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Monday Nights 7pm - 10pm - Come and join the fun and play bridge!
Next Bridge night will be Monday 27th September.
Next Bridge night will be Monday 27th September.

Following the Government relaxation of Covid restrictions we are very pleased to be able to re- start our Monday Night Bridge Sessions commencing 19th July.

Usual Naval Club venue 7.00pm to 10.00pm. Charge £3.00 per night.

The Naval Club will be sanitised before we use it.

Tables will be well spaced out.

Hand sanitizers will be available for you to use as desired.

Wearing of masks is very welcome.

First 2 weeks are to re introduce ourselves to the face to face game. New competition year will start on 2nd August.

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Improving your Bridge play. Useful Links

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 Thank you to all for a pleasant evening that attracted 9 pairs.  Congratulations to Bob & Steve, also Alan and Sue.


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All standards welcome to our Monday nights

In mid-August 2021 Newport Bridge Academy will achieve its 8th Anniversary. Our main group continues to go from strength to strength. Players are welcome to join the group at any time and 1st visits are always free.

From October 2019 we have been known as Newport 'No Fear' Bridge Group.


Please contact Margaret via the email address 

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Scorer: David Clark
Scorer: David Clark
Scorer: David Clark