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Pass the time with a Quiz

I am sure many of us are finding life a bit boring being restricted in our movements.  I've made up some quizzes that you can do during this leisure time.  You will need a pen and paper to write down your answers and then you can check it to the answers (don't look at the answers first devil).  I hope they pass the time for a while. There are 25 questions in each quiz and really designed for the improving Bridge player. Let me know if you enjoyed them. If you didn't understand some of the answers get in touch and I will explain ( - David smiley

Just Click on the link below and it will open in the Website window. 

You are then offered the option of opening the document in full page mode that may be better to view.

 Bridge Quiz 1                                     Bridge Quiz 1 - Answers

 Bridge Quiz 2                  Bridge Quiz 2 - Answers

 Bridge Quiz 3                  Bridge Quiz 3 - Answers

 Bridge Quiz 4                  Bridge Quiz 4 - Answers    

 Bridge Quiz 5                  Bridge Quiz 5 - Answers        

Bridge Quiz 6                  Bridge Quiz 6 - Answers