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Simon Healy           President

Margaret Winters   Hon Secretary

Mary Healy.           Treasurer

Maureen Walsh

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Find a Partner
How to set up Find a Partner


Can Members please try and Set up Find a Partner   “LINK”

Report any problems to Noel 086 074 8895




“Find A. Partner “(Initial Set Up): Revised

Any Club Member can click on” Find a Partner” and see if anyone is available. If you wish to leave a message and have not set up your “log in”, please follow as below.

1. Check with your Club administrator that your E mail address has been added to the “Members List”.

2. Once this is done:

2.1 Go to the top Left Hand Side Menu panel on your Web Site: select “Find A Partner” and Click this.

2.2 Enter your E mail Address and then click “Reset /Find Password.

2.3 Check your E mail and there should be a “LINK” for you to click fairly soon.

2.4 Open the Link and you should be able to set up your own “Password: Click Save.

When you log into your account you need your E mail & Password.

Click MESSAGE  and then NEW Message

You can type in your message in the Area at the bottom or pick a standard drop down message.

Suggest you click “Public” rather than “Private”. This will enable people still to see if someone is available, otherwise only people      who log in can see who is available.

Click Save. Then LOG Off

Do not forget to delete your message after the date you have entered. (Or enter tick “delete after 1 week”). 

Whether you put your Phone number in the Message is up to you. In “private “mode only people who log in can see it.