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Face-to-Face bridge Suspended

All face-to-face bridge has been suspended during the Coronavirus "Lockdown" until further notice. 

Online bridge tournaments are available - see the panel opposite. Full ddetails and results are available at Ned Paul's home page

Ladder Continues
Ladder Continues

Come and join the Ruff Club Prize Ladder! No entry fee and a prize every two months! Everyone who plays at the Ruff Club is automatically included. Win Ladder Points every time you score more than 50%, e.g score 57.75% in the duplicate and you get 7.75 Ladder Points

Scores from 2019 will roll forward to 2020 in full, but handicaps are applied to those who have already won. This makes it more challenging to win again. For your first win your 'Victory Handicap' is 100pts for the first win and for the next two wins a further 200pts handicap applies.  Thereafter the handicap will rise to 300pts a win.

Click on the News Page to read in full how the Ladder works, and on the Competitions link to see the current standings.

Recent winners:

  • February 2020 - Elsa Nelson
  • December 2019 - Tony Gomes
  • October 2109 - Sheila Cooper & Len Dreebin
  • August 2019 - Sean Moruzzi
  • June 2019 - Roy Cooper
  • April 2019 - John Veal
  • February 2019 - Elsa Nelson
  • December 2018 - Juanita Escudero
  • October 2018 - Tony Gomes
  • August 2018 - Alan Lewis
  • June 2018 - Sean Moruzzi
  • April 2018 - Roy Cooper
  • February 2018 - Tony Gomes
  • December 2107 - Elsa Nelson
  • October 2017 - Sean Moruzzi
  • August 2017 - Elsa Nelson
  • June 2017 - Alan Lewis
  • April 2017 - Roy Cooper
  • Feb.2017 - Juanita Escudero
BriAn Electronic Scoring

Ruff Club duplicates are often scored using the BriAn electronic scoring system.  The BriAn system (= "Bridge on iPhone and Android") uses mobile phone technology to replace traditional tabletop scorers.  Players can use their own smart phones or other devices, such as iPads, or use android scoring tablets supplied by the club.

We believe BriAn is a very player-friendly system that has advantages over other systems.  When results are entered for each deal, the next screen shows the full lay-out of the deal, the available tricks in each suit and a full travelling score slip in a single screen. Results of previous boards and a full table of current rankings can be accessed from any device via a  menu. The bridge director can create and modify games, adjust scores if necessary and create final files suitable for posting to the web.

If you have a suitable android or iPhone you can become a scorer simply by downloading the free BriAn Bridge app.  Go to the app shop in the normal way and search for "Brian Bridge". It's free to install and easy to use,  You can read more about BriAn Bridge on the website   Becoming a scorer is fun but entirely optional - extra scoring tablets are always available from the club.

Ladder Standings

 Click the "Competitions" link in the menu above to see the current position.

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Welcome to The Ruff Club
Ned Paul Bridge Goes Online

Full Programme of
Online Tournaments & Seminars

With CV-19 restrictions in force, the Ruff Bridge Club, in common with other clubs in Ned Paul's 'stable', is now meeting online.  We are currrently running six online tournaments a week. The programme includes three daytime games a week and also three evening games a week. All members of any of Ned Paul's clubs, plus friends may play. 


We use the bridge playing site (known as 'BBO') to run these games. There are now a minimum of six games a week.  All games are 18 boards, matchpointed pairs.  Current games are:

Monday daytime - 12.30pm  Monday evening  - 7.30pm
* Wednesday daytime - 12.30pm  Wednesday evening  - 7.30pm
* Friday daytime - 12.30pm  * Friday evening  - 7.30pm

The evening games are at BBO 'peak time', which many other clubs are currently not offering.  For complete details, including cost, and results of past games, see Ned's other website

To play, make sure that you are registered on BBO (free of charge) - then mail me ( with your BBO user name, your real name, your EBU number if you have one, and your contact email.

To find the tournaments, log on, click 'Competitive', then, 'Tournaments', then 'All Tournaments'.  Scroll down the time-ordered list until you find the 'Ned Paul Online Tourney', Click 'Register' to play.  

