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Our New Venue

The Cricket Club has a bar close to the bridge room.

The director will call a ten minute break at a convenient time. Please resume play promtly when called by the director.

In January 2022 members will be able join the cricket club (£10.00 per annum) and will then be entitled to a 10% reduction in refreshment costs.

To save time at the break orders can be placed at the bar before the start of play.

Please note that due to Covid, the bar is only accepting payment by card.


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Welcome to Sarum Bridge Club
Welcome to Sarum Bridge Club

Sarum Bridge club meets in the Cricket Club on the Wilton Road in Salisbury three times a week. We are affiliated to the EBU and the Wiltshire Contract Bridge Association and our doors are always open to new members and visitors.

Our premises are disabled friendly (there is a lift to the first floor) and there is a bar where refreshments can be ordered.

There is a large, free car park.      Find our Venue

Monday and Wednesday evenings are competitive evenings and play starts promptly at 19.00. Members are asked to be at the club by 18.45.
On Thursday we hold a social session, starting at 15.00 with members being asked to arrive by 14.45. 

Table fees are £3.00 for members and £4.00 for visitors.
The annual membership fee is £10.00

We run a stewarding system at all sessions so a game is guaranteed.

On the 6th September the Sarum club reopened for f2f play. There are some Covid precautions in place which I would ask you to read and abide by for the safety of all. 

Happy playing! Contact us

A New Year's message from the Chair

A very Happy  New Year to you all! 

It doesn’t matter who you talk to.....everyone says the same thing! Let’s hope it’s better than the last two years! I was reading back through my weekly letters to you all last week and I realised how much we didn’t know back then and how we lived from week to week in a complete haze of ignorance! I’m thinking of reprinting those letters and putting them together as a very amateur but true reflection of the times!

Anyway, onwards and upwards! We have started the year with many members not feeling able or confident to return to face to face play. I’m sure this is a temporary blip which will resolve itself in a week or two. Until then, please do bear with us. I will let those members who have shown an interest in playing know if the session will go ahead just after midday on the Monday and Wednesday. Some members travel long distances to play and it isn’t fair to expect them to turn up for a wasted visit. Thursdays I am expecting to be held each week without needing to resort to these measures.

As we do not have a steward in place during January, please do make use of the Find a Partner section of the web site. If you do have any problems, please do contact me at any time and I will do my best to help.’s to 2022 being a successful and happy year for you all on and off the bridge table! 
Best wishes, 
Covid Precautions

For the foreseeable future the following rules have been put in place by the Committee of Sarum Bridge Club. 

  1. We would expect that all our members and visitors have been double [Covid] vaccinated or have had a negative lateral flow or PCR test shortly before attending a bridge session.

  2.  Members are requested not to attend any session if they are displaying any signs of Covid infection. 

  3.  Members will respect social distancing on entering and leaving the building and on moving between tables. Members should bear in mind that they may also be mixing with members of the Cricket club.

  4. Members will be required to sanitize their hands on entering the bridge room. 

  5. The club will ensure the bridge room is well ventilated and members will be advised that extra clothing may be advantageous.

  6. Tables will be used without cloths and will be sanitized at the beginning and end of the evening. 

  7. The wearing of masks is an individual decision, but members are free to use them if they prefer.

Members who choose to attend a bridge session must do so at their own risk and neither the Club nor its Committee accept any responsibility for any consequences of catching the virus. 

Club Honours Board 2019/20

Club Champions -    Georgie Dalton and Sonia Blandy

Mixed Pairs -            Pat Ussher and Mike Osullivan

Club Teams -            Sonia Blandy, Georgie Dalton, Dave Hale and Paul Wright

Handicap Teams -    Breda and Sid Adcock, Andy Tilling and Alan Burroughs

Handicap Pairs -      Nigel Reid and Jill Carlisle

Mens Pairs -             David Clayton and Sid Adcock

Ladies Pairs -           Sue Hands and Jenny Coates


If you paid your subs for 2020-21 you will not be expected to pay anything until April of next year. If you did not pay your subs or are a new member then the cost of membership will be £5.00 to take you up to the new financial year.

A list will be put on the noticeboard outside the club room. Sheila will be collecting subs over the next few weeks.

New members or visitors will be allocated numbers for our Bridgemate scoring software at the start of play.

Potential new members are welcome to join us for any session and may play 3 times as visitors, we hope they will then sign up as members.

Club Stewards
During the month of January there will not be a steward on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Thursdays will remain with a steward.

All members are reminded that taking part in the steward rota is part of being a member of Sarum Bridge Club.
The new list for February onwards will be on the notice board next week for you to choose a date which suits you.

Please remember that the Find a Partner section will enable you to find a member to play with before the evening’s play. 


Best Behaviour at Bridge

A gentle reminder to ensure that every member of our club has an enjoyable evening/afternoon. Even when concentration and pressure take their toll these simple guidelines should be followed:

1.   Greet others in a friendly manner prior to the start of each round.

2.   Be prepared to help new players or players who may not understand bidding sequences you may use.

3.   Give credit when opponents make a good bid or play.

4.   Do not criticise either your partner or opponents at the table.

5.   Ensure that you help make the session an enjoyable time for all - enjoy the company as well as the game! 

Social Pairs
Weds Duplicate
Social Pairs
Weds Duplicate
Monday Duplicate
Mon 31st Jan 2022
Monday Duplicate
CC 1845
Wed 2nd Feb 2022
Weds Duplicate
CC 1845
Director: Paul Wright
Thu 3rd Feb 2022
Social Pairs
Mon 7th Feb 2022
Monday Duplicate
CC 1845
Wed 9th Feb 2022
Weds Duplicate
CC 1845
Director: Paul Wright