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RB - Logging On

I have to set up and open each session before you can play.
I also have to "destroy" each session shortly after play finishes, though the results remain on RealBridge.

Depending on which stage we are at, clicking in the following box will do different things.
In all cases it will open a new window in your browser (sorry, I have no knowledge of tablets).

RealBridge Log On

30 minutes before each session is due to start this box will take you to the RealBridge Log On screen
All you have to do on that screen is enter your name (first name and surname).
Earlier in the day (or possibly before that) it will take you to that same screen, but not allow you to log on.
At other times it may do nothing, or may take you to the results of the previous session.

Please don't leave it until the last minute to log on.
(Members and invited guests only please)

Registering and Logging On

Logging On

There is no registration process nor do you need to load any software onto your computer.

Log On Details

Enter your full name (Christian name and Surname).

ID Number
You can leave this blank

Session Key (or Access Code)
This is the password to the session and should already be completed
and you won't be able to change it

Remember that you will be seen by all your friends, so whilst wearing your best bib and tucker isn't necessary ...
... wearing your night clothes isn't a good idea.

For those with poor eyesight you could tick the "High contrast UI" box
I don't believe any of us would need to.
"UI" = User Interface

You will need to select your preferred camera or microphone if you have more than one.

The Lobby

The Lobby

This is where you are go after you have logged on.

You will see a number of tables and should go and sit at one.
When your partner arrives they can sit opposite...
... and you can start chatting.

It's your choice where you sit.

I can merge tables if I find that there are lots of half tables when play is about to start.

If I notice that players of a partnership are sitting at different tables I will let you know.
In this instance you leave the table by pressing the "Leave" button and will return to the Lobby.

You do NOT use the "Leave" button at the end of each round.
These moves happen automatically (and is explained in "The Play").