If you are unfamiliar with BBO, please watch this Youtube video which will guide you through the access process and answer many questions:

Video Conferencing Seminars

Every Thursday evening at 7.15pm we hold a video conference on Zoom, hosted by Victor Lesk, the author of the BriAn bridge scoring app. There will be a social catch-up followed at 7.30pm by discussion of a bridge topic of the week with Victor and Ned and the chance to learn by playing real hands. It's easy to join - just click this link at the right time: (password 123456) and follow the prompts to download the Zoom app. You will be able to see and hear others, and be seen and heard if you wish. Topics may include such as:

  • Slam conventions including Blackwood and Roman Blackwood
  • Two suited overcalls - Michaels, Unusual NT
  • Carding: Signalling and discards
  • The losing trick count

Payment: Please book your seminars at the club's payment portal BACS, Credit/Debit Card and Cheques accepted. Any payment queries should be directed to Victor Lesk (

If you haven't got round to paying please just join and catch up payment later.  We would rather see you than not.

Friendly Partnership Duplicate Bridge in Camden London NW1 Friday Evenings 7.15pm
Friendly Partnership Duplicate Bridge in Camden  London NW1 Friday Evenings 7.15pm

In play at the Ruff Club.  This is the new hall in Plender Street.

The Ruff Club is a friendly club for playing duplicate bridge close to central London. We meet every Friday at the St. Pancras Community Centre, 67 Plender Street, London, NW1 0LB.  The Centre is a short walk from Mornington Crescent or Camden Town underground stations (Northern Line) and there is reasonable on-street parking in the evenings.

New players and visitors to London are always welcome; partners are guaranteed for single players.

We play a full 24 board duplicate game with instant electronic scoring - either the standalone Bridgemate system or the BriAn mobile phone app. Results posted promptly to this website.

Our start time is 7.15pm and we aim to finish by 10.30pm. Table money £7.00 per player. Look at the information link on this page to find out more.

Wednesday Night Bridge in Notting Hill

While Friday remains the main night at the Ruff Club we are also now running a secondary game on Wednesday evenings.  This is at a pub called The Walmer Castle. This is in Notting Hill (58 Ledbury Rd, London W11 2AJ). We play duplicate bridge starting at 7.30pm, playing 15-18 boards at a fairly relaxed pace.  The games at the Walmer Castle are hosted by a rota of some of the Club's advanced players, including India Leeming, Victor Lesk, Ned Paul or Kit Jackson

This is very much a social game for refreshers, returners and improvers. The host acts as Tournament Director and is also available for impartial advice and support as needed.  Single players are always welcome, especially players who may not have played much (or any!) duplicate before.   Bridge fee is £10.  No need to pre-book - everyone is guaranteed a game. 

Food is available at the pub so you can have supper during the evening as well.

Contacting the Ruff Club

The organiser of the Ruff Club is Ned Paul. 
Contact Ned on 07792 715517 or email to 
See also Ned Paul’s other site at

Learn Bridge in a Weekend

Learn Bridge in a Weekend is a complete introduction to bridge for beginners over two days.    Next dates in London are:

  • Sat./Sun.April 18th/19th 2020  - Paddington W2 3BP - POSTPONED
  • Click here or email for full details of the course and a registration form.

"Just a note to say thank you for an excellent course. I learned no end and thoroughly enjoyed it all. I was particularly impressed by the effort you put into to making it as enjoyable as possible for us." Clive Newton

For other playing and practice sessions see

Great Winter Bridge Bash - Sat. Dec. 7th
Great Winter Bridge Bash - Sat. Dec. 7th

Thirteen tables of players joined the Ruff Club team of Ned Paul, Victor Lesk and India Leeming for an end of year celebration of bridge on Saturday December 7th at the famous Young Chelsea Bridge Club. The assembled company enjoyed food, drink a couple of fun quizzes from Philip Watson.  Oh..and there was bridge as well, both duplicate and socal.  The duplicate winners were Liz Fairclough & Janet Matthews (North/South) and Mehul Shah & Ann Bessell (East/West). Results here.

Enjoyable Swiss Pairs
Enjoyable Swiss Pairs

The Ruff Club's first 'Mini-Swiss' Pairs Evening was a great success. Twenty five pairs enjoyed a great evening's bridge accompanied by wine and cheese refreshments  The players played short matches against pairs with similar overall scores to their own, going up and down the league according to their results. At the end of the evening the winners were John Drummond & Ned Paul ahead of Tony Gomes & Alan Lewis.   We will do it all again possibly in the spring.

Other Events in London

Check out for details of many outisde events that welcome players.

Main Duplicate
Director: Ned Paul
Scorer: Ned Paul
Gentle Duplicate
Director: Ned Paul
Scorer: Ned Paul
Main Duplicate
Director: Ned Paul
Scorer: Ned Paul
Gentle Duplicate
Director: Victor Lesk
Scorer: Victor Lesk
Main Duplicate
Director: Ned Paul
Scorer: Ned Paul
Gentle Duplicate
Director: India Leeming
Scorer: India Leeming