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Welcome to Sedona Bridge Center
Sedona Club Members Reach New Masterpoint Milestones
Sedona Club Members Reach New Masterpoint Milestones

Congratulations go out to the following players: 

   Darryl Helton=3,003 

   Jill Ashworth=1,044 

   Gail Mann=301

   Carol Wirkus=210

   Ron Martinez=103 

Keep climbing the MP Mountain.  We are so proud of you!  


Sedona Bridge Center is holding BBO games for our players while we are closed due to the Corona Virus

The Sedona Bridge Center is Closed

Until Further Notice!

But, our club is holding games on-line thanks to Anne Neeter, Bill Phillips, and Jackie Haugen

♠   ♣ 


NEW UPDATES TO OUR BBO SCHEUDLE!  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday are all open pairs.  Effective April 14, Thursday will also be an open pairs game.  The first and third Thursday of each month is a ProAm self-select game.  One partner must be under 500 MPs and the other may be above 500 MPs.  Two players under 500 MPs may play together.  All players choose their own partners.


Anne Neeter, Bill Phillips and Jackie Haugen will be holding week-day games (at $4 per person) on Bridge Base on-line (

Anne has sent the following instructions on how to log-in. 

"Again, If you are not a regular, a courtesy email that you will play and who your partner will be is appreciated.  If you and your partner are regulars, then a notice that you will not be able to play is appreciated.  Thanks.  Please log in 15 minutes early.

To find all virtual club games navigate to “Virtual Clubs” and click on “All Clubs”  (at the bottom) and find the Sedona game (Club101402)or type your club name or  “VACB” in the search window.

The Game Schedule is as follows:

Mondays at 10:30 AM - Open pairs (Jackie Haugen)

Tuesdays at 10:30 AM - Open Pairs (Anne Neeter)

Wednesdays at 10:30 AM - Open Pairs (Jackie)

Thursdays at 10:30 AM - Open pairs (Bill Phillips) First and Third Thursday of each month will be a self-select Pro Am game.

Fridays at 10:30 AM - Open Pairs (Anne Neeter)

Saturday and Sunday games available during special ACBL week events.  These will be advertised through emails to BBO players.




Marsha taking time to smell the roses.

Marsha has been an amazing president.  The Club honored her years of service with a BBO game attended by 28 pairs.  Each round included Helton Facts about Marsha's life before as well as during her years as the Sedona Bridge Club President.  Those in attendance earned a free game once the club opens for face-to-face play.  A list of attendees has been generated.  Just let the Director know you are owed a free day of play whenever you wish to cash in your day.  In addition, there will be an additional day of tribute for Marsha's entire support team once the club operates without restrictions.  Isn't it great to have something special to look forward to.  A great big thanks goes to the masterminds who put this idea forward: Jay Kavanaugh, Gail Edwards-Decker, and Sonya Webber as well as to everyone who played.  It was a day full of memories!


Marsha taking time to smell the roses.