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SHELLEY'S Contact Information

Shelley's Cell (604)603-0930

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Grand Opening October 1st, 2023 - Greater Vancouver Bridge Club (GVBC)

Shelley and Margaret are spearheading the initiative of setting up a non-profit, community based Bridge Club at the Croatian Cultural Centre (3250 Commercial Drive in Vancouver).  We welcome Duplicate and Casual Bridge players to our daily games (every day except Monday and Saturday).

Website: Click here GVBC
If you would like to get involved, let Shelley know, or E-mail

Enter as strangers. Leave as friends...

Each 7 lesson Series is $175 Cdn or $140 US

All lessons start in Zoom, then use Shark Bridge which is a platform which facilitates hands-on practice.  Practice playing the hands during the lesson.  You can undo or replay, and learn when Shelley demonstrates at your table.  You may get additional practice and Shelley will share the hands to your personal account.

Online Lessons starting October 5, 2023 

Module 1: Beginners - Play of the Hand - Thursdays 4:30 to 6:00 PT starting October 5th
   - includes Trick development, Promotion, Entry Management, Finessing, Holding up

January, 2024

Module 2: Bidding Basics and Play of the Hand in Suit Contracts
     - includes finding Major Suit Fits, Managing the Trump Suit, No Trump Bidding, Stayman, Jacoby Transfers, The Dangerous Opponent

Module 3: Competitive Bidding and Defense
     - includes Preemptive Bidding, Overcalling, Takeout Doubles, Negative Doubles, Leads, Signalling, 2nd Hand Play, 3rd Hand Play

Shelley loves attending National Tournaments...

Shelley played against Zain Mahmood and Anders Brogeland at the Chicago 2023 National, both sons of World renowned Bridge Players Zia Mahmood and Boye Brogeland!

Shelley loves attending National Tournaments...

I am the Zone 6 representative on the Canadian Bridge Federation (CBF) Board.  The CBF is our National organization which oversees Bridge in Canada.  We hold Canadian Championships for Top players as well as B and C level players, and we organize Canada wide games and special events for the developing player.

We run an online BBO Canada wide Duplicate game on the 3rd Saturday of each month (10:00 PST/1:00 EST for CBF 999er game, 10:15 PST/1:15 EST for CBF Open game). New format includes Zoom session after the game with a Canadian Expert!

Our 2024 Canadian Championships will be held June 10th to 16th in Penticton, in conjunction with the Penticton Regional.  We will run online Round Robin qualifiers in January and February for Open, Mixed, Seniors, Women, B and C Teams.  Check the schedule at  We will also run Pairs Championships during the Penticton Regional.  Open Pairs and IMP Pairs will both be 2 day qualifying events.

Please support Canadian Bridge by joining the CBF for $20 per year.  Check out the CBF Website to see the benefits of being a member.  


Thu 5th October 2023
Bridge Basics & Play of the Hand
4:30 PT