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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
playing suit combinations
Dear all
I have decided to give you some problems to work through on to work out how to play the cards in the following hands. Some of course will have no answer, as it may depend on a finesse.

How do you play the following combinations? To give youself the best chance of achieving the number of tricks stated, assume no entry problems getting between both hands
Some of these are very difficult and even I wont get many correct.  Its good fun to try!! These are what national players work on to improve their declarer play.
1. AQxx   Jxxx    4 tricks

2. KJxx   Qxx    3 tricks

3. A   J10xxxx    4 tricks-ie lose only 2 tricks

4. AJxx   K109x    no losers

5. AJx   K109xx    no losers

6. AKxx   Jxx    3 tricks

7. Qxxx   AK98x    no losers

8. K95   AJ8xx    4 tricks

9. 10xx   AK8xx    1 loser

10. KJx   A9xxx    1 loser

11. xxx   AQ10xxx    1 loser

12. AKJx   xxx    3 tricks

13. 7xx   AK98x    4 tricks

14. Kxx   AJxx    1 loser

15. A10xx   KQ9xx    no losers

1. AQxx  opposite  Jxxx for no losers.  The only layout that will achieve this is that South holds precisely Kx onside so lead small to Q and then cash ACE. Do not lead J from East hand as this will create a certain loser even when KX is with South, as long as they cover

2. KJxx  opposite  Qxx for 3 tricks.    If the suit breaks 3-3 it doesn't matter how you play you will make 3 tricks. If either North or South has Axxx, if they defend correctly, that is not going up with Ace unneccessarily, you will only make 2 tricks. However if the suit breaks 4-2 the extra chance you can give yourself is if South holds Ax. To take advantage of this lead towards KJxx and when one of them holds return to dummy in another suit and  lead small towards West hand again. If North has Ax you are never in practise going to get this right as playing small towards Q first and then small from both hands means you have peaked first as this loses 2 tricks whenever suit is 3-3

3. A  opposite  J10xxxx  for 4 tricks.  Cash the ace return to hand and lead small, that is do not play the J or the 10 first. This play gains whenever North or South has either Qx or Kx precisely as their honour will go on air. Return to hand and then lead the J or 10. If suit breaks 3-3 this play does not cost and if either N or S has HHxx you will lose 3 tricks.

4. AJxx  opposite  K109x for no losers.  This is a catch, there is no correct answer, opposition bidding or twitches may help you get it right or wrong.

5. AJx  opposite  K109xx for no losers.  This is different as if you start with the K and South has Qxxx you will still lose to their Q.The % play therefore is to lay down Ace and then run the Jack.Note starting with 10 and running it straight away would pick up Qxxx with S but is an anti % play. 

6. AKxx  opposite  Jxx for 3 tricks.   Correct % play is to cash ACE and then small towards the Jack

7. Qxxx  opposite  AK98x for 0 losers.  Correct technique here is to always start with the Q as if S has J10xx they will always come to a trick.
It is only if NORTH has J10xx that you can do something about it, that is start with the QUEEN 

8. K95  opposite  AJ8xx  for 1 loser.  Correct play is to cash Ace and then lead small and inset 9 if south follows. If South instead shows out rise with K and lead small towards J. this play guarantees you 4 tricks as long as the suit does not break 5-0

9. 10xx  opposite  AK8xx for 1 loser. Correct is to play Ace and if either hand produces an honour lead small to 10.The tendancy is, if you see an honour appear, to be greedy and cash King trying for 5 tricks in the suit. Cashing ACE and leading towards 10 produces 4 tricks when either N or S has H9xx and also when N holds HHxx.If South has HHxx they will always make 2 tricks.   
10. KJx  opposite  A9xxx for 1 loser. Correct is to cash K, return to East hand in another suit and lead small towards the J, this again guarantees 4 tricks, 1 loser whenever suit breaks no worse than 4-1, as in Number 8

11. xxx  opposite  AQ10xxx for 1 loser. Cash Ace and then lead small from West hand towards Q. This works on any break, even 4-0 with North for 1 loser,except when S has KJx or KJxx and you can do nothing about this anyhow.

12. AKJx  opposite  xxx for 1 loser.  Cash AK and then return to East hand and lead small to wards the Jack. This works on any layout except Q10xx or worse with North, and nothing works then.

13. 7xx  opposite  AK98x for 1 loser. Correct play is cash A and then lead small towards 7, catering for any 3-2 break and singleton Q,J or 10 with South

14. Kxx  opposite  AJxx for 1 loser. This is no 14 in another form and is a very common type. Cash Ace and then K and lead small towards J

15. A10xx  opposite  KQ9xx for no losers. This should become very easy, starting with is very basic with K copes with a 4-0 break either side
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Semington Roll of Honour


The Friday Club Vases
November 2010       Sue Linkins andGeraldine Williams.
November 2011       RosWilkins and Ann Griffin.

Championship Pairs Vases

Feb 2011   Ann Griffin and Pat Buckland.

Feb 2012   Pat Lewis and Helen Holden

Feb 2013 Ken Little and Vernon Worral

Feb 2014 Tony Lucas and Gerry McAinsh

Mixed Pairs

April 2011               Vic Holden and Helen Holden

April 2012              Carole Eggins and Fred Powell

April 2013  William Raimes and Ann Griffin

April 2014 Graeme Dalrymple and Julia

Ladies Pairs

May2011                Jackie Baskerville and Gabrielle Horton.

April 2013              Ann and May Brand

June 2014             Pat Lewis and Helen Holden

Mens Pairs

 June2011                   Ken Little and Roger Carter.

 June 2013                 Tony Lucas and William Raimes

June 2014                  Graham Baskerville and Vic Holden

Individual Masterpoints 

Dec 2010/June 2011 Ros Wilcox Runner up AnnGriffin.

June 2011/Dec 2011 Ros Wilcox Runner up Ken Little.

Dec2012 Ros Wilcox

Dec 2013 Tony lucas

Dec 2014 Tony Lucas

Xmas party bridge 

Dec 2011                 Ros Wilcox and Ann Griffin.

Individual percentages

Dec2010/June 2011 Marian Boorer.                           

July2011/Dec 2011 Vic Holden.

Jan 2012/Dec 2012 Ros Wilcox

2013 Tony Lucas

Pairs championship percentage

Dec2010/June 2011  Ken Little/Ros Wilcox.

