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On the first weekend of the month we publish a newsletter aimed at players in our area. It just got a new name: "Heart of England Bridge".

The RVBC members only newsletter is planned for the second and fourth weekends of the month with maybe a bonus in five weekend months.

New Normal News (planned to appear during the third weekend) was launched very successfully last weekend and some of you have signed up for it. I am happy to add anyone else to the list so please contact us throught this site. Do pass it on to people belonging to/playing in/running other clubs.

Lutterworth are have delayed their reopening for Face to Face to September.

LBC Web Site.

Danetre have a weekly session on RealBridge.

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Our Heart of England Bridge and New Normal newsletters are freely available, with no obligation, to members and non-members alike.

Just for members is only available to RVBC members.

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Tuesday Morning Seminars

Every Tuesday Morning 10.00

Seminars on an improvers+ topic

You have choices:

1       Visit our 
Facebook page at 10.00 on Tuesday, and watch the live video.

2         Use a 
Zoom link to join the meeting. Seeing and hearing and talking is almost instant. Choose whether the meeting sees you on video. Turn audio on to ask questions. I send the link to regular attendees. If you would like to attend, please contact us using the form on this site.

After the event, you can go to our Facebook page at any time and select "videos" and view all the sessions.

If I know you attended the session, you will be emailed a copy of the notes afterwards.

I will not be resuming face to face teaching in 2020, but as long as there's an audience I will keep these sessions going.