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Boathouse Get Together!
Boathouse Get Together!
Meeting for Christmas lunch
Meeting for Christmas lunch
Bridgnorth Gang
Bridgnorth Gang

Smaxi gets out to Bridgnorth every so often!

2021 September Beginners Morning Class
2021 September Beginners Morning Class

This little crowd enjoyed their first class and are looking forward to their next class!

The New Evening Gang - September 2021 Starters
The New Evening Gang - September 2021 Starters

Lots of smiles - maybe the winelaugh

More than just a game
More than just a game

Janet is a much loved member of SmaxiBridge.
We enjoyed lunch at the Armoury to celebrate her special birthday.
We like this present best!

one I started earlier...
one I started earlier...

Condover Bridge Club celebrated its 25th anniversary in May 2014 
That means 32 years ago a club was started by founder members of
beginners classes!   Am just old...


Bridge is more than just a game.....Its a new life  

Welcome to SmaxiBridge
getting started - from the very beginning
getting started - from the very beginning

A very good place to start!

SmaxiBridge uses the national learning programme devised by the national governing body of the game, English Bridge Union 

The first step is learning the intro to the game - MiniBridge. You buy a batch of five lessons, each 2hrs duration.

Its all very social and good fun. The morning class gets coffee/orange juice and croissants. 
You get notes and a printed flipper. You dont need a partner but of course you can bring someone along. You can drag along your spouse (always welcome - they'll love it)

Location will be Shrewsbury.
For everyone's peace of mind it is requested that if you attend this course you are double-jabbed.

Batch One - Five consecutive weeks - MiniBridge - £75.  £25 deposit to book your place 
Week two - pay the balance by bank transfer OR get a full refund of deposit if you find out you hated cards all along!

Optional Batch Two 
Consolidating batch one and adding some new bits

Six consecutive weeks£90 payable on first week by bank transfer

To apply or enquire, email: susan.maxwell@talk21.com (preferred)
or phone Sue on 07710 867982



about SmaxiBridge
about SmaxiBridge

♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ 

SmaxiBridge was started in 2015 especially to promote the game in Shropshire. 
It provides new classes for absolute beginners and a place to play and practice online and face to face.
The whole ethos of SmaxiBridge is about community and fun.
We enjoy meals out and the odd coffee in town.
Subscribers receive a couple of bridge conundrums every week morning before 9am
followed by a video with the answers at around midday.

Every monday evening is party night.
We all get together online and play 12 boards
This is followed by an emailed commentary of the played deals 

Monday morning improvers classes face to face coffee/pastries and catch up

Tuesday is for beginners starting out with us. They are at a point where anyone can join if they have done a bit before and would like a refresh of the basic auction.

Bespoke classes for groups of friends on application subject to availablility.

All enquiries susan.maxwell@talk21.com (preferred)

07710 867982



Online Monday evening duplicate starting. ..12 board managed* session

We expect this to be a social occasion. Just twelve boards with more chat than play.

We will use the Real Bridge platform.  There will be video and audio on the same screen so you can see and chat to all of your friends.

RealBridge does not require any registration or subscription. I just email you a link. You click on it  at  7.20ish  and you arrive in the room as if by magic
Everyone can join this session so long as you are nice  laugh 

You can either play with a partner of your choice or I can sit you with someone. Dont be too choosy it might be me!
No jabs needed, just a glass of wine

* Managed means I am online with you throughout the session. I match up partners and am there to help. Just bring a glass of wine. Its a party!
Hand records emailed after the play.

Practise Play Session
Practise Play Session

Yes, at my house,   Learn and play, chat, catch-up 
10am  coffee - pastries 

every Monday morning. - starting date, February
text or whatapp 07710 867982. I need 24hrs notice that you are coming


Three jab people only please


A bit about Sue Maxwell
A bit about Sue Maxwell

Sue is a professional bridge teacher. She worked at the English Bridge Union (governing body of the game) on and off for twenty five years.
She was responsible for devising Standard English Acol for use on all the national bridge courses.
In 2013 she returned to EBU and refreshed and updated the coursework books

She helped develop the online bridge platform for the EBU in 1997 which merged with Bridge Club Live.
This provided a place for all players to enjoy playing at home, online with their friends
Sue worked as a bridge host for P&O Cruises for ten years.
Over the years she has started new clubs to enable her bridge students to enjoy their game in a friendly environment.

Regarded as one of England's top elite teachers she nevertheless prefers a very relaxed and fun class. 
With a glass of wine in the evenings (helps with the memory! )  and sausage rolls.
The morning classes enjoy freshly brewed coffee with pastries.

She practices what she preaches, playing in national events and county pairs
She currently has an EBU rated NGS of 60%

The classes involve much chat about grand children and she can be found most Saturdays in the Billy Wright stand at Wolves with the grandboys.

For more information about courses email Sue on susan.maxwell@talk21.com
or phone 07710 867982
Each class enjoys the odd social meal out and maybe a coffee in town. Its more than just a game!