Santa Barbara Bridge Center
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Welcome to Santa Barbara Bridge Center
Club Reopens

Welcome Back to the Santa Barbara Bridge Center

The club is now open to fully vaccinated players for in-person games.

Monday 9:30 0-750
Monday 1:15 Open (24 boards)
Tuesday 1:00 299er
Wednesday 1:00 Open (24 boards)
Thursday 1:00 499er
Saturday 1:00 Open (24 boards)

** Since space is limited, please assure seats for you and your partner by making a reservation using the box below Calendar/Results. **

Click here to learn more about the online reservation system, and watch demo videos.

For those unable to make a reservation, please call or text Joan Murdoch 805-680-0283.

If your partner has not played in an online club game recently, the system might not find him/her when you look for your partner during reservation. If you have played recently, ask your partner to reserve and select you as the partner. If neither of you have played recently, contact David Liu,

** If you have not already shown your vaccination card, be sure to bring it to your first in-person game. **

For more information about club reopening, click here.

Need a partner? Contact Barb Balents,

For game results and the points you have earned, go to ACBL-Live


Mentor/Mentee Program

Classes and the Mentor Program

We are evaluating options for resuming classes and the mentor program. Before we reopen face-to-face events, below is a partial list of programs available now.
The BAND club offers many bridge lessons.
If you are comfortable with self-paced learning and practice, the learning page on the ACBL website has many links.
Audrey Grant's website features lessons, books and other resources.
In our neighborhood, Rose Buckley of the Ventura Unit offers live bridge lessons every Saturday morning.
About Us

Founded in 1976, the Santa Barbara Bridge Center is a sanctioned
bridge club of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL).

Santa Barbara Bridge Center
2255 Las Positas Road 
Santa Barbara, CA 93105 

Online Club Games

Santa Barbara has joined forces with our northern neighbors to form
Look for your club games under “CALIFORNIA COAST & FRIENDS.”
We will be operating under the same VACB159004 number.

Game fees are $4 per person. Special events extra.

New 99er game Monday - Thursday evenings followed by analysis on Zoom

Click here for details.

Everything You Need To Know About BBO
Log on to BBO by clicking this link: Registration is FREE.
Be sure to enter your ACBL number. You can do it at
To find our games, under FEATURED AREAS click Virtual Clubs, then ACBL North America,
and you will see our game hosted by vacb159004. Click on it to register.
Make sure your partner is online, then enter your partner's user name and click Invite.
If you need a partner, click the Partnership Desk tab.
To pay for game fees, you need to deposit money in your BBO account.
Click on the BB$ icon in the upper right-hand corner and pay with your credit card.
Don't use PayPal as they charge a fee. Don't pay at app stores as they mark-up the cost.

If you are new to BBO, you might want to watch these videos to acquaint yourself
Or this one on YouTube
Or these tutorials developed by the Sagamore Bridge Club
499er, Club Championship
Director: Kathleen Drake
Open, Club Championship
Director: Kathleen Drake
Director: Kathy Drake
Open, Club Championship
Director: Kathy Drake
750, Club Championship
Director: Robert Greene
Jul 24, 2021
BBO 9:20
Jul 24, 2021
BBO 9:30
Jul 24, 2021
Open, Club Championship
SBBC 1:00
Jul 26, 2021
SBBC 09:30
Jul 26, 2021
SBBC 1:15
Jul 27, 2021
BBO 1:10
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