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Interim Committee

Simon Healy           President

Margaret Winters   Hon Secretary

Mary Healy.           Treasurer

Maureen Walsh

Mary Mulholland

Bina McMorrow

Camilla McLoughlin

Aileen Lane

Helena Browner

Lillian Jones

May Wherity

Noel Fanning

Welcome to S.A.B.C. Bridge Club
Beginners, Novices and B Players - NEW - SABC Friday Morning Tournament on BBO

SABC have a beginner, novice and B Player morning bridge tournament every Friday from 10.00am to 12.00pm, we had a couple more playing last Friday, so keep spreading the word to anyone you think may be interested in playing online. 

We play 15 boards, 3 boards per round and 9 minutes per board. 

For those new to BBO, use this link to guide for getting online with BBO. We can also help you get started. If you want to play but don't have a partner, contact us and hopefully a partner can be arranged. Simon: 086 2432991, Mary 086 3111869, Helena: 086 8757133, Margaret: 086 3558191 & Camilla: 087 6493501. There is also a partnership box that can be used from 8am onwards, add your user name to the partnership box (tab beside where you register for the tournament) and someone can pick you up as a partner for the game. 



Summer Bridge: SABC & Friends on BBO

The next SABC & Friends tournament on BBO is on Monday the 13th of July at 7.30pm. 

Registration for this tournament opens at 5.30pm. Once registered, you don't have to stay logged on but should log back in to play about 20 minutes before the tournament begins. The Tournament Director is Helena. If you have any difficulty accessing bbo or registering for the tournament contact Helena on 086 8757133. We will be playing 24 boards, 3 boards per round, 7 minutes allocated to each board. Watch the clock during each round. If you run out of time, the board you are playing is averaged. To avoid misbids (there's no undo facilitity) you can opt to 'confirm bid' in your settings on bbo. Remember if you have all the remaining tricks, e.g. all trumps left and no trumps remaining with opposition, you can claim them. If you would like to invite a bridge friend to play in sabc and friends tournament, contact Simon, Helena or Camilla with their BBO user name so we can include them in the sabc player list. Enjoy your online game! 


In light of the most recent developments the Committee has decided to close the clubhouse until Further notice. We believe this is in the best interest of our members.


S.A.B.C. Club

Skerries Bridge Club was founded in the 1940's, Holmpatrick Bridge Club founded 1980  and John Lane Bridge founded 1995 have amalgamated to form

S. A. B. C    Venue: 73B Strand Street Skerries

When: Monday am  & pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 

Time: 19.45

Cost: €6.00

Open to Non Members during Summer Months. Visitors are welcome to play with a Member during the year except when special competitions are on. 

Need a partner, I'll do my best to get one for you.


Monday Morning Bridge 10.45am no partner required

Wednesday Bridge for novices at 19.30.  no partner required

"Bridge Classes for Beginners"  

Contact Margaret Winters.

Ph 01 8490056  Mobile 086 3558191

The Committee wish to thank everyone for their contribution to the Building Fund. 


Community Enhancement Programme 2019 grant 886.75euro awarded to S.A.B.C.

Under the Community Enhancement Programme 2019 Fingal County Council approved a grant 0f 886.75euro to our club for the purchase of three adjustable support chairs. The Committee would like to thank the department of Rural and Community Development of Fingal County Council and the Local Community Development Committee for awarding this grant which is greatly appreciated.

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