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"How do I ..."

How do I ....?

The simple answer at present is "I probably don't know" - you will become the experts (as happened with BBO).
The best way to learn is to experiment and ask each other.


There is a Players Guide on the RealBridge website that is definitely worth reading
Find the "Players Guide" under the tab "How To".

How do I Pay?

Most players make an online transfer directly into the Slams bank account.
It's up to you whether you pay session by session or monthly (in advance or arrears).

Table money is £2.50 per session and includes the charge made by RealBridge to use their system.

Please email me and I will send you the bank details.

What if.. screen freezes?
...I can't see the bridge table?

For these and similar problems the only solution I know of is to log out and back in again.

You may need to log back in with a slightly different name - I would use "Roy Lambert 1"

If you can't get back in very quickly please contact your partner or me so we know what's going on.
(ideally by phone as we probably won't be monitoring emails)