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23rd July

Last week, on our popular short duplicate Monday Afternoon nine tables played a Web Mitchell movement. Diana Kinch & Judy Douglas got the best North / South result with 64.73; East / West was led by Carol Cole & Jan Maxon with 66.52.

Geoff Bennett & Brian Mawby led a four table Howell movement on Monday Evening with 56.94.

On Tuesday Afternoon nine tables played a two-winner Mitchell movement. Ann Burrage & Anne Pettitt led North / South with 62.50; East / West was topped by Maria Smythe & Patti Jarvis with 73.21.

Out of regular partnerships our summer pairs handicap competition is now led by Maria & Patti with Maxine Ross & Carole Broadhurst and Margaret Aitchison & Jane Walker not far behind.

Declarer Play was the topic on Wednesday Morning. Six tables practised a variety of situations, talking about the outcomes on each board.

Defence Play was the topic on Thursday Morning. We practised a variety of situations, talking about the outcomes on each board.

On Thursday Afternoon seven tables played a Hesitation Mitchell movement. Dennis Angove & Rosemary Jordan led with 60.76; second were  Jim & Nicky Bainbridge with 58.33.

Jim & Nicky and Margaret Aitchison & Philip Harrison played in the Herts & Essex Swiss Teams and put in a respectable performance in a strong field.

When the bridge is too hard.....
When the bridge is too hard.....

We serve unlimited tea, coffee and biscuits in each session, and we believe you should enjoy them. Mugs and cups are always provided and are washed hygienically in a dishwasher.

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Lutterworth Bridge Club

Lutterworth Bridge Club, meets on Wednesday evenings (7pm), at Cotesbach Village Hall. You’ll find quality EBU affiliated bridge played in a good spirit.

Bridge 2 Build Your Skills
Bridge 2 Build Your Skills

The course is for players who  have taken our Bridge 1 course, or have some bridge experience whether it’s duplicate, "kitchen", rubber or Chicago. yes

The lessons take you at a gentle pace through the things you need to know about scoring, card play and the most commonly used parts of ACOL.

 There are ten, two hour, sessions, given weekly. There is a break in the half term week. You will collect colour notes, and homework quizzes to store in an A5 binder.

During the course our Wednesday Morning Friendly practice session will follow each lesson with a themed practice on the lesson topic.

You can take your binders, or other notes, and ask for help from the mentors or other players. It’s completely relaxed and intended for you to practice what you are learning.

You don’t need to bring a partner, there’s always someone to play with.

Use both the lesson and the practice session to get the best out of your learning.

By the end of this course you will be able to enjoy Wednesday morning practice, and to consider trying one of our competitive sessions or competitions.

January 2018

January 2019 Timetable
 1      29 January 2019 Playing Suit Contracts
 2        05 February 2019 Simple Overcalls
 3 12 February 2019 Vulnerability - Doubling - Scoring
19 February 2019 Half Term No Lesson
 4 26 February 2019 Take Out Doubles
 5 05 March 2019 Unbalanced Opening Hands - Weak
 6 12 March 2019 Unbalanced Opening Hands - Strong
 7 19 March 2019 Playing No Trumps Contracts
 8 26 March 2019 Stayman
 9 02 April 2019 Competing with 1NT Opening
 10 09 April 2019 Defence