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Welcome to Royston (Herts) Bridge Club
ROYSTON BRIDGE CLUB - Competitive yet Friendly
ROYSTON BRIDGE CLUB - Competitive yet Friendly

Our sparkles like a , has a big and ♠♠♠ of bonhomie, boosted by beverage, biscuits, and banter before bridge begins.

Sessions held every Thursday at 7.30pm at the Coombes Community Centre, Burns Road, Royston.

The club has electronic scoring and computer-dealt hands so results and deals are available straight away.

Visitors are always welcome but need to come with a partner. If you are new to the area, use Find a Partner (Public) and the club will make every effort to provide a suitable partner for you.

For further details, see Information and Calendar.

◄ Do you want to learn to play bridge, or improve your play? See Learning Bridge.

We also feature a few interesting hands played at the club recently, see Hand of the Month.

North Herts Area Clubs Hospice Pairs 16th September

Congratulations this week to Margaret & Bernard who won the the NS section with a score of 59% and Susan & Jean who won the EW section with a score of 63%.

A reminder that Hitchin will be discontinuing these charity games on BBO from the start of October (see adjacent news item below).

All good things come to an end... 30th September

As most regular players should be aware by now, the weekly Thursday evening North Herts Area Clubs Hospice Pairs will be coming to an end soon.

Hitchin Bridge Club, who have generously hosted these events for well over a year now, will be running a revised calendar of events for their members starting in October, so the BBO event on Thursday 30th September will be the last one in this series. Full details of their revised calendar can be found on Hitchin's club website.

If you don't play in any other games with an entry fee on BBO (such as the daily EBU games), now's the time to make sure your BB$ account has been run down to a reasonable level of credit. Be aware that BB$ are not redeemable, though I believe they are transferable if you know of another BBO regular who may be prepared to buy any unused credit off you.

Club Bridge Resumes on 16th September

As Royston members will have heard from the chairman's recent email, the club has now resumed face-to-face club bridge at Coombes Community Centre, every Thursday starting on 16th September.

Full details of the anti-Covid measures that tou will find in place at the club were specified in this email. This list can also be found under the Menu item "The Club is Re-opening" towards the top left of the homepage. You should feel able to make a reasonably informed decision on whether resuming face-to-face bridge is right for you, based on this information.

Hope to see many of you there in the coming weeks and months.

Club Bridge: Weekly Tournament on BBO starting 7pm, 11th June 2020
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I am pleased to advise Royston club members that starting on Thursday 11th June at 7 p.m.  there will be a new weekly Virtual Club event available to them on BBO, hosted with the generous support and assistance of Hitchin Bridge Club. These events will continue on the same day and time each week for the foreseeable future, or until normal face-to-face club bridge can be resumed.

This event will be called the North Herts Area Clubs Hospice Pairs, and is open to members of all local clubs. Each game will consist of 18 boards and will cost BB$4 per person, to be purchased in advance from the BBO website. Results will appear on the club’s website in the usual way.

The profits from this event will go to the Garden House Hospice in Letchworth. ..........

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Online Bridge #4 6th April 2020
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For those who are interested in playing online bridge on BBO during the lockdown, here's a summary of the various options that are available. ..........

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Online Bridge #3 30th Mar 2020
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A quick reminder about BBO — anyone who wants to play bridge on BBO can do so for free, and it's the preferred platform for EBU tournaments, friendly casual bridge and a lot more. I know that online bridge is not everyone's cup of tea, but if you are thinking of giving it a try, there's plenty of help available.

The Berwick Bridge Club guide and accompanying YouTube videos come strongly recommended for those new to online bridge. ..........

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Online Bridge #2 23rd March 2020
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They say a week’s a long time in politics… well it certainly is in the world of coronavirus and online bridge! Here’s a brief summary for those new to the world of online bridge.

Three main providers of online bridge are BBO, Funbridge and Bridge Club Live. The EBU website has information about playing online with all three of these, in particular BBO which is now hosting four games of duplicate bridge a day for the EBU, seven days a week, at a dollar a time. ..........

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Online Bridge #1 19th March 2020
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Can it only be a few days since the club announced it was to be closed "for the duration"?

Inevitably, almost every other bridge club in Herts has also announced they will be closing. In the meantime, there has been plenty of activity on the online bridge front. ..........

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This is Royston Bridge Club's official website, Dave Simmons is the current web administrator.

Please have a browse through the website. Some pages are only available to Members. To access these pages click on the link to Members Only on the top right of the Home page to login.

Any comments or suggestions for improving the website are welcome. Just email me at or via Contact Us.

23rd September 2021
North Herts Area Clubs Hospice Pairs
Director: Bernard Eddleston
Host: Hitchin Bridge Club
23rd September 2021
Thursday Pairs
Director: tba
Scorer: Steve Ogilvie
North Herts Area Clubs Hospice Pairs
Director: Bernard Eddleston
Thursday Pairs
Director: Malcolm Dean
Scorer: Ron Raine