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Winter Start Times

Winter commeth!

Bridge sessions will start at 12:30p.m.
with effect from Monday 1st May

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Farewell Julia
  • Julia & Lew

    Fairwell to our dear friend Julia Van Ryn.

    A member since September 1998, 25 years of bringing just that little bit extra of good humour and pleasure that we all treasure at our bridge club.

    Thank you for your time here, Julia. May your move to Sydney go well, and do feel welcome to come back any time.

    👏 😊 👏

  • Julia and partners

    Her time so valued as committee member and treasurer, and Julia will be sorely missed by her Monday partner Imogen and her Friday partner Carolyn. Never short of a surprise and always a challenge, these have been great pairs to have with us. 👏 😊 👏

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Where and When
Where and When

Our premises are at Shop 9, 13 Tura Beach Drive, Tura Beach.

Bridge sessions: Monday, Wednesday*, Friday and Saturday afternoons starting at 1.00pm.

*Supervised bridge play on Wednesdays.

See our Calendar for session details.

For more information regarding bridge sessions, contact:

Lewis Seychell 02-6495-2605 email:

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MP Duplicate (Red Point)
MP Duplicate
Nationwide pairs
MP Supervised
MP Duplicate
Wed 7th June 2023
MP Supervised
Director: Lewis Seychell
Fri 9th June 2023
MP Duplicate
Director: Ian Wright
Sat 10th June 2023
MP Duplicate
Director: Lewis Seychell
Mon 12th June 2023
MP Duplicate
Director: Lewis Seychell
Dealer for Week: Imogen & Ian
Wed 14th June 2023
MP Supervised
Director: Lewis Seychell