Runners up Ken Little/Marian Boorer.

July 2011/Dec 2011 Vic and Helen Holden

Individual Percentage pairs.

July 2012 Vic Holden

July 2013 Vic Holden

Dec 2014 Vic Holden

July 2014 Dave latchem

Dec 2014 Vic Holden


















Last updated : 24th Mar 2016 16:27 GMT
                                                   TOP 10 2012

ition Name Total 11/12 14/12 18/12 28/12 Played
1 Ros Wilcox 1084 10 0 0   79
2 Ken Little 936         81
3 Ann Griffin 920       0 67
4 Tony Lucas 912   0     65
5 Helen Holden 817 0   40   35
6 Vic Holden 755 0   40   31
7= Mary Sylvester 741 0 20 0   77
7= William Raimes 741     20   64
9 John Hoskins 738 30 0 0 0 72
10 Carol Eggins 683 0 30 0   64

                               Top 10

Position Name Average 23/11 27/11 30/11 04/12 11/12 14/12 18/12 28/12 Played
1 Vic Holden 24.17   0   10 0   40   30
2 Helen Holden 23.15   0   10 0   40   34
3 Diane Bishop 21                 6
4 Wendy Kerly 18   20         20   5
5 Alan Dix-Perkin 16.4 40               5
6 Pat Buckland 16.25                 24
7 Denise Smythe 15   20         20   6
8 Tony Lucas 14.03 20         0     65
9 Ann Griffin 13.94               0 66
10 Johanna Dix-Perkin 13.67 40               6


                                  Top 10

Position Name Average 11/12 14/12 18/12 28/12 Played
1 Diane Bishop 61.22         6
2 Vic Holden 60.49 49.50   65.91   31
3 Helen Holden 59.89 49.50   65.91   35
4 Alan Dix-Perkin 56.53         5
5 Pat Lewis 56.38         4
6 Johanna Dix-Perkin 56.29         6
7 Linda Lane 55.77   56.50   59.65 28
8 Ros Wilcox 55.60 55.42 52.50 51.82   79
9 June Goodchap 55.52   56.50   59.65 30
10 Jane Glaysher 55.45   63.75     20
Last updated : 1st May 2013 22:34 BST
Semington mixed pairs winners 2013 provisional
Mixed pairs 2013at Semington was won by William Raimes and Ann Griffin.
Well done to both of them.

Last updated : 1st May 2013 22:33 BST
Well done to Vic and Helen who won the bottle day today beating Jennifer and Dave.


Last updated : 1st May 2013 22:33 BST
Congratulations are called for.
Congratulations to Vic Holden on winning a major event in Wiltshire. The Wiltshire Swiss Pairs. There was a field of 38 pairs and he beat internationals and many good players in the County. Well done to him some people play all their life and are good players but never win any tournaments.No one ever remembers a second.
Other people who played are Fred and Doreen, Dave and Di Bishop.

More people should enter the mixed pairs from Semington on Sunday 27th Jan



Last updated : 1st May 2013 22:33 BST
The Championship pairs winners 2012 were
                              Pat Lewis and Helen Holden

They will hold the trophy (Waterford Crystal Vases) for one year.

              Runners up were Kathy and Ken Beaton

               Third were Ros Wilcox and Ken Little

There were 23 pairs that took part and £47 was raised for an Animal rescue centre at Highbridge in Somerset.

Usually we raise over £1000 for the Michael Coda Trophy in Somerset each year.

Many thanks for the donations and Graham is sending off a cheque to Ken Bawdon, Treasurer of Somerset bridge.

Last updated : 10th Mar 2012 04:18 GMT
Master point competition
Welcome back from Christmas. We have had a healthy 8 tables on Friday a new World record for Fridays, and 7.5 tables on Tuesday this week. This is the first time that Friday had more members and a cheer went up!!! The new competitions for master points has started after Ros won the last one.

To spice life up there will be a master points winner each month, in addition to the master point winner at the end of the 6 months. A small prize will be handed out each month.

Leaders at present are John and Wendy and they will be strong contenders for the prize in January with a healthy lead already.

Last updated : 10th Mar 2012 04:17 GMT
Semington news in County and National events
Well done to the following pairs.
Wiltshire non expert pairs.
Joyce Etheridge runner up.
Gerry and Elspeth third.
Ann Hall and Emma 6th.
Peter Sparkes came 12th.
May Brand and Ann White 13th.

Semington took part in Round 1 in the Nicko, a National inter club knock out and we are safely through to Round 2. The players who played on the day were Wendy Simpson,Chris Clements, Vic Holden and Dave Latchem.
When you see them you should congratulate the team as the players have only played with each other on one occasion. Vic played well and it was a pleasure to play with him. Well done! Phil Howard will play in the next match but Vic will standby for the season and will be used if we win our next match.

Semington played in the teams of 8 on Sunday we are awaiting the result of this event. I do hope other members will represent the club in next years event. We could easily enter 3 or more teams! This would be great for the club that a new club could enter as many teams when some some clubs sruggle to put out one team.

Remember that the Wiltshire pairs event is coming up soon see me for details.

Last updated : 19th Nov 2011 12:58 GMT
Teams of 8
Well done to the team of 8 that played at the weekend. They won 2 matches of the 11 and beat two teams, notably the cracking good Trowbridge team.
Well done to you all. Next year we will try to enter more teams.
Thanks to Emma for organising the team and looking after everyone.
Last updated : 19th Nov 2011 12:57 GMT
They were presented with the Friday vases by Geraldine last years winner  plus they were given some Orchids as well.
Runners up were Ken Beattie and John Hoskins.
Third were Joyce Etheridge and William Raines.
Fourth were June Goodchap and Linda Lane.

Last updated : 19th Nov 2011 12:57 GMT
Semington Teaching Day 25/11/12
18 people turned up for the one day teaching of Stayman related topics, not normally taught with beginners or improvers. Everyone enjoyed themselves and watch out for new bids at the table.

The next teaching day will take place on Wednesday January 25th please put this in your diary.

