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Monday Prizes

On one Monday (determined by random draw) each month the winners each receive a prize of £5.

The winners in November are,

Bruce Critchley

Gilly Gibbons

Yvonne Knight

Nicky Willis


Competition Rules

This page contains details on the club competititions and the rules. There is no entry fee for any of these competitions, just table money which will be higher than normal for the charity events.  Prior notification of entry is only required for the Henton Trophy.

Ronnie & Mary Henton Salver

A charity event for pairs held on a Monday afternoon in September or October. The Salver will go to the pair with the highest percentage (both of whom must be club members).

Ronnie & Mary Henton Rose Bowl

A charity event for pairs held on a Tuesday evening in September or October. The Rose Bowl will go to the pair with the highest percentage (both of wom must be club members.

Strathnaver Cup

A Members Individual event held on 9 Tuesdays at the Terrace. The winner is the player with the highest aggregate percentage score over any 6 rounds. For 2018-19 all rounds will use a random selection of partners. In the later stages players may have to play with a partner for a second time due to the shortcomings of the randomisation process and the limited number of entrants. A handicap prize will be awarded based on the National Grading Scheme.

Wilson Cup

A Members Pairs event held on 10 Tuesdays at the Terrace.  The winners are the pair with the highest aggregate percentage score over any 7 rounds.

Henton Trophy

A Members Teams of Four event held on 9 Tuesdays. (depending on demand the event may be held in the Digby Hall).  The winners are the team with the highest aggregate IMP score over any 7 rounds.

Each team captain must nominate at least 3 other team members before playing their first event.

Each competitor must be a Club member, but a nominated team member may play for another team if his team can not play in a particular event.  To count each team must however always include two members of the nominated team.

The Tournament Organiser or Chairman have discretion to allow a change to original nominations to deal with exceptional circumstance (serious ill-health, resignation from Club, etc.). Scores will only count if all four team members are also members of the Club, although joining on the night will be allowed.

Any team winning for 2 years running must split up for the following year.

Corbett Cup

The last round of the Henton Trophy which is also an event in its own right.

A winners 2 way tie will be split by result of match between the 2 teams if they played each other.