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Introduction to RealBridge


RealBridge is an online platform that allows a club to be set up and play our game of bridge.

Unlike other platforms you can choose to talk to and be seen by the other players at your table - if your computer / iPad has the necessary facilities (microphone and camera).
Even without these you will still be able to see and hear your table mates.

And you have the option not to be seen or heard, but the experience wouldn't be as good.

Here is a link to the RealBridge website.
Look under the "How To" tab and select "Player's Guide".

I would urge you to attend one of the RealBridge taster sessions that they run regularly
(FInd the next one under "News" on their website)

RealBridge is now the platform that we will use
We start promptly at 13:00.  You can logon from 12:30
(See the next item on the menu for detail of how to logon)

Table money will remain at £2.50.
Refer to the FAQs for methods of payment.

Some Issues

Some Issues

RealBridge doesn't run on all types of computer equipment.
It will be a case of checking whether yours does or doesn't.

There is a short list on the RealBridge website (look under FAQ)