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A Standby is now available for Thursday Evening and Saturday Morning tournaments

Welcome to Russell House Bridge
Informal Members Partnership

Russell House Bridge Group is a Members Only Partnership. Prospective players wishing to join should use the 'Contact Us' link in the left hand yellow menu.

Partners guide the development of the Russell House Group by discussion at regularly held Zoom meetings. 

The next scheduled Zoom Meeting will be held on Sunday 6th December at 5pm. Members wishing to attend or to express a subject for the Agenda should give details via the 'Contact Us' section of the website.

Friday Team Tournaments

Russell House is running a Teams Tournament on Friday nights at 7pm. This is a new venture. We will trial playing teams up until Christmas on Friday evenings. If you wish to take part please send in your entry along with your partner via 'Contact Us'. We will pair you with another pair and that will be your team. We will have five in each team to ensure that there will be a standby in case someone drops out. The intention is to try to create "fair" or "equal " teams which is why we are doing it this way.  If successful the intention is to make a Teams event a regular feature on our calendar.

Russell House Ethos

Russell House is currently an online Bridge Group offering daily events to promote fun, friendly Bridge for all. It provides a mixture of events which range from Mentoring of new players, Duplicate Pairs tournaments and Individual tournaments. This eclectic mixture is designed to ensure that players of all abilities can enjoy a friendly learning atmosphere as well as the competitive element offered by Duplicate Pairs. With effect from 1st September 2020, the Club will become a Members Only Partnership. Anyone wishing to join the Partnership should use the Contact Us form in the left hand yellow menu.

Russell House Ethos
Bridge for All
Bridge for All

The BBO system offers the opportunity to seek a partner , on the day of the event, by logging in to the event and entering your name in the Partnership Desk.

However, if  you require a partner for any event there may be one already waiting. Check the calendar box on the right...if 'Partner ?' is showing click it for further information.

If you wish to request a partner for a specific future event, use the 'Members Only' link in the left hand Menu or the Calendar Month page and click on the coloured icon.

4th December 2020
IMP's Pairs
Director: RH Partner
4th December 2020
Trial Team Event
5th December 2020
Matchpoint Pairs
Standby Elaine MacGregor 10.00am
Director: RH Partner
6th December 2020
Matchpoint Pairs
Director: RH Partner
7th December 2020
Director: RH Partner
Director: RH Partner
Rescheduled as Open Tournament
Director: RH Partner
Restricted Teaching Class
Director: Raymond