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Want to Play or Learn Bridge?
Want to Play or Learn Bridge?

If you would like to see what Bridge is all about

or would like to learn to play Bridge,

or want to join our club then

please contact the Membership Secretary on 01273 300386.

We can arrange tuition for newcomers or those that are just rusty and will help you play well in a friendly environment.

Rottingdean Bridge Club
Welcome to Rottingdean Bridge Club
Welcome to Rottingdean Bridge Club
About Rottingdean Bridge Club

Rottingdean Bridge Club is known as a very friendly club.

Visitors are always welcome.

We meet in the Main Hall in the Whiteway Centre on Whiteway Lane where we play duplicate pairs on Friday afternoons. Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided.

Membership is only £5 a year with table monies of £3 for members and £4 for visitors.

Please be there for about 1:15pm for a 1:30pm start.

Room Set-up

Could all players wait outside the main room until Richard, the caretaker, has set up the tables and chairs.

Players can wait in the side room or the small round room.

Thank you , Monica.


Dear Friday Bridge players,

I regret to have to advise you that bridge is cancelled from Friday March 20th until further notice. One of the tutors at the Whiteway Centre has come down with the symptoms of Coronavirus and accordingly all classes in the Centre have been cancelled for the rest of the term. The club committee felt that for us to continue playing was an unneccessary risk given this illness, the age profile of our members, and the necessarily close proximity of players.

Let's hope its not too long before we can play again!

Best Regards, Colin

Play Bridge Online

In the current circumstances with our bridge club closed, some of our members will be thinking of playing online bridge. Some options are:-


Whiteway Duplicate Online Pairs - every Tuesday at 1830 and every Thursday at 1400 hosted on BBO. These games are eligible for EBU masterpoints -  Contact John for details or visit

Bridge Base Online (BBO) is the largest international online bridge provider. Signing up and playing in many of the games is free, though they do have some tournaments that are paid for. Since it is an American company payment is in dollars and the most common bidding systems are Standard American type (sayc or 2/1) The BBO robots play 2/1 - see this for details . The EBU have a guide to starting playing on BBO available. There is also a guide for BBO on the Berick Bridge club site worth a read.

But a quick guide for creating a private table on BBO where you can play with three others of your bridge pals is (currently free):-

All players need a BBO login name (User Id) and password. Then one of the players creates the table and invites the other three to join by doing the following:-

- Go to PLAY OR WATCH BRIDGE on the BBO home page

- Click on CASUAL

- Click on START A TABLE

- Set Scoring to MATCH POINTS
  this is the same scoring system used when you play duplicate bridge and gives credit for making overtricks

- Set the Descriptions field to   +slow+    
  Use of that string sets the time-out period to a longer value and helps prevent players being bumped off BBO

- Click on each of the seats in turn and enter the login name of one of the four players. If they are online on BBO they will receive a pop-up invitation to join your table.

- It's best to set these options:-



Bridge Club Live is a UK based online bridge provider, which runs a variety of individual and partnership games for which EBU master Points are awarded to members as well as a social room for casual play. There is a free Guest room for players to try it out and a range of membership types to suit those playing more seriously. Most of its members are British so whilst Acol is prevalent, all systems are catered for and members from all over the world keep the bridge going 24/7. They have just issued a press release detailing enhancements made to help accommodate the increasing demand for online bridge from F2F Club players. You can find a link to another club's guide to playing -



Funbridge hosts our regular daily online robot games, which give EBU master points. Information about them is available on the EBU webpage.


Friday Afternoon Duplicate
Friday Afternoon Duplicate
Friday Afternoon Duplicate
Friday Afternoon Duplicate
Friday Afternoon Duplicate