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Welcome to Saint Catherine DBC

110 Southern Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL 33402

(561) 558-5880   email:

Click here for interactive directions.

Special Games

Special games, extra points almost every day in October!!  Please join us. 




Our open, stratified, duplicate games are held at St. Catherine Greek Orthodox Church

Located at 110 Southern Blvd, West Palm Beach

Open Monday - Friday at 12:30

Lunch served at 11:45


We are an ACBL-sanctioned "Zero-Tolerance Club."

We use pre-dealt hands thanks to

Every partnership is expected to have a filled out convention card, this is an ACBL rule.

In consideration of those with allergies, we ask that you not wear perfume and/or any scented products at the club.


In addition to our open game, join us daily for our limited game. For players with fewer than 1000 masterpoints. 

Analysis of some hands can be found at The Common Game Website (<---click here)
When you get there select "Latest Common Game".  On next screen scroll down until you get to the 'Boards'.  Not all boards will be analyzed, but you might find some interesting hints for the more complicated ones.  

Thu October 24, 2019
Director(s): Julie
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Club Appreciation
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