BBO Guide

Registering with BBO

Using your browser, navigate to the BBO website. The address is or you can click here: BBO Website.

Click the red button  Play bridge now ;

Click the blue button  Become a member (Free!)  ;

On the next screen enter a User name. This is what you will be known as, so is an alias.

Enter and confirm your Password. A maximum of 10 characters, this is case sensitive so it’s worth noting whether you have the Caps Lock on.
Enter your email address. This is used to confirm your account when setting up and if you should ever forget your password. It will never be passed onto a third party.

TIP: If you tick Remember Me on the Log In page you will not need to re-enter your username or password when logging in.

Depositing Money in your BBO Account

From the home page after logging on, in click the blue button  BB$  at the top right. This will pop up the BB$ panel providing access to your BB$ Account. Clicking the second button  Purchase BB$  will take you to a credit card/PayPal screen.

TIP: It is recommended to use a credit card to purchase BB$ as it is cheaper than Paypal. It is also cheaper to do this via the BBO website (link above) rather than the BBO App e.g. on a Tablet/Pad. The amount deposited will be credited to your account immediately.

Using BBO

SETTINGS: Once logged on, you will see a set of tabs either vertically on the right side of the screen on a PC or along the bottom on a tablet/iPad. There are two settings in particular that we recommend you change.
Go to the Account tab/ key icon, then click on 'Settings' from the top of the screen:
1. Under GENERAL 'Sound effects on' 'slide' the lever to the left so it is greyed out - to turn the sound effects off;
2. Under PLAYING 'Auto play Singletons' 'slide' the lever to the right it will go green - to automatically play singletons from your hand or dummy including the last card from both hands.

PEOPLE: It is also recommended that you build a list of 'Friends'. This makes it much simpler when you are setting up a table and want to invite players. It will also show when these players are on-line and if they're available.
Go to the People tab/icon, then click on the 'Add friend' line at the bottom the screen. Type in the alias and then click the  Add  button to the right of the line. If the person is on-line they will appear in the list. To see the entire list there is a 'lever' at the bottom of the screen 'Show Offline'.
ACOL PLAYERS’ BRIDGE CLUB: To watch or play games with players playing Acol. Once logged on under 'Watch or Play Bridge' select Casual then under 'Find your own game' select All Public & Private Clubs then click on ACOL Players’ Bridge Club which is the 3rd from the top
VIEWING RESULTS: Once at a table either kibitzing (watching the play) or playing you can see previous hands played and how other tables fared with the same hands. Click on the ‘IMPS’ box. This shows the tables History. The last hand will be highlighted in pale blue. Click on this to see your hands you can replay the board using Next/Previous trick buttons.
Close this and from the History screen select Other Tables. Scroll up & down, again if you wish to replay any of these hands click on them.

Joining a Ross-on-Wye Bridge Club Tournament on BBO

You have to pay up front for these tournaments. You will need to have a credit of at least 3 BB$ (or 6 BB$ if paying for your partner) in order to pay to play. 3 BB$ costs around £2.50 depending on the exchange rate.

To Join the Tournament:

Under PLAY OR WATCH BRIDGE select Competitive;
Under TOURNAMENTS select All Tournaments;
You will see a list of all pending tournaments in the order they start (soonest first);
Scroll down the list or type Ross-on-Wye in the search box top right corner of the list;
The event will be called Ross-on-Wye Bridge Club Pairs
Click on the event name and a box will appear in which you type your partners name, you can also opt to pay for your partner if you wish, and press Invite. Your partner will need to be signed in too and should accept the invitation to play, if they are not online, you just wait and when you are both on-line you are sent to the 'waiting room' and your registration is confirmed.
If you don’t have a partner arranged click on the partnership desk tab and add your name (or invite someone already on the list);
You can check that your registration has been successful by clicking on the entries tab where you will find a full list;
Once you are registered you will be seated automatically when the tournament starts as long as you are still online and in the Competitive area (if you are in the Casual area you won’t be found as it is now on a separate server);
The game starts on Monday at 7:00pm with registration from 6:00pm. We will allow 7 minutes per board and play 18 boards. Please allow plenty of time to register if it is your first online Ross-on-Wye game.

If you have any problems registering please message the host on BBO or ring Sarah Amos on 07930 503746

TIP: Add your partner to your friends list via the People tab and Add Friend box at the bottom of the screen . This will make it simple to message them and to know when they are online.