Last updated : 26th Jan 2012 07:05 GMT
Pothcawl congress
Played in the Portcawl congress at the weekend where all bridge players in Wales play plus a few English teams.
Sheila and myself qualified for the C team final and came 10th in that final.
On Sunday we qualified outside the A and B final and we lost the final because I failed to find a reply after partner had showed a balanced hand 15/18 when I had a very poor 7 points and I failed to bid game (most unlike me), but I would do the same again a poor 7 opposite 18 will sometimes not make game. We came third in this event.

Last updated : 19th Nov 2011 12:55 GMT
EBU CONGRESS Pairs event October 2011
I attended the EBU congress at the weekend playing with Phil Howard. We qualified for the Semi-Final on Friday afternoon and qualified for the final on Friday night.
We then played 27 pairs in the final and came 23rd. It is an honour to qualify for this event especially as we have only played a few games together and their were international players that didn't qualify for the final.
I declared and defended well but sometimes I forgot the system.
ie opening 3D which in our system shows a weak hand in hearts or 21-24 points 4/1/4/4/ hand and guess what I had 6 diamonds and 3hearts another fine mess when my partner bid 4H but luckily they bid 4S which goes off apart from the fact that I led the queen of clubs!!
There were other howlers by me as well, but Phil has said I will get things wrong until I have played the system long enough!
It is like riding a bike very unsteady at the beginning and no bid is like anything I teach!

Very interesting could be exciting in a few weeks time.

Last updated : 8th Nov 2011 05:27 GMT
Chris and I were below average on Friday night, just homing in the system!

We played 12 matches in the Swiss Teams and despite losing matches19/1,18/2 and 13/7 after 11 rounds we were in 4th place and in the prize money.

Unfortunately we were drawn against Andrew Thompson, he is the 5th highest master-points player in the EBU and we lost heavily 20/0 and finished 2places out of the prize money in 10th. Must try harder, does not help when I bid a 50% slam that goes off. Unfortunately they bid 6NT when most people were in 6H, this is what makes good players win tournaments as they can see everyone will be in 6H but 6NT makes the same tricks.

There are some weaker players at this tournament, as well as good players and the standard is lower than the West of England congress at Weston in October.

Some of you ought to try it out, especially if you are over 60 as there is a senior congress during the week in the afternoon with various competitions in the night.

Only another 230 boards to go!

Monday 20th September
Mixed Pivot teams where you play with everyone in your team.
Came just below average. Seen lots of the Island the bridge during the week would suit anyone at Semington.

Tuesday Men's Pairs
Finished 8th out of 18, my slam bidding needs attention. Would have finished a lot higher if I had not bid 2 not making slams.

This was the mixed pairs event and Chris and I were on the hunt for 2ladies as neither of us brought a dress. We were lucky in finding 2ladies that played a similar system. Chris managed to come second with his good lady and win £60, I was back in the pack but we had an enjoyable evening.

Thursday evening
This was multiple teams where you play against 8 teams at random. We finished just below average and higher than the 4 grand masters in Andrew Thompson's team. Our pair came back with 1100 against 430 when we played them a fine win against a team of experts. We finished in the middle.

Friday night
This is the start of 13 rounds of the Swiss teams. This is the big event that we all like to win,with good prize money.

My team are not good enough to win but we will have some fun and we had a good start with a 20/0 win, lost 12/8 in the second and were in 4thplace so you know what happens then! We played a team of Norwegian internationals who had won this event the last 2 years. They use this as a warm up for the World Championship. I really enjoy playing teams like this and I am very envious of teams like this that seem to know everything in your hand, it can be really annoying as they don't often  make mistakes in the play. 

 You guessed correctly, we lost 800 on a board. Doubled in a game contract, which I may have guessed correctly that the trumps would break 5/1 with a singleton Ace on my right, I knew he was going to be short in trumps and partner had avoid, so close to making a game contract doubled. 3 off in another game contract, I removed my partner from 3NT into 5C and my partner though the was good enough for 6 two off, when if I had passed 3NT we would have made. Partners came back with minus 1100 and you guessed goodnight Irene, we lost 20/0 hammered again!

Next time must try harder! Never give in even when you know they maybe better than you just savour the moment when you do win, it does happen occasionally.Another 6 rounds today feeling tired and missing my good lady.

We have won 5 matches out of 9 so far.
Chris my partner is not well, he is not playing well at present and I have sacrificed a couple of times against non making games. The bidding on one hand went 1S 4H pass so I played in a 2/1 fit., 5 off, partner forgot the system.
We have enjoyed ourselves, the target I had set my team was to win 7 of the matches, still on target for that.
For those of you who know Rob Lawy, he is leading the tournament with David Jones and Eddie Lucioni.
4 more rounds to go!
We won 5 matches 1 draw and lost 7 and finished below average, very enjoyable but very tired, what a wonderful place Guernsey is, must come back with my good lady and enjoy the coast.

Last updated : 9th Oct 2011 05:29 BST
Second Anniversary pairs
Congratulations to Emma and Anne Hall on winning the Second Anniversary pairs competition on Tuesday 13th June. Second were Vic and Helen Holden. Geraldine and Helen were third.
Last updated : 9th Oct 2011 05:28 BST
Recent promotions at the EBU
The following people have been promoted  in ranks recently.

Mrs May brand area master

Paul Hatvany club master

Su Linkins club master

Geraldine Williams club master

Janet Thomas club master

Ann White club master

Tina Chowels club master

Roger Carter club master

Ros Wilcox club master

Jocye Etheridge Advanced master

Bill Nadel area master

Last updated : 9th Oct 2011 05:27 BST
Results/Comments from September 2011
Dear all

Welcome to the results comments on bridge in September, a new feature that will always be on this left hand side.

A reminder that Chicago bridge will take place on this Wednesday 3rd October starting at 10.00am. If few turn up we will play rubber bridge or have a teaching lesson instead. I really don't know how many people turn up.

Friday 2nd September
Congratulations to Geraldine and Helen on winning on Friday 2nd September they had a huge percentage of 76% highest since July 1st. Second were Ros and Anne, third were Will and Ken.

Tuesday 6th September

Winners North/South Graham Baskerville and Alan Caddick.
Winners East/West Gabrielle Horton and Edwina Hutchinson.
Second North/South were Chenube Roy and Elaine Weaver.
Second East/West were Dave Latchem and Brian Thomas.

