entries. It would be helpful if players would enter as soon as they decide to play - a full refund will be available on request if you change your mind.

In line with governmental guidance there will be no formal requirement to wear face masks but players may do so if they wish and masks will be available on request. Please ensure that you have either had both Covid-19 vaccinations or have had a negative lateral flow test before attending. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of coronavirus, or indeed, any other respiratory infection please do not attend the congress. In such circumstances your entry fee will be returned without question. We will do our utmost to ensure all is covid safe, but ultimately people must use their own judgement regarding their covid risks and decide if they are able to attend.

Congress Risk assessment Updated September 10th

Click here for a Congress Brochure including  parking information.

Latest hotel deals are here.

Click here to enter online

Click here for confirmed entries.

The Chairman's Corner

An Opportunity to Reset

Before Covid or BC there was very little to think about when planning a club’s programme. The typical Somerset club met on the same day, at the same time and at the same venue each week and played match point pairs most if not all of the time.  Many players played at more than one club demonstrating that they expected to play more than once a week.  A second session for most clubs was not a possibility because the hall was in use for kick boxing, Zumba or other village activities. BC very few clubs offered lessons.

Then came Covid and all face to face activity stopped but very quickly players changed to online evidenced by four times weekly county games and 14 virtual clubs in Somerset. Our recent survey indicated that although most players looked forward to a return to f2f, many were hesitant and most intended to continue to play some on line bridge.

I have been tremendously impressed by the manner in which so many clubs adapted to the new world by setting up virtual clubs in the early days on BBO and more recently using Realbridge and particularly by the way in which clubs have combined to boost numbers for online sessions.

It is clear that online bridge is here to stay because of the opportunities that are opened up in terms of extra sessions, improver sessions perhaps with clubs combining for online, online leagues and most importantly teaching.  Clubs also need to cater for those members who prefer to play online and this may best be achieved by clubs collaborating to offer online games. It would be so much better for these online games to be organised by clubs rather than the county because county games would pull players away from club games and also deprive clubs of revenue.

It would be all too easy to go back to the old normal but I suggest that now is the time to reset the programme with imagination to make full use of the opportunities afforded by online bridge.

The Setting Trick Podcast

Andrew talks to John McAllister of the Setting Trick about his life at, as well as away from, the bridge table. The podcast lasts a little over one hour and is available to listen to here on  soundclound.

EBU Realbridge Lounge


The Somerset Realbridge lounge has seen very few participants and so it has been discontinued in favour of the EBU version of the same thing. You still play with three friends at your own table so there's nothing different other than it costs £1 more!
All the details are here.

NEED A PARTNER?- Contact Sheree Pavey who will keep a  list of players looking for a partner or partners to make up a four.

The Realbridge player guide is at 

Somerset Online
Scorer: Tony Russ
Somerset Online
Scorer: Tony Russ
Somerset Online
Scorer: Frank Coltman
County League 1
Somerset Online
Scorer: Tony Russ
Somerset Online
Scorer: Tony Russ
24th Sep 2021
Somerset Online
25th Sep 2021
Mixed Teams
Realbridge 1pm
27th Sep 2021
Somerset Online
29th Sep 2021
Somerset Online
1st Oct 2021
Somerset Online
2nd Oct 2021
Western League
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8th Oct 2021
West of England Congress begins
15th Oct 2021
County League 2
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