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Get Ready For Coming Sectional

      District 12       Unit 203


It was a vibrant atmosphere filled with eager participants at the Bridge Connection April 16.

The SOMBA and MBA bridge organizations provided an excellent Pro-Am experience.  

Over 170 Bridge enthusiast attended with Near Beginners being helped by Pros with thousands of Master Points.


Amateur Barbara Gehring said, “I was very happy with the session.  My Pro was extremely helpful. 

I am eager to try some of the suggestions with my partners.  They will also help when I am competing with others.”


“It was extremely interesting and well organized,” commented Pro  Dave Fletcher “

I was very impressed with the turn out.”


Bob Ondo directed the play and guided the players though the session.  Everyone played fifteen hands,

giving the Pro time to make meaningful suggestions.


The SOMBA and MBA organizations will be working together at future events. 

Another Pro-Am is under suggestion


Joint MBA/SOMBA Sectional June 15 - 21

Spooktacular Oct. 21 - 22

Apple-Cider Nov.. 16 - 18


At the 1/5/23 SOMBA board meeting, current president Dave Dursum presented Satish Shah with

a commemorative gavel in thanks for his past service as board President.


--------New SOMBA Members--------
March April


Judith Graves
  Fuzheng Hu
  Elaine McClelland
  Vrajmohan Parikh
  Jayanta Shah
  Sherri Werner

New Masterpoint



Junior Master James Collins
Club Master Marianne Gard
Club Master         Ognian Ikonomov   
Club Master Assia Shisheva
Sectional Master Dr. Sheldon Kaftan
Sectional Master Anne Marsh
NABC Master Wendy Buttermore
NABC Master Carol Diebold
Bronze Life Master Dolores Silverstein
Silver Life Master Patricia Miller
Ruby Life Master Lucy Peacock