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Welcome to Royston (Herts) Bridge Club
ROYSTON BRIDGE CLUB - Competitive yet Friendly
ROYSTON BRIDGE CLUB - Competitive yet Friendly

Our sparkles like a , has a big and ♠♠♠ of bonhomie, boosted by beverage, biscuits, and banter before bridge begins.

Sessions held every Thursday at 7.30pm at the Coombes Community Centre, Burns Road, Royston.

The club has electronic scoring and computer-dealt hands so results and deals are available straight away.

Visitors are always welcome but need to come with a partner. If you are new to the area, use Find a Partner (Public) and the club will make every effort to provide a suitable partner for you.

For further details, see Information and Calendar.

◄ Do you want to learn to play bridge, or improve your play? See Learning Bridge.

We also feature a few interesting hands played at the club recently, see Hand of the Month.

Bridge 26th January

Congratulations to Colin & Faraj who came first this week and joined the "Seventy percent club" with a score of nearly 71%. They were also the only NS pair to bid the 6♠ slam on board 14.

HBA Championships Pairs Semi-Final 15th January

Two pairs from Royston, Saroj & Alan and Andy & Dave competed in the HBA Championships Pairs Semi-Final on Sunday. There was a strong field of 32 pairs, which included many of Hertfordshire's top players. Well done to both the Royston pairs who did well to finish in the top twenty and qualify for the Final in April.

Congratulations especially to Andy & Dave who came third overall, with a score of 59%.

The results can be found on the HBA website in the usual way.

Bridge Reservation System

Thanks to those members who are using the club website to make a reservation for the Thursday evening club games.

Please note that the reservation system will continue to apply until further notice, so don't forget to place reservations for future weeks in good time if you intend to play.

This is Royston Bridge Club's official website, Dave Simmons is the current web administrator.

Please have a browse through the website. Some pages are only available to Members. To access these pages click on the link to Members Only on the top right of the Home page to login.

Any comments or suggestions for improving the website are welcome. Members can email me direct, and non-members via Contact Us.

2nd February 2023
Thursday Pairs
Director: John Watson
Scorer: Colin Barnes
9th February 2023
Thursday Pairs
Director: Will Parsons
Scorer: Will Parsons
Thursday Pairs
Director: Will Parsons
Scorer: Dave Simmons
Third Thursday Pairs
Director: Will Parsons
Scorer: Will Parsons