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Fellow Bridge Nuts

If Like me, your missing your regular bridge fix, there are a few links on to online bridge sites.

One of these is, , and is very easy ( and free) to register on the site.

1) Click on 'Login/Register'

2) Click on 'Become a member (free!)'

3) Create a username

4) Create a memorable password and confirm password

5) Enter Real Name

6) Leave ACBL Number blank

7) Select Skill Level

8) Select Country: 'Great Britain'

9) Click in box 'I agree to the terms of Service'

10) Click on Register.

Once there you can locate other members from the club. I would suggest using the Find a Partner section on our website to post a message detailing what you want to do and when , ie practice, casual game or event. I have posted an example message so that you can see the sort of things you need to list including your username.

If you are new to the site, I wouldn’t jump straight into an event, but go to a practice room with your partner and play against robots or random people, to get used to the process.

1) Click on 'Solitaire'

2) Click on 'Start a Bridge4 game (free)'

The main difference with online bridge is that you alert your own bids rather than partners bids. These explained alerts are communicated to your opps but not to your partner so they can’t be accused of receiving unauthorised communication.

When you are comfortable, try the EBU Matchpointed Pairs competitions. These occur every evening and start at 19:30 and 21:00. These can be entered up to 1 ½ hrs before start time. But you will need to buy some BBO $.

an event consists of 6 x 2 Board rounds and cost $1 (about 75p) to play, so very reasonable. They do attract masterpoints, but do not affect your NGS.

Be aware though that they are strictly timed. Each 2 board round is strictly limited to 14 mins and if you go over the director assigns an average score regardless of how well you were doing.

Happy playing

Paul Wright

Sarum Club Webmaster


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Welcome to Sarum Bridge Club (Salisbury)
Welcome to Sarum Bridge Club
Welcome to Sarum Bridge Club

Sarum Bridge club meets in the Cricket Club on the Wilton Road in Salisbury three times a week. We are affiliated to the EBU and the Wiltshire Contract Bridge Association and our doors are always open to new members and visitors.

Our premises are disabled friendly (there is a lift to the first floor) and there is a bar where refreshments can be ordered.

There is a large, free car park.      Find our Venue

Monday and Wednesday evenings are competitive evenings and play starts promptly at 19.00. Members are asked to be at the club by 18.45.
On Thursday we hold a social session, starting at 15.00 with members being asked to arrive by 14.45. 

Table fees are £3.00 for members and £4.00 for visitors.
The annual membership fee is £10.00

We run a stewarding system at all sessions so a game is guaranteed.

We at Sarum are excited to be announcing the reopening of the club on the 6th September. There will be some Covid precautions put in place which I would ask you to read and abide by for the safety of all. 

Happy playing!

Covid Precautions

For the foreseeable future the following rules have been put in place by the Committee of Sarum Bridge Club. 

  1. We would hope that all our members and visitors have been double [Covid] vaccinated or have had a negative lateral flow or PCR test shortly before attending a bridge session.

  2.  Members are requested not to attend any session if they are displaying any signs of Covid infection. 

  3.  Members will respect social distancing on entering and leaving the building and on moving between tables. Members should bear in mind that they may also be mixing with members of the Cricket club.

  4. Members will be required to santitize their hands on entering the bridge room and on joining each new table. 

  5. As far as possible north/south will remain seated. East/west will move with their bidding boxes. 

  6. Tables will be used without cloths and will be sanitised at the beginning and end of the evening. 

  7. The wearing of masks is an individual decision, but members are free to use them if they prefer.

Members who choose to attend a bridge session must do so at their own risk and neither the Club nor its Committee accept any responsibility for any consequences of catching the virus. 

Wiltshire Online Teams - League 1 Winners

Congratulations to Team Hands 

The Team, Sue Hands, Georgie Dalton, Sonia Blandy and Brian Johnson retained their title by winning the Feb-Mar Wiltshire League 1 on 18th March.