Friday 9th September
Winners were Rodney and Elaine Weaver.
Second were Gerry and Elspeth McAinsh
Third were Tina Chowles and David Quine.
Fourth were Barbara Field and Graham Baskerville.

Tuesday 13th September Second Anniversary pairs
Congratulations to Emma Jackson and Anne Hall on winning this event.
Second were the Holdens.
Third were Geraldine Williams and Sue Linkins.
Fourth were Linda Lane and  June Goodchap, Ros Wilcox and Ann Griffin
Sixth were Elspeth McAinsh and Janet Thomas.

Friday 16th September
Congratulations to Tony and Mary Carter on winning and to Sheila and Dave on coming second.

Tuesday 20th September
Congratulations to the Caddick's and the Holden's on winning.
Second were Anne White and Fred, Roger Carter and Cynthia Thomas
Third were Sue and Geraldine, William Raines and Mary.

Friday 23rd September
Congratulations to Ken ad Tony,June Goodchap and Sue lane on winning.
Second were Helen Humphries and Sue Linkins, Tina and David Quine.

Tuesday 27th September
There were 10 tables on Tuesday what a great turn out now the holidays are coming to an end.
Winners were Di and partner, Mary and Chenube.
Second were Joyce and Penny, Vic and Helen.
Third were Brian and Emma, Graham and Jackie.
Fourth were Rosie and Helen, Roz and Wendy.

Friday 30th September
Winners were Carole and Sheila
Second were Ros and Tony

Last updated : 9th Oct 2011 05:27 BST
West of England congress results
This weekend I played in the West of England congress which is held at the Winter Gardens at Weston Super Mare. This is my old counties congress, Somerset.

I always support this congress and help to set up on Friday morning. Some people are going to play from Semington for the first time this year. Well done to them! I hope others will play on Friday next year as this is a more friendly event.

Friday afternoon was the mens pairs, ladies pairs and mixed pairs and their were about 30 plus pairs playing in each competition. Wendy Simpson and myself won the mixed pairs last year and we are defending the trophy again this year. This year we played very poorly and no one gave us much but we did have some good boards at the beginning and I thought here we go again. We finished 18th out of 32.
 Bill Nadel and Trevor came 18th in the mens pairs which beat Eddie Lucioni winner of the Guernsey Swiss teams, a fine performance from both of them and I hoped this has wetted their apetite for the future.

Disappointing performances in the Championship pairs and Swiss Pairs. The Swiss pairs was interesting as you play against people with the same score as you and you play at low number tables if you have a bad score so in round 5 we played against Cathy and Andy Smith from Avon who had also had a bad day last year they won 7 big competitions in Avon out of 8 and they won a National event not the type of people you expect to meet on table 72, yes we lost again! Just shows that you need some of that lady luck.
Against them my partner bid 1D and he bid 1S which stopped me bidding 4S with a 7 card suit and 13 points another bottom as they found 3H and I just could not bid. Everyone in the room is in 4S apart from me!!!!!!! My partner informed me it was a bottom.

Sunday was Swiss teams a poor start with a slight recovery and another couple of losses. Played against Bill Nadel, Frances Dewar and Frances Innes. I am afraid I had to call the director for Bill leading from the wrong hand, it really put him off and I am sorry for that but in National competitions any indiscretion at the table the director has to be called, decisions cant be made by the players involved as that is against the law. I could have told him what the law was quietly but I am not able to do so in this event.

We finished above average and Bill was slightly below.


Friday night is the Championship pairs with about 60 pairs playing.

Saturday is the Swiss pairs where 170 pairs will battle it out we came fourth last year.

Sunday is the Swiss teams where 85 pairs battle it out. I have won this event once and came second once but have done poorly in recent years.

I will let you know how we all do at this event.

Last updated : 9th Oct 2011 05:26 BST
Celebration 2 years Anniversary
Congratulations to Adam on winning his first Masterpoints at Semington on Tuesday 29th August.

Dear all

I intend having a pairs competition on Tuesday 13th September to celebrate two years of bridge at Semington. I hope as many of you can turn up to toast in the success of bridge at Semington. There will be wine prizes on the day and hopefully a big celebration cake like last year, plus wine or fruit juice for a toast.

I am also concentrating on the play of the hands in my lessons at Semington. This is very difficult to teach but I hope to show you lots of different techniques that you may have not considered before.

Like ruffing finesse, repeated finesse,cross ruffing,throwing a loser on a loser to win more tricks, taking a finesse into the safe hand, when to finesse and when to go for the drop.
Counting your tricks, planning as declarer, using the rule of 11 in no trumps, playing a contract with Qx opposite Axx to make two tricks 50% of the time, QJXX opposite Axx to provide 3 tricks on most occassions,
QJXX opposite AX to provide 3 tricks on 50% of the time.
Last updated : 9th Oct 2011 05:26 BST
Chicago Bridge
Dear all
Yesterday 7th October we had our first Chicago bridge event. I was very pleased with the numbers for the first day. Although there was 11 people this was the break even figure.
As I thought it was great fun and everyone enjoyed themselves in this very relaxed day. We had the usual cakes,fruit,tea and coffee. We played 20 hands of bridge and enjoyed a glass of wine to celebrate the day.
Tony and Peter won on the day and celebrated with a bottle of wine and Ken won the raffle prize of a bottle of wine as well.
Please talk to anyone who played yesterday and have a go next Wednesday I am certain they will recommend it to you. If you have never played before don't worry it is really easy to play.
The founder members were Jim,Tony,Peter,Bill,Paul,Tina,Alan,Sylvia,Dorothy, Ken and Dave.

Last updated : 16th Sep 2011 05:21 BST
News on the beginners and improvers at Brighton
Dear all
Thought you would like to know about Brighton.

Well Sheila and myself probably made more errors than most people but we still finished above half way with 7 wins 2 draws and 5 defeats.
This was a good result as even we beat Brian Senior in a match as well.

Tomorrow I am doing the directors course and I hope to meet up with Jackie, Graham, the Caddicks,Emma and Adam,Janet and Celia.

Results Just in
 Adam Jackson and partner won his first tournament and obtained 40 master points. Well done to him he will certainly a name to watch out for in future years.

Emma Jackson and Mike Cripp won an event in the next step pairs.

Emma Jackson,Mike Cripp, Pat Lewis,Jo Seddon won the next step swiss teams.

