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Interim Committee

Simon Healy           President

Margaret Winters   Hon Secretary

Mary Healy.           Treasurer

Maureen Walsh

Mary Mulholland

Bina McMorrow

Camilla McLoughlin

Aileen Lane

Helena Browner

Lillian Jones

May Wherity

Noel Fanning

Club Rules
Rules for Competitions

Club Rules on competitions and playing sessions.

  1. All members are eligible to play in every session. However it is noted that Wednesday night and Friday night are primarily for beginners and B players. Coaching is provided on Wednesday nights.
  2. To be eligible to play in any competition players must have played at least four times during the season in the session that is running the competition.
  3. Only B players or novices can play in competitions run for the Wednesday and Friday night sessions.
  4. Presidents Prize:  There will be a president’s prize for each of the nightly sessions. However a member can only win one Presidents prize. Where a member wins more than one then the runner up in subsequent competitions will be awarded the Presidents Prize.
  5. All of the above apply to the bridge playing calendar year.
  6. Players must play all nights of competitions