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Welcome to Scarborough and District Contract Bridge Club

Scarborough Bridge Club is a friendly bridge club with over 100 active members ranging in experience from beginners through to experienced masters of the game. We run weekly sessions designed to meet the full range of our members needs from those looking for a relaxed sociable game to those wanting to play in a serious competitive environment.

We have our own premises dedicated to the needs of the membership where we play face-to-face duplicate bridge four times a week. We also run online SBC bespoke tournaments on Bridge Base Online (BBO) for those who prefer the convenience of online play. We play every weekday, with sessions held throughout the day - mornings, afternoons, and evenings to suit all.

The Club has a Hosting System in place for the Monday, Tuesday and Friday session at the Club, so any member arriving without an arranged partner is guaranteed to find one. The Host Rota is available to view in the Members Area.

We offer a range of support services for new members including bridge lessons to improve players skills, and special "tutored” sessions for inexperienced players and improvers, where participants can ask for advice during play. They can then move on to our Next Steps events where they can play more competitive bridge unaided.

The Club has an extensive library of bridge books available to members and the more experienced players are always on hand to provide advice and guidance for anyone needing help.

We welcome new members whatever their experience and non-members are welcome to join in the face-to-face sessions held at the Club premises.


Feel free to have a tour of our website and then contact us to find out more about us, or come along to the club and introduce yourself.

Children in Need - Charity Simms Pairs


Children in Need - Charity Sim Pairs

Thank you to all who participated in the Charity Simms Pairs on Tuesday 7th and Thursday 9th November. We raised £235 for Children In Need - including £85.00 personal donations by Members playing Face to Face on Tuesday Afternoon

The Hazel Shipley Trophy

Twenty four members travelled to Scunthorpe Bridge Club on Sunday 22 October for the return match for the Hazel Shipley Trophy. This trophy was inaugurated by David Trinder / our club in 2019 which Scunthorpe won and covid prevented a speedy return match.

Scunthorpe named the trophy in honour of a member who died during lockdown who was David's late sister.

We were royally entertained by Scunthorpe at their lovely club premises with a superb buffet at half time.

Going into the last round all three Scarborough teams were leading but the B & C teams lost heavily and Scunthorpe won the match 2 to 1.

A big thank you to David Lewis and his team for sorting all the boards and directing the entire proceedings.Unfortunately at the last minute David Trinder couldn't make the trip but a big thank you to him for all his work in organising things from this end.

Hopefully it will be a case of third time lucky for us in the next match but it's the friendship and hospitality that really matters.

Finally a big thank you to all 24 members who gave up their Sunday to play for the club.

Ian Cocker 


New Friday Morning "Next Steps" Session


Starting on Friday 22 September we will  be offering a new session to our Members and Guests from 10am.  We are calling it the "Next Steps"  Tournament.

This new weekly session is specifically targeted at at our beginners and improvers as a logical move forward from Wednesday Mornings, but all are very welcome. Our aim is to provide a friendly and relaxed environment  in which players can improve their standard of play and gain confidence in their abilities. There will be no bidding or card play assistance given and EBU Master Points will be available.

You don’t need a partner to play, one will be found for you. We hope to see you there to join in the fun!

Recent Competition Winners

Congratulations to the Following - (Full results and placings are available on the Competitions Honours Board pages)

13th Monday Afternoon Pairs (4th September)
Open Handicap
1st Colin Fallows and Steve Roswald 1st Colin Fallows and Steve Roswald
2nd Claire Whittle and Elaine Hodson 2nd John Priestley and Mike Hurley (Prize)
3rd Mo Metcalf and Sue Cheeseley 3rd Jennifer Ratcliffe and June Makin
13th Thursday Evening Pairs (31st August) 
Open Handicap
1st David Trinder and Ian Draper 1st Jen Smith and Marjorie Mackenzie
2nd Bernard Swalwell and Phyllis Watson 2nd Claire Whittle and Jean Whitlam
3rd Claire Whittle and Jean Whitlam 3rd Janet Slack and Mary Lywood
  Monday Summer Simple Systems (4th September)     
  Open   Handicap
1st Colin Fallows and David Lewis 1st Colin Fallows and David Lewis
2nd Ian Draper and Jim Proctor 2nd David Trinder and Paula Conner (Prize)
3rd David Trinder and Paula Conner 3rd Dorothea Richardson and Michelle Mercer
  Summer Castle Trophy (5th September)     
  Open   Handicap
1st Cameron Semple and Dave Taylor 1st Gillian Clegg and Mike Hurley
2nd Bob Jackman and John Dobinson 2nd Ella Garside and Irene Smith
3rd Mary Jackman and Sue Brooke 3rd Cameron Semple and Dave Taylor

Friday Summer Open Pairs (1st September)

  Open   Handicap
1st Peter Franks and Steve Codling 1st Bernard Swalwell and Phyllis Watson
2nd Bernard Swalwell and Phyllis Watson 2nd Ian Draper and Richard Thompson
3rd David Lewis and Paula Conner 3rd Peter Franks and Steve Codling


Scarborough Bridge Club Individual

Well done to the winner Jennifer Ratcliffe with a score of 65.97%

Second was Bernard Swalwell with 61.11%

Third was Clare Whittle with 56.25%


Thanks to our outgoing Club Chairman
Thanks to our outgoing Club Chairman

The Clubs outgoing Chairman David Lewis was presented with a gift from the committee and members of Scarborough and District Contract Bridge Club in recognition of his tremendous service to the Club through very challenging times.

The gift was a framed print of a depiction of the Scarborough South Bay by J. M. W. Turner*, presented in a light teak frame by the Vice Chair Jane Mathews.

*J.M.W. Turner, in full Joseph Mallord William Turner, (born April 23, 1775, London, England—died December 19, 1851, London), English Romantic landscape painter whose expressionistic studies of light, colour, and atmosphere were unmatched in their range and sublimity.


Members Area

Club Website Updates and the Club Partnership Desk

Members can login to the club website from the Members Area tab. 

As part of the recent website updates the Club has introduced a password-protected Members Area so that we can offer a Partnership Desk
where members can request and find a partner for any bridge session.

Club members will also be able to access other statistics there, such as their Personal Analysis, EBU Ranking and their NGS.

Club members that have already given permission to share their contact details with the club will be able to register for the Members Area from the club website using their EBU number or email address.

If you received this communication by email, then you should already be in a position to register and update your communication preferences.

If, when you joined the Club, you did not give permission to share your contact details, but now wish to take advantage of the Partnership Desk and other Members Area website  facilities, then please obtain  and sign the relevant consent form from the Club. The Club does not make Membership Details available to non-related third Parties. For full details of the Club's Privacy Policy see the Information Area of the Website.

Some Detailed Instructions on the workings of your members account and the Partnership Desk are also available.

Host Rota

The Host Rota is now available in the Members Area

28th November 2023
Castle Trophy Pairs
West Street 14:15
Director: Bob Jackman / John Dobinson
Scorer: Bob Jackman
29th November 2023
Wednesday Morning - West Street
West Street 10:00
Director: Amy Ker/Sue Wagstaffe
Scorer: Sue Wagstaffe
30th November 2023
Online Thursday Evening Pairs
BBO 18:30
Director: Colin Fallows
Scorer: Colin Fallows
Online Monday Afternoon Pairs
Director: David Lewis
Friday Morning Next Step
Director: Amy Ker / Sue Wagstaffe
Friday Open Pairs
Director: David Lewis