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Welcome to Royston (Herts) Bridge Club
ROYSTON BRIDGE CLUB - Competitive yet Friendly
ROYSTON BRIDGE CLUB - Competitive yet Friendly

Our sparkles like a , has a big and ♠♠♠ of bonhomie, boosted by beverage, biscuits, and banter before bridge begins.

Sessions held every Thursday at 7.30pm at the Coombes Community Centre, Burns Road, Royston.

The club has electronic scoring and computer-dealt hands so results and deals are available straight away.

Visitors are always welcome but need to come with a partner. If you are new to the area, use Find a Partner (Public) and the club will make every effort to provide a suitable partner for you.

For further details, see Information and Calendar.

◄ Do you want to learn to play bridge, or improve your play? See Learning Bridge.

We also feature a few interesting hands played at the club recently, see Hand of the Month.

Marjorie Lukyn Charity Cup 24th October

Thursday's event at Royston will be a heat of the Marjorie Lukyn Charity Cup, and table money will be increased to £5 with profits going to a local charity nominated each year by the HBA. The top half of the field will qualify for the final, which will be held on Friday 6th March 2020 in Hemel Hempstead. Full details can be found on the HBA website.

This year, the charity is Herts Young Homeless, nominated by Saroj at this year's HBA Annual General Meeting.

As if further incentive were required, Saroj and Peter tell me that cake will also be on offer on the night. smiley

Hope to see you there.

Out and About

A few members from Royston braved the large and strong fields in the two Swiss events jointly run by Herts and Essex at Ware recently (the weekend of 21st-22nd September). Brian & Valerie competed in the Swiss Pairs, as did Jules (playing with Derek, an occasional visitor to the club) and Saroj & Alan teamed up with the Eddlestons in the Swiss Teams. Full results can be found on the HBA website.

Brian & Dave were the only Royston pair to take up Michael Shine's invitation to play in the Heath Cup Swiss Pairs at Hatfield Heath Bridge Club recently (Sunday, 6th October). They came seventh with a solid performance in a "mixed" field, even emerging from a round against Celia & Derek Oram relatively unscathed. Scores are available on the Hatfield Heath website.

If you fancy playing another nearby event with a similar format, Hitchin Bridge Club are holding their Autumn blue-pointed Swiss Pairs event on Saturday, 9th November. Full details can be found on the Hitchin website.

For those who've never played in a Swiss Pairs event, the idea is that with each succeeding round you go up or down in the rankings according to how well you've done in the previous round, and you never play the same opponents twice. After a few rounds, most pairs should be pitted against opponents of a roughly similar standard. It's both competitive and good fun... give it a go.

This is Royston Bridge Club's official website, Dave Simmons is the current web administrator.

Please have a browse through the website. Some pages are only available to Members. To access these pages click on the link to Members Only on the top right of the Home page to login.

Any comments or suggestions for improving the website are welcome. Just email me at or via Contact Us.

24th October 2019
HBA Marjorie Lukyn Heat
Director: Peter Grice
Scorer: Dave Simmons
31st October 2019
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Saroj Ellis
Scorer: John Crosher
7th November 2019
Butler Pairs 5
Director: Peter Grice
Scorer: Dave Simmons
Third Thursday 6
Director: Malcolm Dean
Scorer: Steve Ogilvie
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Will Parsons
Scorer: Colin Barnes
HBA Humble Cup Heat (Teams)
Director: Peter Grice
Scorer: Dave Simmons