Adam Jackson came 9th out of 24 in a Swiss Pairs event on Wednesday.

Rosemary and Alan Caddick came 6th on Tuesday.

Graham and Jackie came first in an the next step pairs on Wednesday.

Pat Lewis and Jo Seddon were fourth on Thursday.

News from Brighton 2011 fromWiltshire members

Swiss pairs Friday 12thto 14th July 2011

Paul Keightly and Taf Anthias were 46= out of 356

Dave Latchem and Sheila Coda 112= out of 356

Chris Clements and Sue Gregory 136= out of 356

Chris Clements and Sue Gregory won the open pairs on Monday.

It was also nice to see our own director from Wiltshire Christine  McFarling directing at the congress shecertainly brightens  up the playing room,well done to her.

Brighton teams of 4 knock out Monday 15th August

Gayle and Colin Webbs team were drawn against the verygood side of Michael Byrne. Dave Latchems team containing Taf Anthias lost to the same team in last year’s quarter final.

Gayle and Colin had a wonderful start where thefirst 3 boards netted 30 plus imps. They really did push these international players all the way and narrowly lost by 4 to the defending champions of last year’s competition at Brighton.  Michael Byrne always plays with international players including Simon Cope. This was a truly wonderful result and they should be congratulated when you see Gayle and Colin.

Monday 15thAugust afternoon open pairs

Great news myWiltshire league player Chris Clementsand Sue Gregory from Devon won the open pairs on Monday afternoon. Well done to them always nice to come first.

Tuesday 16thAugust Championship pairs

Dave Latchem and Peggy Moss came 8th out of 64 in the Championship pairs.

Dave Latchem and Peggy Moss gain points in 3 events out of 4during the week.

Colin Webb and Partner won the Seniors consolation pairs at Brighton.

The Brighton Swiss teams.

Now for the big competition.

Friday evening

Dave Latchems team,( Dave,Peggy Moss,Phil Howard and Wendy Simpson) got off to a reasonable start by losing only 14-6 to the Orams possible winners in a very large field.

In the second round we played against a Mr Wemble who had a convention named after him which I play in Somerset with my partners we won 14-6.

We then won our next match 13-7.

So we lie above average with 33/60.

We drew Andrew Robson in the evening and won 12-8 mainly due to a slam that we bid and he didn't. Phil played very few hands on the day and errors were made by all of us so we finished below average on the evening.

On Sunday we lost every match which was disappointing so we finished well down the field. We did win 5 out of 14 matches but lost heavily in some matches,

Di Bishop's team also played in the teams won a few matches and finished just below us.

My claim to fame in this congress was making a contract against a very fancied team of internationals. I will let you bid the hand and play it on Tuesday at 9.15am. I have never played against so many internationals and top County players.

Pat Davies team had a very really good start and narrowly failed to qualify for the top 16 on Saturday eveing but finished 5th in The Swiss teams after the top 16 teams had been taking away to play a round robin event.

Phil Greens team which included Roger Karne,Richard Samter and Andrew Parkes(Bath) finished 33rd out of 145 teams. Which was a really good finish after a disappointing start on Friday night. This is no mean achievement against the sort of opposition playing here.

Gayle and Colin Webbs team finished 63=

Susie Gall,Trevor Purches,James Dunlop and Chris Jones came 87th

Chris Clements team finished 111th he played at Semington a few weeks ago.

Roger Andrews team which contained Jenny Gray finished 114th.

Dave's team finished 129th which consisted of Penny Moss, Phil Howard and Wendy Simpson.

Diane Bishops team finished 138th 

You should put this congress into your diary for next year.

Last updated : 16th Sep 2011 04:58 BST
Just a short note on slow play. Slow play can be avoided.

Sometimes people get a little behind in the play at Semington, this maybe due to a variety of issues.

They may have had the director called and sometimes some decisions take 2/3 mins to explain. (Unavoidable director must be called)

They may have had some difficult hands to bid and play. (A solution, if you know you have played a difficult hand keep conversations short and catch up on the next hand)

Sometimes they may have discussed the hands they have played in too much detail.( Talk about it after you have played all 3 hands).

It is up to the director to sort out slow play with considerate words and he may take boards off in the next round so that the table can catch up.

Remember it is not neccesarily the fought of the people that you are playing next, it could be a combination of events that have led up to the table being slow. Just let the director deal with the situation he is in charge.
Last updated : 16th Sep 2011 04:56 BST
Recent results in August 2011
2nd August 7 tables

7 Doreen Williams & Roger Carter 152.0 252 60.32 30    
2 8 Emma Jackson & Mary Carter 147.0 252 58.33 20    
3 6 Rosie & Alan Caddick 131.0 252 51.98 10 1  
1 6 Ken Little & Janet Thomas 125.0 216 57.87 30    
2 7 Ann White & Fred Powell 120.0 216 55.56 20    
3 2 Ann Griffin & Pat Buckland 116.0 216 53.70 10  

5th August 3 tables

1 6 Pauline Charlesworth & Ken Little 45.0 70.31 12    
2 2 Sue linkins & Helen Humphreys 36.0 56.25 6    

9th August 7 tables

1 1 Dave Latchem & Diane Bishop 160.0 63.49 30 1  
2 7 Peter Sparks & Mary Sylvester 140.0 55.56 20    
3 3 Ann Griffin & Pat Buckland 136.0 53.97 10
1 1 William Raines & Ken Little 164.0 65.08 30    
2 7 Brenda & Brian Batchelor 136.0 53.97 20    
3 4 Ann White & Janet Thomas 128.0 50.79 10

12th August 3 tables

1 6 Tina Chowles & Ros Wilcox 48.0 60.00 12 1  
2 3 Chenube Roy & Sheila Nixon 47.0 58.75 6

16th August 6 tables

1 12 Elaine & Rodney Weaver 96.0 136 70.59 18    
2 6 Pat Buckland & Ann Griffin 88.0 144 61.11 12    
3 2 Diane Bishop & Chenube Roy 78.0 136 57.35 6    

19th August 3tables

1 2 Pauline Charlesworth & William Raines 44.0 68 64.71 12    
2 4 Paul Hatvaney & Bill Nadel 39.0 72 54.17 6

