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DEC. 17th

    Assistant Techie

MBA-SOMBA Need Assistant Techie

Bill Landrum, who maintains the website for the MBA-SOMBA Directory, is hoping to train someone so that he isn’t the only one who knows how the software works.   If you have technical ability with websites and programming and are interested, contact:
Shelley Boschan, 248-225-1700, or
Satish Shah, 586-932-1817 or 586-944-6708,

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No Troy bridge on Friday 12/27 and Monday 12/30 due to holidays
The Steps of a New Bronze Life Master
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by Warren Block

I Would like to thank all of the hundreds of people I have enjoyed playing bridge with and against over the past 69 years. I started playing when I was 5 years old with my family. I learned how to steal the bid of 3 no trump from my dad who always wanted to play the hand when playing with us. ..........

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Issue #4.  

When has a card been played from dummy?

Law 45. B. ..........

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Detecting Cheating in Bridge
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by Nicolas Hammond

Review by Marty Hirschman      (from MBA's Table Talk)

    When we last met Nicolas Hammond a few years ago, he was embroiled in a dispute with ACBL over whether his software company had performed properly under a contract with the league to update the ACBLScore program used to keep score at our club games and tournaments.
    ACBL was a little vague about what the problem was.   Hammond says his new program, ACBLScore+, worked just fine, but the league was worried that it would not own the copyright on the source code for the program and decided not to use it. ..........

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              New SOMBA Members
October November
David Groth Virginia Digiuseppe
Elfrieda Rose Suzanne Koth
Jian Fang Catherine McQueen
Michael Garcia  
Elise Guidos  
Norma Olsen  
Michael Roth  
Janice Thomas  
       Masterpoint Achievements

              October Achievements

Junior Master Agnes Andrews
Junior Master Tom Christie
Junior Master Pamela Prisbe
Junior Master Roger Prisbe
Club Master Terri Hartle
Club Master Pamela Kane
Club Master Glenda Meads
Club Master Susan Zessin
Regional Master Patricia Buller
Bronze Life Master Song Lin


               November Achievements

Junior Master Elizabeth Elie
Junior Master Lauren Fisher
Junior Master Eric Hanson
Junior Master Patricia Olson
Junior Master Joseph Reimann
Club Master James Verhage
Sectional Master Judge Susan Borman
Sectional Master Carol Kupinski
Regional Master Janet Gumenick
Regional Master Barbara Kaluz
NABC Master Carol Burkett
NABC Master Judith Kamins
NABC Master Manus Nemeth
NABC Master Evelyn Rosen
NABC Master Hugh Rosenthal
Life Master Julie Baba
Lifee Master Warren Block
Bronze Life Master Julie Baba
Bronze Life Master Warren Block


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