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Online Bridge

Fellow Bridge Nuts

If Like me, your missing your regular bridge fix, there are a few links on to online bridge sites.

One of these is, , and is very easy ( and free) to register on the site.

1) Click on 'Login/Register'

2) Click on 'Become a member (free!)'

3) Create a username

4) Create a memorable password and confirm password

5) Enter Real Name

6) Leave ACBL Number blank

7) Select Skill Level

8) Select Country: 'Great Britain'

9) Click in box 'I agree to the terms of Service'

10) Click on Register.

Once there you can locate other members from the club. I would suggest using the Find a Partner section on our website to post a message detailing what you want to do and when , ie practice, casual game or event. I have posted an example message so that you can see the sort of things you need to list including your username.

If you are new to the site, I wouldn’t jump straight into an event, but go to a practice room with your partner and play against robots or random people, to get used to the process.

1) Click on 'Solitaire'

2) Click on 'Start a Bridge4 game (free)'

The main difference with online bridge is that you alert your own bids rather than partners bids. These explained alerts are communicated to your opps but not to your partner so they can’t be accused of receiving unauthorised communication.

When you are comfortable, try the EBU Matchpointed Pairs competitions. These occur every evening and start at 19:30 and 21:00. These can be entered up to 1 ½ hrs before start time. But you will need to buy some BBO $.

an event consists of 6 x 2 Board rounds and cost $1 (about 75p) to play, so very reasonable. They do attract masterpoints, but do not affect your NGS.

Be aware though that they are strictly timed. Each 2 board round is strictly limited to 14 mins and if you go over the director assigns an average score regardless of how well you were doing.

Happy playing

Paul Wright

Sarum Club Webmaster


  News From The Chairman

Dear Members Old and New

Welcome to the home page of the Sarum Bridge Club. At this time of national emergency, I want to send my very best wishes to all members and to any old members who no longer play with us. We will be updating our home page on a regular basis so do keep an eye out for new material. I am also sending out a weekly news letter to all existing members  so that our sense of community is continued. Hopefully, many of us will be playing on line, finding bridge puzzles and other ways to keep our hand in! Until we meet again, keep healthy and safe.

Best wishes to you all,


AGM Minutes 2019



Minutes of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Sarum Bridge Club held on the 13TH May  2019 at the Reading Room, Stratford-Sub-Castle.


1.    Introduction.  The meeting was opened at 1830 pm . The Chairman had sent his apologies for absence; therefore Maria Villacampa-Ascaso (Club Secretary) took the Chair. Maria thanked all the present members for attending the AGM. 


2.    Apologies for absence.  Apologies were received from David Ward, Penny Mason, Jill and John Carlisle.



3.    AGM minutes for 2018.    Agreed as true and accurate record of last year’s AGM.


4.    Our Chairman Philip Nind  and Terry Hillman Steward Secretary stepped down:   Fiona Kempson had volunteered for the post of Steward Secretary, this motion had previously been voted in by the Committee Members. It also transpired that Fiona Kempson was offering to take on the role of Chairman leaving it to the members to decide.  John Dalton proposed that Fiona Kempson was nominated the new Chairperson and the motion was agreed unanimously.                               



5.    Chairman’s report.  

In his absence the Chairman sent his report in written, it was read by Fiona Kempson.        

(a)  We heard that the attendance of members has dwindled specially on Wednesday events. Further comments to be included in the Treasurer’s report                                                                                                                                                

(b) Philip had made negotiations and successfully obtained a reduction of ₤15 per week on the rent payable for The Reading Room.                                                                                                 

(c) Certain committee members feel that there should be a course for improvers.  Andy Tilling’s offer to organise a short course of an hour to take place before the Thursday afternoon Social event will be considered and further details will be issued.                                                  

(d) In the Wiltshire League there were two teams from Sarum Bridge Club, although not representing the club, the Blandy team couldn’t match the previous year’s achievement but came a creditable second. The Ashton team had a rather dull season and often were involved in a relegation battle.                                                                                                                                  

 (e) May I thank all those who actively help in club affairs. Collectively you put a considerable amount of time.


6.    Treasurer’s Report.   The Treasurer presented the INCOME & EXPENDITURE accounts for 2018-2019, prepared by Michael Blandy and audited by David Wilson. These accounts were agreed unanimously.  The year end has a scant positive balance, the poor attendance on Wednesdays events results on this event having to be subsidized by the rest of the club. Four options were put to the attendance: (a) increasing the annual subs. (b) increasing the table money. (c) Making Wednesday events social and not passing the scores to the EBU for inclusion in the NGS system.   All these options will remain open for the time being for further discussion.

7.      Presentation of Prizes.   Sonia Blandy our Social Secretary presented the prizes:                         

Club Champions :  Sonia Blandy and Georgie Dalton.                                                               

Mixed Pairs Champions : Pat Usher and Mike O’Sullivan                                               

Handicap teams: Breda amd Sid Adcock, Jenny Coats and Terry Hillman.                               

Ladies Pairs : Sue Hands and Jenny Coats.                                                                                    

Mens Pairs: Sid Adcock and David Clayton.                                                                                       

Club Teams: David Hale, Paul Wright, Sonia Blandy and Georgie Dalton.                                         

Handicap pairs: Gillian Nolan and David Wood.                                                                                 

A book voucher was also presented to David Wilson as thanks for auditing the accounts.


8.    AOB. Rachel Pickford suggested that Wednesday events should have a less competitive approach in view of attracting less experienced players. This motion was endorsed by Andy Tilling and unanimously agreed.                                                                                                                                                        

Brian Moore asked to approach the U3A in view of attracting less experienced players. Maria Villacampa-Ascaso undertook to speak from the rostrum in the next monthly meeting of Salisbury and District U3A exhorting Sarum Bridge Club  facilities.                                             

Colin Jones opened a motion on″Backup hardware for the current scoring system”.  This issue had been discussed in our last Committee Meeting and our ET Admistrator  Paul Wright explained that for the time being no immediate action should be investigated further as a "cloud" back up version may be being implemented by Bridgewebs.                                                                              

9.      Date of the next AGM  will take place on the 11th May 2020