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Prompt Start

Please remember to be at the club by 6.45 pm so that the number of tables/movement for scoring is known in good time in order to start play at 7 p.m.

Competition Winners
The AG Allender Cup

The A.G. Allender Cup 2019-20

Club Championship Pairs

2019-20 Winners: Keith Shuttleworth & Brian Nicholls
Runners up: James Vickers & Martin Church

2018-19 Winners: Dominic Wilson & David Small
2017-18 Winners: Keith Shuttleworth & Brian Nicholls

2016-17 Winners: Roger Picton & Mike McCartney
2015-16 Winners: Dominic Wilson & Jeff Jones

Morris Hall Trophy

Morris Hall Trophy 2019-20

2019-20 Winners: Brian Nicholls & Keith Shuttleworth

Runners Up: James Vickers & John Waller

2018-19 Winners: James Vickers & John Waller
2017-18 Winners: Sue Maxwell & Mike Lucas
2016-17 Winners: Ian Storm & Jeff Jones
2015-16 Winners: James Vickers & Monica Scott

The Roger Bowles Trophy

The Roger Bowles Trophy 2018-19

Awarded to: Martin Church
for Best Behaviour at Bridge

2017-18 Winner: Dominic Wilson
2016-17 Winner: Pam Booth-Jones

The Leading Partnership Shield

The Leading Partnership Shield 2018-19

2018-19 Winners: John Waller & Keith Shuttleworth

2018-19 Winners: Brian Nicholls & Keith Shuttleworth
2016-17 Winners:  David Small & John Waller

2015-16 Winners:  David Small & John Waller

The Jack Kickham Cup

The Jack Kirkham Cup 2018-19

Club Mixed Pairs Championship 

2018-19 Winners: Mike McCartney & Sue Maxwell
Runners-Up: Pamela Booth-Jones & Tony Leech

2017-18 Winners: Brian Nicholls & Judy Mitchell
2016-17 Winners: Marion Adams & Dominic Wilson
2015-16 Winners: Monica Scott & James Vickers

The Walter Boughey Cup

The Walter Boughey Trophy 2018-19

Club Championship Teams of Four

2018-19 Winners: Dominic Wilson, Martin Church, Warren Perks,
Bob Pringle & Graham Wenman

Runners-Up: Keith Shuttleworth, Brian Nicholls, John Waller & James Vickers

2017-18 Winners: Keith Shuttleworth, Brian Nicholls, John Waller & James Vickers
2016-17 Winners: Graham Wenman, Martin Church, Lawrence Haynes & Marcus Eassom

2015-16 Win
ners: Sue Davies, Shirley Radford, Pam Booth-Jones & Tony Leech

Shropshire Teams
Shropshire Teams 2018-19
First: Keith Shuttleworth, Monica Scott, David Small,
Ian Storm & Jolanta Coggle
Runners-Up: Tony Leech, Pam Booth-Jones, Brian Nicholls, Michelle Davies
2017-18 Winners: Tony Leech, Pam Booth-Jones, Brian Nicholls, John Waller, Michelle Davies
2016-17 Winners: Jeff Jones, Dom Wilson, Martin Church, Graham Wenman & Warren Perks
2015-16 Winners: Keith Shuttleworth, Monica Scott, Ian Storm & David Small
The Oldies Unlimited Cup - Ladies

The Oldies Unlimited Cup 2017-18

Club Ladies' Championship Pairs

Winners: Monica Scott and Pamela Booth-Jones
Runners-Up:  Margaret Bridge and Ann Dodds

2016-17 Winners: Sue Davies and Shirley Radford
2015-16 Winners: Helen Lees and Sarah Amos

The Oldies Unlimited Cup - Gentlemen

 The Oldies Unlimited Cup 2017-18

Club Men's Championship Pairs

Winners: James Vickers and Martin Church
Runners-Up: Lawrence Haynes & Ian Storm

2016-17 Winners: John Waller & David Small
2015-16 Winners: Graham Wenman & Bob Pringle

The Pat Clee Trophy

The Patricia Clee Silver Salver

Club Individual Championship

No longer played for.