Well done to Colin Jones and Danny Miller (former Sarum member) who finished third in the National Life Masters Pairs after 99 Boards of Play


Salisbury Bridge Online

Hi All

The Friday 7.15pm Online Game has now been going for over 6 months and continues to attract an average of 10 Pairs which is a good number, but we would love to get that up to 20 pairs to make it even more competitive.

We started the Wednesday 2pm Relaxed Social Game (No masterpoints or NGS) on 23rd September and regularly attrcts over 10 pairs.


Hope to see you online soon

Paul Wright

WCBA Online Pairs

Dear Wiltshire Bridge Player

The County will be running a number of events over the coming months.

Boxing Day - Duplicate Pairs at 13.00 

January 3rd - Social Pairs for the Nine and under NGS

January 24th - Championship Pairs qualifier

February 14th - Championship Pairs Final and Plate competition

March 6th -  Green pointed Swiss Pairs

March 7th - Green pointed Swiss Teams

March 28th - Garden Cities

All details on the Wiltshire website.

Many thanks - and happy Christmas to you and yours!


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact any of the sub-committee:

Gayle Webb                 01985 214102 / 07753 958681

Richard Samter       01225 834703 / 07974 279153

Stuart Bridge                  07969 610635

Results & Calendar

Find a Partner

Find a Partner Instructions

Help Needed

We are looking for volunteers to help with the dealing machine.

This would require you to turn up probably an hour and a half before play on a Monday to deal the cards for use in the next 3 sessions.

We are hoping to get a rota of volunteers so you would only be needed once a month. You will be shown how to use the equipment.

If you think you could help please contact

Sonia at Email: or

Fiona at Email:

Improve Your Declarer Play Online

Hi all,

One useful tool online to help with your Declarer play can be found at

Click on 'Bridge Master'

There are 540 declarer play hands ranging from Beginner to World Class (currently on #280).

Each gives you the bidding (In itself a good learning tool), and then you have to make the contract.

It's effectively teams, so you have to make the contract, overtricks are not important.

If you mess it up or get it wrong, you can redeal often as you want, but if you really can't work it out, click on 'Show Solution' and it will take you through the thought process and play of the cards.


Paul Wright

Sarum Web Administrator




Any member requiring a partner should advertise their availability by using the "find a partner" option on the left hand menu.   This system will supplement and not replace the Club stewarding system.  There will not be a steward available during January.


Best Behaviour at Bridge

A gentle reminder to ensure that every member of our club has an enjoyable evening/afternoon. Even when concentration and pressure take their toll these simple guidelines should be followed:

1.   Greet others in a friendly manner prior to the start of each round.

2.   Be prepared to help new players or players who may not understand bidding sequences you may use.

3.   Give credit when opponents make a good bid or play.

4.   Do not criticise either your partner or opponents at the table.

5.   Ensure that you help make the session an enjoyable time for all - enjoy the company as well as the game! 

Club Honours Board 2019/20

Club Champions -    Georgie Dalton and Sonia Blandy

Mixed Pairs -            Pat Ussher and Mike Osullivan

Club Teams -            Sonia Blandy, Georgie Dalton, Dave Hale and Paul Wright

Handicap Teams -    Breda and Sid Adcock, Andy Tilling and Alan Burroughs

Handicap Pairs -      Nigel Reid and Jill Carlisle

Mens Pairs -             David Clayton and Sid Adcock

Ladies Pairs -           Sue Hands and Jenny Coates

Relaxed online
Online Pairs
Relaxed online
Online Pairs
Relaxed online
Fri 6th Aug 2021
Online Pairs
Online 7.15pm
Director: Paul Wright
Wed 11th Aug 2021
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Director: Paul Wri
Fri 13th Aug 2021
Online Pairs
Online 7.15pm
Director: Paul Wright
Wed 18th Aug 2021
Relaxed online
Online 2pm
Director: Paul Wri
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Online Pairs
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Director: Paul Wright