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    Issue #7.  

As dummy you may not talk to the declarer.

In fact, you may not call declarer's attention to anything except that he is about to lead from the wrong hand or to ask if he is out of the suit being played. ..........
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All SOMBA clubs are closed          All Face-To-Face ACBL Tournaments for 2020 are CANCELLED

   District 12       Unit 203

Welcome:  Dolores Bright and the Knickerbocker Bridge Club join the Virtual world as does BSM Bridge Club and Second Friday Bridge Club.


Jane Hall's Shorepoint Bridge Club is a new Virtual club and she mentions that members of the Monday and Friday Troy games are welcome to play in her club.

Online Bridge Playing & Learning Tools

Some ten years ago, I retired.  On the very first morning of retirement, I got a call from a friend asking if I wanted to play bridge with him.  I knew very little about bridge but I went along with him and a whole new world opened up to me.

 Ever since then, I have become a student of bridge and started playing at bridge clubs on a regular basis.  All of the players became an extended  family.  I even became a Board member of SOMBA and have served the Board now for nearly eight years.

I was informed about an online bridge app, BBO (BridgeBase Online).  I never could get interested in BBO as I loved playing with REAL people at REAL clubs.

 Then we were struck with the Corona virus (COVID19) and all of the bridge clubs closed their games for the health and safety of their members.  Now we had to think of innovative ways to pass our time.

 I got a call from a friend and who reminded me about BBO.  Reluctantly, I agreed to give it a try and to my surprise, I loved it!  You can play bridge with your favorite partner, with a random partner or you can play with robots.  You can play FREE or for a small entry fee.  For a small fee, you can play with a human partner or with robots and get ACBL master points.

Here is a link that has a brief video that shows how to use this app

I particularly liked the learning part which focused on Declarer Play.  It is great for all skill levels.

Go to and login (sign up is FREE)

1. Click Practice

2. Click Bridge Master

3. Choose your skill level  (1) Beginner (2) Intermediate (3) Advanced ...etc


1. Click Solitaire

2. Click Just Play Bridge

Satish Shah                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   4/1


            New SOMBA Members
May June
Janice Adams Carly Burwell
Cindy Bielski Babak Famili
Trudy Foster Zelda Gechter
Margaret Ramona Deborah Lesser
Shelly Smith Kathy Stroh
       Masterpoint Achievements

        May Achivements

Junior Master Lauren Balames
Junior Master Richard Gibbs
Club Master Valerie Leebove
Club Master Michael Lichomski
Club Master Dr. Swarn Rajpal
Club Master Bluma Schechter
Club Master Susan Spangler
Club Master Barbara Stewart
Sectional Master Judy Joyce
Regional Master James Bayson
Regional Master Hazel Fischer
Life Master Arnold Brandt
Life Master Joel Grossman
Silver Life Master Samir Zeine


                 June Achievements

Junior Master Mary Shott
Junior Master John Vrana
Club Master Thomas Bjorkland
Club Master Carla Cleary
Club Master Lauren Fisher
Club Master Rex Lanyl
Club Master Rosalind Rochkind
Club Master Will Rowe
Club Master Jane Schwartz
Sectional Master Steve Petti
Sectional Master Martha Quay
Sectional Master Karen Street
Sectional Master Jay Victor
Regional Master Edward Coe
Regional Master David Cook
Regional Master Diana Cook
Regional Master Leslee Crowley
Regional Master David Mitchell
Regional Master Robert Nowikowski
Regional Master David Satwicz
NABC Master Barbara Drake
NABC Master Jane Lehman
Bronze Life Master Michael Hermoyian
Emerald Life Master Jerrold Grossman