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On the first weekend of the month we publish a newsletter aimed at players in our area. It just got a new name: "Heart of England Bridge".

The RVBC members only newsletter is planned for the second and fourth weekends of the month with maybe a bonus in five weekend months.

New Normal News (planned to appear during the third weekend) was launched very successfully last weekend and some of you have signed up for it. I am happy to add anyone else to the list so please contact us throught this site. Do pass it on to people belonging to/playing in/running other clubs.

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Bridge Club Live Tuesday Afternoon
Joining Instructions

Our "slot" is from 1pm to 6pm on a Tuesday afternoon for a contest of 24 boards. The room "opens" at 1.10pm and there is a twenty minute period for players to take their seats. Play will start at the FULL tables at 1.30pm. The system does it, we cannot hold it back.

To play in our private room on a Tuesday Afternoon you need a full Bridge Club Live membership. Social members can't play. You can check your membership by going to the Bridge Club Live home page, hover over "Members", and then click on "Membership Summary". You also need to register as a member of Rugby Village Bridge Club.

You and your partner will have to agree a "Simple System Description (SSD)". You can do that at the start of the session, or meet earlier in "The Office".

We strongly suggest, that at least the first time, you enter the club rooms area well before start time!

To find our room:
   - go to the Bridge Club Live home page,
   - hover over "Members" and click on "Clubs".
   - The "Clubs" page should confirm that you are registered with Rugby Village Bridge Club. If not, you need to register with us.
    - If so, click on the blue arrow. This will display the Rugby Village Bridge Club "page".
    - Now click the big green button with "Play Bridge" (and a heart).
    - Now click "Enter your F2F club rooms". You should now see several rooms. One is the "lobby", another is a separate "Social Room", any others will be F2F club playing rooms.
    - Our room will have a name including "RUBVIL". When it is ready for you, it will be blue. If you click on it, you should enter our room. If this doesn't work either the room is not open yet, or your membership is the social type.

When you successfully enter the room and have a partner please start a table. You wait as a pair at that table. The system will automatically make up full tables from all the waiting pairs.

If no partner please contact Jim or I, we should be lurking somewhere. We'll be acting as stand by pair to make up a full table if we have a half. We may not be able to act as host, it will depend on the numbers. However if more one member comes to the room looking for a game, we will try to pair you off.The session is set to play 24 boards, should be under three hours. The system will move you as soon as it can, so some moves may be quick and others take a bit longer. Please don't leave the table or the room until you are sure that all boards are completed. Jim and I will be around to try to fix any problems. 

The results become available at the end of the slot at 6pm. They are automatically loaded to the Bridge Club Live page on BridgeWebs.

We will load them to our club web site and the EBU as soon as we can. We are not formally charging for this session, but it will cost us 42p for each player to load it to the EBU for Master Points. It would help us to keep going if you could transfer this to the club account each time you play (feel free to pay every few sessions).

We are grateful to club members who gave us a donation towards the one-off set up cost of £100+VAT. We are not registered for VAT, so that's £120. We have covered this expense now.

If you have never signed up for BCL, and you are an EBU member, you can still use the 50 days free offer. 

Bridge Club Live RVBC Tuesday Afternoons 1.10pm
We are set for the rest of the 2020 at least.
The results become available at the end of the BCL "slot" at 6pm. They are automatically loaded to the Bridge Club Live page on BridgeWebs.

The full results are available on the club web site and loaded to the EBU for the award of Master Points and National Grade Input. The movements used by Bridge Live all qualify for master points and NGS.

I have more Mr Bridge tea towels with puzzles on. I will present two of them to the top pair in the first two RVBC sessions on BCL that have at least four tables (not including Jim or me).

We are not formally charging for this session. We pay 42p for each player to  the English Bridge Union for master points etc. This used to be known as P2P (Pay to Play), it's formal name is UM (Universal Membership). It would help us to keep going if you could contribute by transfer to the club account from time to time. 

Registering with the Club on Bridge Club Live

Go to Bridge Club Live home page.

Hover over "Members" then click on "Clubs" in the drop down menu.

Scroll down the list of clubs on the right, in alphabetical order, and click on Rugby Village.

Please be prompt

Please make sure you are "Lurking" in the club room by five minutes before the start.

If your partner is there, please take a seat opposite your partner.

If your expected partner is not there, please start a table.

If you have no arranged partner please let Nicky or Jim know using "Chat".

This way Jim and I have the best chance of finding a partner for singles, making up a table if we have a half table or playing with an avaiable single.

If you come late to the rooom it's really hard for us to make sure we get the most bridge possible for everyone.