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Please remember to be at the club by 6.45 pm so that the number of tables/movement for scoring is known in good time in order to start play at 7 p.m.

The name of the Club shall be "Shrewsbury Contract Bridge Club" hereinafter called "The Club".
The objects of "The Club" shall be to provide facilities for Duplicate Bridge for the residents of and visitors to the area.The Club shall not be used for gambling or playing any game of chance or other unlawful game.
1 There shall be a President, to be elected every two years, who shall preside at the A.G.M. until such time as the Chairman is elected.

2 The management of "The Club" shall be vested in a general committee consisting of the chairman, a secretary, a treasurer and up to three other members, all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of "The Club" and shall hold office until the conclusion of the next AGM. The retiring general committee shall recommend at each AGM the number of committee members to be appointed in the forthcoming year, subject to the overall limits above.

3 Candidates for election to the general committee shall be those members of the retiring committee who offer themselves for re-election and such other members of "The Club" who have agreed to accept office if elected and whose nominations, duly proposed and seconded by members of "The Club", shall have been sent to the Secretary not later than 14 days prior to the date fixed for the AGM.

4 If the number of candidates for election exceeds the number of vacancies to be filled, the elections shall be by ballot of paid up members present at the AGM.

5 Should a casual vacancy on the general committee arise for any reason, the general committee may co-opt a member to fill the vacancy.

6 The general committee shall have power to deal with the funds and property of "The Club" and may draw on the funds of "The Club" to meet any expenditure approved by the general committee.

The general committee shall have the power to make such Laws and Rules, in accordance with these constitutions and regulations, as it thinks fit as to the management of "The Club" property and for the organisation of "The Club" activities and competitions in accordance with the objects of "The Club".

7 The general committee shall meet at least three times a year. Three members of the general committee shall form a quorum, the chairman or secretary being in attendance. Emergency meetings of the general committee may be called if the chairman and secretary consider this essential and desirable. The general committee shall have the power to delegate any of its powers and duties to a sub-committee drawn from members of the general committee or members of "The Club", as it thinks fit.

8 The secretary shall keep a minute book in which shall be entered a record of all general meetings and all meetings of the general committee.

9 The general committee shall have power to co-opt any member of "The Club", who is willing to serve, to the general committee or any sub-committee.

10 The general committee may govern its proceedings and establish any guidelines and regulations for the conduct of its duties as it thinks fit, but shall be subject always to any regulations laid down in the Constitution as approved by the members of "The Club" in general meeting.

1 Every application for membership shall be in writing and shall be proposed by at least two members of the Club and advertised on the Club noticeboard for at least four weeks. Approval of the application after such advertisement shall be at the discretion of the Committee. Players whose membership has lapsed must also fill in an application form which will be considered by the Committee

2 Members shall pay an annual subscription which shall be decided each year at the A.G.M.,and prior notice of any change shall be included in the Agenda. The subscription for student members under 21 shall be one half of the ordinary annual subscription. The Club year shall end on March 31st. Subscription shall be due on election to membership of the Club or within one month of the A.G.M.. Any member joining after 31st December shall pay half the subscription for that Club year.

3 The charge for playing Duplicate Bridge at each session for members and for visitors shall be decided each year at the A.G.M., and prior notice of any change shall be included in the Agenda.

4 All visitors and introducing members shall sign the Visitors Book.  Visitors are limited to a maximum of five attendances in a year.   If they wish to continue to play at the club they will be expected to have applied tor membership.

5 Members are expected to conform to the E.B.U.'s "Best Behaviour at Bridge" principles, and the following procedure is in line with guidelines published by the E.B.U.

a)   Any complaint should be put in writing to the Secretary or Chairman of the Club within three months of the alleged offence.   The Club Committee shall appoint a Conduct Committee Chairman who shall enlist one or more Club Member(s) to serve on the Conduct Committee to investigate the complaint.     Should the Conduct Committee decide that there is no case to answer, the matter ends there.   Otherwise they will, in writing, invite the defendant to submit his/her comments on the matter.   They may, once again, decide then that no further action is needed or that a verbal caution is appropriate:  in the latter case, if such a caution is accepted, the matter is closed.     If a verbal caution is not accepted or if the Conduct Committee decides that stronger action is needed, then the case will be referred to a Club Disciplinary Committee of three to five members, appointed by the Club Committee and totally separate from the Conduct Committee.   This Committee will have the power to issue a written reprimand, to suspend the member from some or all of the Club's competitions, or to expel the member from the Club.    Any such decision must be communicated in writing within three weeks of the Disciplinary Committee hearing.

b)   Any appeal from the member concerned will be submitted to the County Disciplinary Committee, who may, at their discretion, refer the matter to the Laws and Ethics Committee of the E.B.U.


The financial year of "The Club" shall be from the 1st of April to 31st March

 The signatories should be The Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer.The signatures of the Treasurer and one other should be on any documents for the bank.

The general committee shall control the finances of "The Club".

  Table Money
1 Members shall pay an annual fee. The level of the annual fee to be determined at the AGM.

2 Members shall pay a table fee per session of such amount as the general committee determines subject to ratification at the AGM.

3 Visitors shall pay an additional fee to the general table fee. The level of the additional fee to be determined at the AGM.

4 In the event of a Simultaneous Pairs or other externally organised event, the table money shall include the Organiser’s fee plus the current fee.
  General Meeting
1 The AGM will be held not later than 30th June in each year.

2 Notice of the date of the A.G.M inviting proposals for the Agenda shall be posted on the Club noticeboard not less than three months prior to the meeting.
3 The Agenda, which shall include an item "Elections to the Committee for the ensuing year" shall be notified on the Club noticeboard not less than two weeks prior to the meeting.
4 Notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be displayed on the Club noticeboard and advised by notice to each member at least two weeks prior to the date thereof.
5 No proposal to amend this Constitution and General Rules shall be considered at such a meeting unless prior notice is given to the secretary in writing at least four weeks previously and is advertised on the Club noticeboard at least two weeks previously. Any other proposal may be included in the Agenda and should be given in writing to the secretary at least four weeks prior to the A.G.M.Other items for discussion only may be raised under Any Other Business.

6 The Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)at any time and shall be bound to do so on recept of a request signed by at least ten members, who shall, in making such a request, state their reasons. At an Extraordinary General Meeting no business other than that specified in the notice convening the meetingor arising therefrom shall be transacted.
  General Rules

1 Competitions shall be held at such times and under such conditions as the general committee or any sub-committee shall determine.

2 Any suggestions or complaints regarding the arrangements of "The Club" shall be submitted in writing and handed to the secretary or any member of the general committee and shall be considered at the next committee meeting.

3 "The Club" accepts no responsibility whatever for the property or belongings of any member or visitor whilst on the premises of "The Club".

4 Any matter not provided for in these regulations and all questions arising regarding their construction or implication shall be decided by the general committee.

5 The Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary and members of the general committee shall not be responsible, either individually or jointly, for any liabilities incurred by "The Club". All members shall be equally responsible for any liabilities incurred during their time of membership.

6 Alterations, additions or amendments to these regulations and constitution cannot be made except by a resolution at a general meeting.

7 These regulations and constitution were last ammended and adopted at the Annual General Meeting held on 19th May 2015.

8  These regulations and constitution were last amended and adopted at the Annual General Meeting held on 15th May 2018.  The amendment is underlined in Clause 5a) under Membership.