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6th May 2021 22:06 BST
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6th May 2021 21:33 BST
Welcome to the Royal Automobile Club Bridge Circle - Pall Mall

Another month has gone since the last email and we are still playing online. The EBU have a statement about face-to-face bridge on their website.

We hope next month to start to be able to give more information about returning to bridge at the Club as the situation becomes clearer although realistically this is probably still a little way off.  

St James and RAC Sunday 11.00am
Reform Club Monday 1.00pm (Please note change)
Dutch Club Tuesday 1.00pm
RAC Thursday 1.00pm

The Swiss Teams on the last Wednesday of the month has proved popular. We had 12 teams in April. Many thanks to Nicole and her friendly helpers. The most recent Swiss Teams evening was much smoother than March since everyone stayed online so all teams were correct. We do need everyone online at 6.30pm please so we can get off to a prompt start at 6.45pm. The directors are working hard in those 15 minutes. Please remain online once you log back in at 6.30pm.

The event in May is on Wednesday 26 May. Please register as a team from 5.00pm and well before 6.30pm. Then be back online by 6.30pm ready for the start. The joining instructions are the same as last time and are on bridgewebs. Please fill in your team names in advance on the list on bridgewebs
If anyone cannot get a team I will try and act as facilitator but cannot promise that I will be successful.
The fee for all sessions including team session is £5.00 per player per session or it is included in £35.00 fee for all bridge sessions listed above. The link to pay is here.

It is great to see some of our Intermediates coming through and more than holding their own in online Club sessions. Many thanks to Anne Catchpole, our teacher, for continuing to work with them. Your hard work is certainly paying off, Anne. 

Please can I remind everyone that we need to self alert on BBO regardless of explaining systems in advance. Recently people seem to be alerting less often. Remember any bid which is not natural should be self alerted on BBO. This includes stayman, transfers, point range of no trump opening bids as well as more complicated bids like Jacoby, Michael’s, fourth suit forcing etc. 

I look forward to seeing you online soon and hope you can begin to enjoy slightly more freedom as we come out of lockdown.


Bridge Activity Committee, Pall Mall

Last updated : 29th Apr 2021 19:47 BST
RAC Swiss Teams 26th May 2021 JOINING INSTRUCTIONS
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 Please register below so we know you are coming. And if any of your players have not played in a STJ game before please email Nicole with the BB ..........

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Last updated : 6th May 2021 21:33 BST
St James and RAC Online
Duplicate Online
RAC v Cumberland
RAC v Reform Club
Thu 13th May 2021
Duplicate Online
Sun 16th May 2021
St James and RAC Online
Thu 20th May 2021
Duplicate Online
Wed 26th May 2021
Swiss teams Event

Upcoming Dates for your diary 

We seem to have spent lots of time cancelling events over the last few months and we are now making a few tentative bookings for face to face events later in the year. 

We have not rebooked the Summer Lunch yet but do plan to hold a social event probably arranged at short notice once it looks possible. 

The following are currently booked and as more become available we will let you know.

Saturday 25 September and Sunday 26 September: Beginners Bridge Course. Booking is not yet open but we are expecting it to book quickly once open.

Sunday 31 October: Ros and Bob Bowman Championship Pairs. All day flagship event.

Monday 15 November: Centenary Cup and Dinner. This is an annual invitation event to various clubs.

Thursday 9 December: Christmas Dinner.

January -March 2022: The Devonshire Cup. We have decided to cancel this for 2021 but to run it at its normal time in 2022.

Thursday March 17 2022: The Ross Cope Memorial Swiss Teams.