23rd August 7 tables

1 7 William Raines & Mary Sylvester 182.0 72.22 30    
2 3 Edwina Hutchinson & Anne Hall 136.0 53.97 20    
3 4 Rodney & Elaine Weaver 134.0 53.17 10  

1 3 Elspeth McAinsh & Janet Thomas 158.0 62.70 30    
2 6 Roger Carter & Ken Little 136.0 53.97 20    
3 5 Brian Thomas & Anne Burton 130.0 51.59 10  

26th August 4 tables

1 7 William Raines & Graham Baskerville 45.0 62.50 12    
2 3 Anne Hall & Ros Wilcox 44.0 61.11 6  

29th August 7.5 tables

1 8 William Raines & Anne Burton 128.0 216 59.26 30    
2 4 Gerry Mcainsh & Brian Thomas 126.0 216 58.33 20    
3 1 Dave Latchem & Adam Jackson 124.0 216 57.41 10    

1 4 Elspeth McAinsh & Janet Thomas 171.0 252 67.86 30    
2 5 Sue linkins & Geraldine Williams 139.0 252 55.16 20    
3 7 Tony Lucas & Peter Sparks 129.0 252 51.19 10

Last updated : 4th Sep 2011 06:58 BST
Men's Pairs
Congratulations go out to Ken Little and Roger Carter for an excellent win in this event on Tuesday 7th June.
Runners up were Gerry and Brian.
Last updated : 27th Aug 2011 10:37 BST
Mens and Ladies pairs
The winners of the ladies pairs were Jackie Baskerville and Gabrielle Horton.

The winners of the mens pairs were ken Little and Roger Carter.

Last updated : 27th Aug 2011 10:38 BST
Percentage individual
Dear all
Di has arrived back from Australia and won with Will on Friday, I did warn you about her, a potential % pairs winner.

Welcome to Jo a new player who is our 100th player registered so far at Semington Village Bridge Club. Who will be the 1000th player???
Well done to Ken and Roger on winning the mens pairs on Tuesday 07/06/11.

All the mens pairs finished in the top 4.

One day we are going to have a match men versus women, could be interesting goog idea or bad idea. Give me your thoughts on the subject.

Di Bishop back playing on 10/06/11. Welcome back to Di.

Ros now takes over the lead from Ann 07/06/11

Ann Griffin takes over the masterpoints lead from Ros. 03/07/11

Di Bishop will be back again from Ausralia.

Will I have enough time to overtake them both?

Will Ros get those 10 points? All is hotting up to an interesting finish.

Will Mary be able to play enough times between now and the end of June to give her daughter a run for her Money?

 If you didn't know Mary is Anns mother. Mary has the most points on average and will surely be in high contention next time.

Both Ann and Ros have played 34 times. Remember Ann was the masterpoints winner in the first year as well.

Some interesting percentages now.

Mary moves up to third after her 67.86 yesterday. Probably no chance of beating Marian by the end of June unless she hits 68% on at least 4 ocassions. Helen is still improving  and up to nos 6.

 New entry in the top 10 is Will Raines, he is certainly a fine player. Anne Hall is climbing.

After people have played 10 times it is very difficult to improve by a lot unless your form drastically improves.

Remember another percentage pairs will start in July and finish in December so get those systems learnt for the start of July.
Make a note of your percentage at the end of June and see if you can maintain or better that average next time.
Remember it is all a bit of fun amd makes the bridge more interesting without getting to carried away.

I am putting on hold the teaching day for a couple of days until I know what is happening with the hall I will let everyone know by email about arrangements for bridge from June 21st onwards, as the hall is having some renovations done.
Last updated : 27th Aug 2011 10:37 BST
Some thoughts on results and other news in July
Dear all
I am now home hope to get the results onto the website before Tuesday will email you when I have completed this task. My thanks go to the following people plus anyone who has helped with the running of the club, the main helpers were,Graham,Jackie,Emma,Di, Ken,Carole and Ann.

I hope you enjoyed the teaching that some of them did, it is really great that we have volunteers that are able to teach in thisway. Very few clubs would be able to say that things continue as normal when the commander is away.

I am away for 2 weeks hope to get the results to you before I return. Thinking of you while I am drinking my Singapore sling! Cheers Dave.

I am now home for one week then in Brighton for 10 days of Bridge at Brighton. I hope those people who are going to Brighton might all meet up in the evenings for something to eat, I would really look forward to that and share some of the experiences of Brighton.

I would also appreciate if anyone is staying in the metropole that they could sign me in for swimming in the morning at the pool.

I may come and watch a session in the improvers section and write down a few points to improve your bidding and play nothing would be said at the table. If you would like me to do this let me know.


Friday 22nd June
Today we had 5.5 tables and Chenube won today well done. Congratulations to second placed Sylvia and Alan and third were Ros and Ann.

Wednesday 20th July

Today we had 16 people turn up for a day of bridge teaching at West Ashton.

Dave reviewed fourth suit forcing, crowhurst and overcalls at the one level,2 level,jump bidding and triple jump bidding.

Graham covered losing trick count and we played about 4 hrs of bridge on these themes.

Students were taught in the last session to interfere agressively especially when holding spades or hearts.

My thanks go out to everyone who came to make this a successful day we have all gone home a few pounds heavier with the excellent food that was on offer.

Many thanks to Di and Graham for all their efforts on the day.

Tuesday 19th July
Penny and Joyce won again today they are in fine form and they lead the masterpoints and the pairs competition at present.

Second were Ken and Mary, Chenube and Anne were third. Janet and Chris were fourth.
The results at the club had an error where board 13 was not scored properly so when it was scored properly. Penny and Joyce were winners easily.

Chris is my other teammate in the Semington Nicko team for next season.

Wendy Simpson is yet to play and hopefully she will be able to make Friday and then they are all qualified to play for Semington.

Bottles of red Siraz and white Chablis were given to the winners of the masterpoints winner Ros, mens pairs Ken and Roger and ladies pairs winner Jackie unfortunately Gabrielle wasnt here to receive her prize just hope my wife Fiona does not get thirsty tonight when I am out!

Friday 15th July

Tony and Peter won today with 65% well done. Second were Dorothy and Anne Burton, third were Diane and Phil Howard.

