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Want to Play or Learn Bridge?
Want to Play or Learn Bridge?

If you would like to see what Bridge is all about

or would like to learn to play Bridge,

or want to join our club then

please contact the Membership Secretary on 01273 300386.

We can arrange tuition for newcomers or those that are just rusty and will help you play well in a friendly environment.

The 7's Club


Member pairs who have bid and made a Grand Slam in the Friday duplicate sessions. Well done!


15th November 2019: Chris Davidson and Ivan Segal: Board 4 - 7 No Trumps - 2220 points

15th November 2019: Monica Watts and Colin Campbell: Board 4 - 7 No Trumps - 2220 points

30th November 2018: Elizabeth Blackshaw and Jenny Marshall: Board 9 - 7 Hearts Doubled - 2470 points

29th June 2018: Rob and Valerie Shepherd: Board 9 - 7 Hearts non-vunerable - 1510 points

13th April 2018: Audrey Hay and Belinda Leacock: Board 10 -  7 Spades vunerable  - 2210 points