Release 2.19p
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Call the Director


    Issue #7.  

As dummy you may not talk to the declarer.

In fact, you may not call declarer's attention to anything except that he is about to lead from the wrong hand or to ask if he is out of the suit being played. ..........
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♠   ♣      ♠   ♣

On or when you click on Member Directory, you may come upon a page that indicates a potential security risk to your computer.  Since no financial information is carried on the web site, you have no financial risk.  That page may contain one of the following messages:

1.  Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahea

2.  Your connection is not private

3.  Your connection isn't private

4.  This connection is not private

For items 1, 2 & 3 click on the "Advanced" button

For item 1, click on "Accept the Risk and Continue"

For item 2, click on "Proceed to"

For item 3, click on "Continue to"

For item 4 click on "Show Details"

Then click on the words "visit this website"

In all cases you will be directed to a page leading to the Member Directory.

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Click on Tournament Info for Russell Roosen Sectional -- CLUBS REOPENING**CHECK W/CLUB MANAGER/DIRECTOR***

                 District 12       Unit 203

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Bridge Central Reopening
Bridge Central Reopening

Birmingham Unitarian Church

Wednesdays @ 11:00


No Food or Beverage allowed in room

Masks optional, Proof of vaccination

Call Vickie to be added



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The Bridge Connection Is Reopening


Many of you are anxious to get back to playing in person.  It is of paramount importance to us that you do so safely!

For the health and safety of our Directors and players, The Bridge Connection is requiring all guests be temperature checked and present evidence of having received full vaccination to compete in live play.


We are also asking that you orally certify upon entry that you have not experienced any of the following symptoms in the last 72 hours. ..........

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Go straight to jail!      Do not pass GO

The Bridge police are watching... Just DON’T do IT!

Cheating:   Cheating online is a serious offense, subject to the same penalties as cheating in live play. It is illegal to communicate with your partner during a hand via any means other than chat to the full table, to communicate with a kibitzer during the game,(I didn't think kibitzing was allowed) to play using an account that is not yours, to gain advanced knowledge of a deal, or to play in one event using multiple accounts(BBO IDs). Any accusation of cheating must be made privately to the director of the event, to the ACBL recorder, or to a reporting mechanism provided by the online platform ‌ If you suspect a pair of inappropriate actions, Click Here     


♠  New ACBL Alert Procedures  ♣ 

  • "Transfers"  We can no longer just use the word transfer, we must include the suit to which we are transferring.
  • Traditional Support Doubles and Redoubles no longer need to be alerted.
  • Direct Cue Bids (with the exception of Michaels) must now be alerted.
  • Uncontested jump shifts no longer require an alert.
  • Instead of saying "could be short" when bidding 1 Club for example, you must now specify the number of cards in that suit.

          Example:  "Could be as short as one".


Look at page 35 of your January ACBL Bulletin for a complete listing of the changes.

            New SOMBA Members
May June

Dorothy Kromm
       Masterpoint Achievements

              May Achievements

Club Master Cherie Selis
Club Master Mary Shott
NABC Master Ed Maguire
Advanced NABC Master Constance Chapp
Advanced NABC Master Jane Lehman
Advanced NABC Master Mike Roeder
Advanced NABC Master Ronald Zurilla
Bronze Life Master Craig Linderman
Bronze Life Master .Jerrie Sasson


                 June Achievements

Club Master Ann Katz
Sectional Master Thomas Bjorklund
Sectional Master Bill Price
Sectional Master Bluma Schechter
Regional Master Dr. Donald Meier
Regional Master Alicia Treder
NABC Master Peter Hellekjaer
NABC Master David Mitchell
Life Master Gay Garcia
Life Master Xiaoping Wu
Silver Life Master Thomas Bonfils
Silver Life Master John Vollmayer
District 12 Grand National Teams

District 12 Grand National Teams will be held June 13th online.

District and National Conditions of Contest will be posted soon to District 12 Web Site.

This event will involve Zoom and BBO.  A camera or camera-ready-computer will be required to play. 


The National Final in July during the Online NABC will also be online as Providence has been canceled.


Next Fall's District NAP will hopefully be face to face and and more information will be available before qualifying starts in June.


Dennis Carman

District President