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For any queries about Bridge lessons, please email Dom Wilson on:

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Welcome to Shropshire Improvers' & Beginners' Bridge Club
On-line Bridge for those in the Shrewsbury area

On-line Update 1  Those of you thirsting for club Bridge in this drought may be interested in Monica and Mike's initiative setting up on-line Bridge for local players.  Click on the News tab (via the menu at top left of our home page screen) and then on the item headed "On-line Bridge in the Shrewsbury area".

On-line Update 2  Your county Bridge organisation is trying to set up an on-line Bridge club specifically to support learners and those with limited club experience.  See Judy Mitchell's memo on our News page (access as for update 1 above).

Missing you all!  Dom

ALL MEETINGS CLOSED temporarily...

Club suspended until further notice.

This page will report any developments but it's unlikely we'll meet for some weeks.

There's always on-line Bridge... an EBU briefing note on how to get into on-line Bridge is attached on our "News Page" (click on News Page and follow the EBU link).

If you're using the 'holiday' to learn more about Bridge (we can all benefit from this), please do e-mail me if you have any questions or want anything clarified.

For any further info. or if you need anything (help, advice, food deliveries, friendly chat, whatever) just e-mail  or call  01694 723 128 

Practice, Tuition and Coaching...
Practice, Tuition and Coaching...

Improvers and Beginners now meet together for weekly sessions of Managed Practice (Monday evenings, Upton Magna Village Hall).

Managed Practice (MP) means a prepared set of hands will be played at a comfortable pace (i.e. slower than in mainstream clubs) that allows everyone to ask questions, consult their crib sheets, discuss options at the table, or get Dom to suggest possible bids or lines of play.  The aim is to improve through practice with plenty of support available and without the competitive pressures that characterize some other clubs.  We also look at any difficult hands that you nominate from the previous session, with Dom's suggestion as to possible auctions and lines of play.  For those who wish, there will be copies of articles on specialist topics from the Bridge literature and DVDs for loan (just ask Dom).

MP sessions are at Upton Magna Village Hall, SY4 4TZ, starting at 7.00 and going on to about 10.00. Cost is £5 per person. No need to book or phone, just come our 'host' system guarantees that you will have a friendly partner, even if you come on your own. 

Oh, and we still have refreshment breaks and time to talk about grandkids and Brexit!

Learning and Improving...

For those who know the basics of Bridge, MP (Managed Practice, see above) works well.  Especially for those who lack playing experience, or who are not yet confident about joining a mainstream Bridge Club, or who want to refresh and dust-off their Bridge skills after years of abstinence.  Ask Dom about other Bridge Clubs in your area - he may be able to arrange a partner there for you, if you wish.

For those starting from scratch, Dom offers fast track intensive weekend sessions that bring you up to the point of being able to join the MP sessions; or you can learn at a more relaxed pace on a weekly basis.  Ask Dom for details ('phone 01694 723128 or e-mail

For those seeking to improve their established Bridge skills, Dom can provide more focused sessions with specially prepared hands (e.g. on pre-emptive bidding, or defending against slams, or bidding two-suited hands, or finessing, or 5-card majors, or 1NT conventions, or discarding, or whatever!) - this will be at your discretion; just let Dom know what you want (with enough time to prepare!).  Dom also offers coaching sessions for small groups, or even for pairs - just get in touch to chat about how you would like such sessions to work best for you.

Charity Bridge events - ALL CANCELLED

► Bridge Drive (including refreshments and excellent Lunch) on (date to be advised), at 10.30 for an 11.00 start, in Upton Magna Village Hall, SY4 4TZ.  £18 per person.  Contact Jennie Coalbran, by [date TBA], please, on 01952 251801 or by e-mail on  In aid of St Lucia's Church and the Lingen Davies Cancer Fund.

Any others…?  Just send me the details (

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Want to play Bridge?  Want to improve your Bridge?  Watch this video... 

17th January 2022
Managed Practice
Upton Magna Village Hall 19.00
Director: DW
24th January 2022
Managed Practice
Upton Magna Village Hall 19.00
Director: DW
31st January 2022
Managed Practice
Upton Magna Village Hall 19.00
Director: DW
Managed Practice
Director: DW
Scorer: DW
Managed Practice
Director: DW
Scorer: DW
The Bletchley Pairs!
Director: DW
Scorer: DW