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On or when you click on Member Directory, you may come upon a page that indicates a potential security risk to your computer.  Since no financial information is carried on the web site, you have no financial risk.  That page may contain one of the following messages:

1.  Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahea

2.  Your connection is not private

3.  Your connection isn't private

4.  This connection is not private

For items 1, 2 & 3 click on the "Advanced" button

For item 1, click on "Accept the Risk and Continue"

For item 2, click on "Proceed to"

For item 3, click on "Continue to"

For item 4 click on "Show Details"

Then click on the words "visit this website"

In all cases you will be directed to a page leading to the Member Directory.

Go straight to jail!      Do not pass GO

The Bridge police are watching... Just DON’T do IT!

Cheating:   Cheating online is a serious offense, subject to the same penalties as cheating in live play. It is illegal to communicate with your partner during a hand via any means other than chat to the full table, to communicate with a kibitzer during the game,(I didn't think kibitzing was allowed) to play using an account that is not yours, to gain advanced knowledge of a deal, or to play in one event using multiple accounts(BBO IDs). Any accusation of cheating must be made privately to the director of the event, to the ACBL recorder, or to a reporting mechanism provided by the online platform ‌ If you suspect a pair of inappropriate actions, Click Here     


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Club & Tournament Results & Flyers & Virtual Clubs



Club Results

Blue Water Bridge Clubs

Fred Goodell  Mon

Bridge Central

Vickie Vallone  Tues

Director Please



Dave Fletcher Mon & Fri

Fun Bridge Club

Jane Hall  Wed

Highland DBC

Jim Perna  Fri

MI Bridge Connection

Grant Peterson  Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat

Shore-Pointe Bridge Club

Jane Hall  Tues

St. Clair DBC

Fred Goodell  Fri

Winners Bridge Club

Dave Fletcher  Mon




Tournament Results

Spooktacular 2022

Motor City Regional


Russell Roosen Sectional 2022

MBA/SOMBA Sectional

Wolverine Regional


Russell Roosen Sectional 2021

Motor City Regional

Apple Cider

Valentine Sectional

Michigan State Sectional



Tournament Flyers
SOMBA Apple Cider Sectional Nov 17 - 20
2022 Spooktacular Oct 28 - 29
2022 Motor City Regional Oct 10 - 16
2022 Russell Roosen Sectional Aug 25 - 28
2022 MBA/SOMBA Sectional June 23 - 26
2022 Wolverine Regional  
2022 Michigan State Sectional


2022 Valentine Sectional  
2021 Apple Cider Sectional  



Vir tual   Games   Sched ule
Day Time Game Title MP Limits BBO $
Mon 1:10 Bridge Connection Open $6
Tues 11:00 Bridge Central 0-2500 $6
Tues 1:10 Bridge Connection Open $6
Wed 11:10 Bridge Connection 0-750 $6
Wed 7:00 pm Bridge Connection 0-200 $6
Wed 7:30 pm Bridge Connection Open $6
Thur 11:00 Bridge Connection 0-750 $6
Thur 1:10 Bridge Connection Open $6
Fri 11:00 Troy Friendly Open $6
Fri 1:10 Bridge Connection Open $6
Fri 7:30 pm Second Friday Open $3
Sat 10:30 Bridge Connection 0-200 $6
Sat 1:10 Bridge Connection Open $6
Sat 3:00 Bridge Connection Swiss $5
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