Spade Heart SBU South Diamond Club

On the 12th March Mona Thomson took 12 child from St. Andrews Primary School to Glasgow to play in the 2019 SBU Mini Bridge National Competition.

There were 17 teams competing at Glasgow — many of whom were from the Edinburgh and Glasgow Private Schools. On the day, the first three places were announced. We are still waiting for the final results, but I am delighted to say that our P7 team was third equal.Nationally, 79 teams of primary children played in Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness.

It was a great day, but very tiring for the children.They played 12 hands from 11a.m to 3p.m. with 1/2 hr for lunch.As the day progressed, you could see the children starting to wilt and make very basic mistakes —- NOT THAT ANY Of US WOULD DO THIS!!!
Next year I am going to suggest a short  break before lunch for a quick snack.

I plan to start again at St Andrews in September and would be very grateful of any help from South District Members. Even just at the start for a week or two. I must record my thanks to John MacMillan, David Heal, Elaine Whitehead and Margaret Thomson and Bill Thomson for their outstanding help and support throughout the school year.
2018 P6 team who came in 4th
I would also like to thank Loreburn Bridge Club for their financial help towards travel costs, donation of old playing cards and the use of the computer/ card dealing system to prepare boards for the children. It is very much appreciated.