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Here is a list of the events taking place later in 2020:


Welcome to Somerford Keynes Bridge Club
Next Virtual Club Session

The next Virtual Club session will be Wednesday 28th July 2021 @ 7pm

All future online sessions will take place on Wednesdays only each week. They remain open to all.

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Online Bridge

We now have a 'Virtual Club' on BridgeBaseOnline, which allows us to run online duplicate sessions. Sessions cost BB$3 per player, and guests are welcome to play (BBO username must be known in advance). 

Please e-mail Chris Hosking for more details.


Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic all Bridge sessions (in person) are cancelled with immediate effect until further notice

No partner?
If you have no partner for any Wednesday evening and would like to play, please call Clive on 01285 860557. 
Online Pairs
Director: Chris Hosking
Scorer: Chris Hosking
Online Pairs
Director: Alastair Lefley
Scorer: Alastair Lefley
Online Pairs
Director: Chris Hosking
Scorer: Chris Hosking