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On or when you click on Member Directory, you may come upon a page that indicates a potential security risk to your computer.  Since no financial information is carried on the web site, you have no financial risk.  That page may contain one of the following messages:

1.  Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahea

2.  Your connection is not private

3.  Your connection isn't private

4.  This connection is not private


For items 1, 2 & 3 click on the "Advanced" button

For item 1, click on "Accept the Risk and Continue"

For item 2, click on "Proceed to"

For item 3, click on "Continue to"

For item 4 click on "Show Details"

Then click on the words "visit this website"

In all cases you will be directed to a page leading to the Member Directory.

Go straight to jail!      Do not pass GO

The Bridge police are watching... Just DON’T do IT!

Cheating:   Cheating online is a serious offense, subject to the same penalties as cheating in live play. It is illegal to communicate with your partner during a hand via any means other than chat to the full table, to communicate with a kibitzer during the game,(I didn't think kibitzing was allowed) to play using an account that is not yours, to gain advanced knowledge of a deal, or to play in one event using multiple accounts(BBO IDs). Any accusation of cheating must be made privately to the director of the event, to the ACBL recorder, or to a reporting mechanism provided by the online platform ‌ If you suspect a pair of inappropriate actions, Click Here     


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Have lots of fun & points at the Sectional

2023 Valentine Sectional - Feb 9 - 11      Flyer

Wolverine Regional May 15 - 21

MBA -Somba Joint Sectional June 22 - 25

Spooktacular Oct. 21 - 22

Apple-Cider Nov.. 16 - 18


At the 1/5/23 SOMBA board meeting, current president Dave Dursum presented Satish Shah with a commemorative gavel in thanks for his past service as board President.


      District 12       Unit 203


2023 SOMBA Officers 

At the 1/5/23 SOMBA Board meeting, the following people were elected for the coming year.


President - Dave Dursum

Vice President - Kathy Twomey

Secretary - Diane Kosuda

Treasurer - Dave Fletcher

Chairman of the Board - Satish Shah

The above officers also serve as our Executive Committee.

This year's committee chairpersons we're also appointed.

Member               Assignment

Lori Brisco Public Relations 
Dave Cleveland Club Liaison
Deepak Dighe Tourn. Flyers
Dave Dursum Education 
Dave Fletcher Communications
Bill Goodman  Tourn. Coord.
Posh Gulati Zero Tolerance 
Jean Hellekjaer Hospitality
Diane Kosuda Hospitality
Marsha Leiphart Awards
Tony Savant Web Master
Henry Shevitz Ethics
Satish Shah Membership 
Kathy Twomey Vice President 
Kathy Twomey Goodwill


New Face-to-Face Club Game

Be advised that SOMBA is pleased to announce a new face-to-face game.


Day Wednesday/Weekly
Place Birmingham Unitarian Church
Time 11:00 am
Club Name Midweek Bridge Club 
Director  Tony Faint
Open Game 3 Stratifications
First Game Feb. 1, 2023

Need a partner?  Call Tony at (760)415-7313

--------New SOMBA Members--------
January February


Alyce Howarth



New Masterpoint






Ognian Ikonomov Junior Master
Assia Shisheva Junior Master
Paul Kubicek Sectional Master
Louise Hahn Ruby Life Master
Tony Savant Gold Life Master