It is really pleasing to me that new blood are winning recently and Dorothy will love coming second, well done to all of them especially when you have a formidable pair like Di and Phil who are part of my team that won the Wiltshire laegue one year ago.
It was really good to have such a player like Phil playing at Semington on Friday as he has represented Wiltshire for a number of years with a variety of partners. We (Phil,Wendy,Di and myself are entering a team in the Nicko representing Semington)

Tony and Peter are now leading the masterpoints competition.

Tuesday 12th July

A new leader board in 3 areas has just started just click on competitions and then the 3 areas individual %, masterpoints and the pairs. Eventually you will have had to have played in at least 5 games to qualify for a prize.

This competition will end on Dec 31st, I can't change the title to show this, so you will have to remember this.

There will be a short prize giving on this Tuesday in a number of areas for competitions ending in June.

They are Mens and Ladies pairs, masterpoints, pairs % unfortunately we can not award a % prize for Marion but we can remember her on this special day.

See who is leading these competitions after 2 days, but remember it is only a bit of fun.

Last updated : 8th Aug 2011 07:31 BST
Second Teaching Day Wed 20th July West Ashton
Teaching day or half day Wednesday 20th July where members and friends can come for the whole day or half a day, morning or afternoon.

Cost is £15 for day, £8 for morning, £8 for afternoon. You dont need a partner one will be found.

 The day will start at 9.30am at WEST ASHTON VILLAGE HALL.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE COMING so I can prepare for the numbers.
9.30am Tea/Coffee and biscuits

9.45am Teaching session Re-check on fourth suit forcing
10.15am Bridge play

11.15am Tea/coffee/cakes/fruit and biscuits

11.30pm Teaching session Crowhurst 15-18 points 1C 1H 1NT

12.00pm Bridge play

1.00pm Lunch bring a plate to share,plus knife,fork,spoon and plate, jacket potato provided and salad provided.

1.45pm Bridge teaching 

2.15pm Bridge play Losing trick count and some finer points.

3.15pm Tea/Coffee

3.30pm Teaching session overcalling at the one and 2 levels, jump bidding and ways of showing two 5 card suits as an overcaller.

4.00pm Bridge play on overcalling.

5.00pm or thereabouts Finish

People who only want half a day would be welcome to join us for lunch at 1.00pm just bring a plate to share, plus crockery and knives,forks and spoons.

Tickets will be bought in advance so I can make certain that I have enough boards for the day.

Other days will be planned if this is successful open to all members and friends of Semington. Please advertise to others. I need your support in this new venture.

Cheques can be sent to
Dave Latchem
1,Priddy Close,Frome,Somerset,BA112XZ or given to me at Semington.

Last updated : 8th Aug 2011 07:31 BST
The winners of the Spring Mixed pairs cup were Vic Holden and Helen Holden. Well done to them they will get to hold some Waterford Crystal for one year plus a special Semington Club Pen. They had a high percentage and won easily. Second in the mixed pairs were Mary and Ken, third was Gabrielle and Roger.

A special note should be made that Adam aged 12 and his mum finished a credible 5th East/West well done to both. It is nice to have someone so young who is enjoying his bridge I hope he will encourage others to learn and play our beautiful game.

The interesting fact is that the difference between the top and bottom East/West pair was only one top. I have never seen this before in an event where the entire field were compacted together like this. One top is absolutely nothing. I will probably never see this again!
Last updated : 6th May 2011 06:26 BST
Friday 15th April
Today we had 5.5 tables directed by Graham and organised by the Baskervilles many thanks to them for stepping in for the day.
The winners were June Goodchap and Linda Lane, Fred Hart and Chenube Roy, second were Ann Griffin and Mary Sylvester,Geraldine Williams and Sue Linkins.
Last updated : 19th Apr 2011 07:07 BST
Friday 8th April
Today we had 5.5 tables and the winners were Sue Linkins and Geraldine Williams, second were Ann Griffin and Ros Wilcox,June Goodchap and Linda Lane.
Last updated : 19th Apr 2011 07:14 BST
Friday 1st April
Today we had 3.5 tables and people who were sitting out nominated what they would like to be taught. I really do enjoy these sessions where I am not playing and can teach what the people want to be taught or clear up any misconceptions.
First were Mary Slvester and Ken Little and second were Ann Griffin and Ros Wilcox.
Last updated : 19th Apr 2011 07:08 BST
Tuesday 29th March
Today we had 9.5 tables and the winners were Gerry and Brian,Pat Bucland and Ann Griffin,
second were Graham and Jackie Baskerville,Roger McCrtney and Gabrielle Horton and third were Liz Field and partner, Joy Oura and Anne Bourton.

Last updated : 19th Apr 2011 06:43 BST
Friday 24th March
Today we had 4 tables and the winners were David Quine and Tina Chowles, second were Bill Nadel and Trevor Jenkins, third were Sheila Rhys and partner.
Last updated : 19th Apr 2011 06:38 BST
On Tuesday Pat Buckland and Ann Griffin were presented with Waterford crystall vases for winning the Michael Coda cup which is the Semington Championship pairs trophy. They will hold the trophy for one year.
Also Ann White and May Brand were presented with a box of Chocolates for the member/guest event in March.
Last updated : 19th Apr 2011 07:20 BST
Tuesday March 21st
Today we had 8 tables the winners were Ann Bourton and partner, Pat and Helen, Second were Penny and Joyce,Jackie and Graham, third were Rosie and Alan, Ros and Ken.
Last updated : 23rd Mar 2011 08:36 GMT
Friday 18th March
Today we had 4 tables and again first was Kay playing with Pam it is the first time Pam has been first well done to her! Second were Helen and Geraldine, Third were Su Linkins and Dorothy.
Last updated : 19th Apr 2011 07:13 BST
Tuesday 15th March
Today we had 8 tables winners were Mary Sylvester, Kay, Ros and Roger. Second were Rosie,Alan,Ken and Marion, third were Emma and Anne Hall,Gabrielle and Roger McCartney.
Last updated : 23rd Mar 2011 08:28 GMT
Friday 11th march
Today we had 5 tables and the winners were Sue Linkins and Helen Humphries,Second were Rodney and Elaine Weaver, third were Sheila Rhys and Ann Griffin.
Last updated : 23rd Mar 2011 08:24 GMT
Tuesday 8th March
Today we had 10 tables.
Congratulations to Emma and Gerry,Gabrielle and Roger M. on winning. Peter and partner,Ann Griffin and Pat Buckland were second, Graham and Jackie, Fred and Ann White,Mark and Dorothy were third. Well done to Mark!

