Sapphire Coast Bridge Club
🤫 No Phones Please

Recently play has been disturbed too much by phones left in bags ringing during play.

Please leave your phone at home or in your car, put it on Silent, or set to "Do Not Disturb".

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18th Mar 2021 18:17 EADT
🤫 No Phones Please
27th Dec 2020 07:17 EADT
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Welcome to The Sapphire Coast Bridge Club

Sessions take place on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, starting at 1pm (please arrive 15 min prior to the start of play).

Visitors are welcome.

Supervised bridge continues on Tuesdays

Gary's advanced lessons continue on Thursdays at the new start time of 2pm

Members choosing to return will be deemed to be in agreement with the Club's COVID-19 – Safety Plan.  

The safety plan can be viewed by clicking here.

In summary the plan requires:

  1. Numbers are limited only by spaced for bridge tables (in accordance with the 2 square metres per person rule).
  2. Registration to Play is not required, but please be in the club room 15 minutes before start.
  3. Please do not come to the premises if you are unwell.
  4. Declare any recent overseas/interstate travel and contacts.
  5. Hand sanitising is mandatory immediately on entry.
  6. Payment must be placed in container provided. NO CHANGE will be given.
  7. All Protocols (e.g. table cleaning, board handling, scoring) must be followed. Any additional direction will come from the Director or the Authorised person at the Entry point.

Lewis Seychell
Sapphire Coast Bridge Club 

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