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Monday Prizes

On one Monday (determined by random draw) each month the winners each receive a prize of £5.

The winners in November are,

Bruce Critchley

Gilly Gibbons

Yvonne Knight

Nicky Willis



1          The Club shall be known as the SHERBORNE BRIDGE CLUB.

Objects & Membership

2          The purpose of this Club is for the promotion and enjoyment of Contract Bridge.

3          Membership shall be open to all reasonably competent bridge players.

From time to time the Club may wish to honour one of its members with life membership for long and outstanding service to the Club, which shall mean that no annual subscription is paid by that member for the remainder of his or her life.

Life Members shall otherwise retain all the benefits and obligations of ordinary membership.

Any nominations for life membership shall be made in writing to the Club Secretary, and if approved by the Committee at their next meeting, proposed at the following AGM for consideration by the Club membership.

4          This Club shall be affiliated to the Dorset CBA and to the English Bridge Union.


5         It shall be governed by a Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting consisting of:

Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to 6 other Committee members who will each fill a designated post on Committee. A quorum shall consist of four members. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt members to fill a vacancy or for special purposes.

6         The membership year will start on 1st September. Any member who has not paid his/her subscription by the 1st December shall cease to be a member.


10        The annual subscription and table money for members shall be determined by the committee each year and submitted to the membership for approval at the Annual General meeting. The Committee shall have the power to alter the table money at any time, should financial circumstances make it necessary.

11        Visitors shall be restricted to six visits in any one year before becoming members.

Other Powers

12        The committee shall have the power to take disciplinary action, including expulsion, against any member for unsociable behaviour or unbecoming conduct provided that no such action shall be taken against a member prior to offering the member a hearing and until such a hearing has taken place or the offer has been refused.

13        Member invited to represent the Club in away matches shall be required to pay their own travelling expenses.

14        If the Club ceases to exist, all its assets shall be given to a charity.  The decision as to which charity shall be made by the committee of the day.


15        Any change of this constitution shall be agreed by a majority of members present at a special meeting or at the Annual General Meeting

            Dated September 1997  Amendment to Clause 14 passed by members at AGM 2004.  Amendments to Clauses 3 & 5 - passed by members at AGM 2008.