Last updated : 14th Mar 2011 12:44 GMT
Friday 4th March
Today we had 6 tables. Congratulations to Tina and David who had 74% highest in the club so far since the start 1.5 years ago!
Ann Griffin and Ros were second with Anne Burton and partner were third.
Last updated : 14th Mar 2011 12:44 GMT
Tuesday 1st March
There were 10 tables today. Congratulations to Rosie and Alan on their win today. The field was scored as one whole field with one overall winner also congratulations to Ros and Roger on coming second and Yyvone and Fred on coming third.
Last updated : 14th Mar 2011 12:34 GMT
Friday 25th February
Fri 25th Feb
Congratulations to Chenube and Fred,Ros and Ann Griffin on their win today.There were 6 tables and its Chenube and Freds first win.
Last updated : 14th Mar 2011 12:34 GMT
22nd February
Congratulations to Fred and Ann White, Pat and Helen on winning todday apologies for missing it off the news page.

Last updated : 14th Mar 2011 12:41 GMT
Friday 18th February
Today we had 4 tables and the winners were Sheila Nixon and Muriel with Tina and David Quine coming second. Tables vary between 4 and 6 tables on a Friday which is more than I expectedwhen I opened the club. Numbers on a Tuesday average out about 9 tables in recent weeks.
Last updated : 20th Feb 2011 05:48 GMT
Michael Coda Cup 2011 February 15th
results for the Michael Coda Cup Pairs Championship
The winners with a huge score of 72% were Pat Buckland and Ann Griffin well done to them! Ann as you know was the master points winner in the first year and the two of them have struck up a formidable partnership.

Also Pat and Helen were winners north/south. Well done!

Tina/Kay/Gabrielle/Roger were second,Sheila/Mary/Penny/Joyce were third.
Last updated : 20th Feb 2011 05:49 GMT
Friday 11th February
Today we had 4.5 tables and Chenube Roy and Fred Hart had their first win.

As it was a half table I again had the opportunity to do some teaching and covered stong 2C and 2D and weak opening bids of 2D,2H and 2S. I also covered overcall bids and 1NT as an overcall.

Remember club pairs on Tuesday.
Last updated : 20th Feb 2011 05:48 GMT
Tuesday 8th Feb
We had 8 tables today and the winners were Ken and Marion yet again, Rodney and Elaine.
With Mary and Ann, Bill and Edwina in second, Ros and Roger, Graham and Jackie were third.

Ken and Marion certainly have hit a purple patch and lead the individul,pairs and masterpoints this year. They will be hard to catch if they continue this form.

Today we had a selection of cakes,biscuits and fresh fruit. The idea of hot cross buns went down well and as you know I like to do something different.

Remember next week on Tuesday is our Championship pairs for the Semington Michael Coda Cup, a review of the hands will be available on the net on Friday please come along and support this charity event for Cancer care. There will be the normal draw at half time so please bring along something for a raffle or loose change for this great cause.
I will ask Graham to look after the money and send it off to Somerset Bridge for this charity. I will also make my own contibution as well from the club.
Last updated : 20th Feb 2011 05:48 GMT
Latest news
Tuesday 1st February 9 tables today. Thanks go to Mary for the wonderful cakes that she made, they were enjoyed by all but not me or the others on a diet. Chocolate cake!!!!!! The bananas were nice.

Congratulations to Mary Slyvester on winning. It was a real delight and I hope I am alert enough as Mary at the age of 91. Well done a superb victory!
Well done to Ken and Marion on winning east west. Also well done to the points winners Sandra,Frank,Emma,Anne,Ros,Roger,Gabrielle and Roger.
Why dont you click on competitions and look for individuals, Rosie leading. Partnerships Ken/Marion leading. Master points won Ken in first place.

Feb 28th
There were 6 tables this Friday 28th Jan which was good to see, winners were Ann,Muriel and Sheila. With Graham, Bill Ruth and Helen in second place. It was lovely to see so many, plus we had 3 new people to the club and they were welcomed by everyone with a clap which just shows how special our club is. Well done to everyone who turned up today.
Results were done at the club inspite of me having to play and the results were out within 2 mins of the last table finishing.

Great news just in Congratulations to Graham on becoming the first player from Semington Bridge club to pass the Directors course with the English Bridge Union at the weekend. This was after 4/5 days away at weekends plus a gruelling day of testing. Well done to him he now officially is the qualified director at Semington and he has kindly accepted being the named director for the club.

We had 3 tables on Friday 21st and 9 tables on Tuesday 25th Jan.

 It was good on Tuesday 25th as I scored the event within 2 mins of getting the last result. It is really good when you play in an event and get immediate feedback as soon as you finish, thanks to all the people who help set up the club at the beginning of the day and clear up the hall after the event.

Congratulations go to to Rosie she is on a run of 3 consecutive wins and Alan is on two.
Thanks to Graham for directing and his input on director rulings at the teaching session in the morning, it was a very good idea and it gives me a couple of minutes to get the tea sorted as well.

The people last Friday benefitted from some individual tuition and I spent 15 mins individually with people helping them with their bidding systems. I covered Benjy 2 strong and weak bids, how to bid after 2NT, transfers, stayman,roman keycard, roman and Paul wanted some tips on declarer play and what to look for when the hand goes down, when to take out trumps and when not to.

I really enjoyed the session and my thanks go to Mary as she was left to play with lots of people. Thankyou.

Please give Friday a go sometime it is quite nice with a smaller bunch especially with a half table and then I maybe repeat the exercise from last Friday. The same can happen on a Tuesday if there is a half table and if I am not playing so decide what you would like to revise. See you on Friday I hope.
Your servant Dave
Last updated : 20th Feb 2011 05:47 GMT
Friday 4th February
We had 5 tables at Semington and the winners were Kay and Tina, second were Sheila and Carole. Some had a private lesson when they were sitting out. We covered Gerber, Roman Blackwood, Stayman, Asptro, 2 suited overcalls, transfers, stayman.
Make certain you decide what you would like to be taught when a situation where I am not needed to play in the event.
Last updated : 20th Feb 2011 05:47 GMT