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Welcome to Slams Bridge Club


RealBridge is an online platform that allows you to see and hear others at your bridge table, so a bit different to what we're used to.

It is the platform that we will now use.

We will play Wednesday afternoons and Friday evenings (refer to the Calender for the times)
The club will open 30 minutes before play is due to start
(Please be seated at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start).

Click here to be taken to our log on screen

Table money will remain at £2.50 per session and will include the charge made by RealBridge.

Please take the time to read wot ive rit.
Also take a look at the Player's Guide on the RealBridge website (look under "How To").


Slams Bridge Club
Slams Bridge Club

Slams Bridge Club has been running in Bromley since 1994.  It was set up with the aim of helping players new to the game, but over the years many regular players have gained experience and are well beyond novice level.

Players are expected to know the game of bridge but we don't expect, nor do we want, "Grand Masters".  There are many local clubs that cater for these more experienced players.  At the other end of the spectrum we don't have the resources to cater for absolute beginners.  But if you know the game and can play at normal club speed (24 boards in 3 hours) you will be most welcome.

Walking into a bridge club for the first time can be intimidating - everybody else seems to know what they're doing (oh no they don't!).  The atmosphere at Slams Bridge Club is friendly and welcoming, and you will soon start to feel at home.

Our membership is loyal with many players from the early years still attending on a regular basis.

Come and give us a try.  If you don't have a partner our friendly host will be happy to play with you.

Click here for venues and times, or fill in the form to send me (Roy) an email.


Please note that Slams is not affiliated to the EBU.
27th Jan 2021
Wednesday RealBridge
29th Jan 2021
Friday RealBridge
3rd Feb 2021
Wednesday RealBridge
Friday RealBridge
Wednesday RealBridge
Friday RealBridge

St Christopher's Hospice

Following your donations to St Christopher's Hospice Brian & Sheila received a letter of thanks which included "We really appreciate your continued support...the response from SLAMS bridge club has been really amazing".

Click HERE to read the letter.

The hospice should receive almost £2500 once Gift Aid has been added.

Thank you